Poor or rich…. Love knows nothing- a twinj love story

Hey guys , Happiness here but this time with a ff. After gaining confidence I have decided to start a ff. The mame of my ff is-
‘Poor or rich…. Love knows nothing- a twinj love story’
I don’t know if u all like the title or not plz let me know by ur comments. This is an intro to my story . This story would go as long as u all support me n ya till I have new ideas . Agar ideas nhi honge to story Kaise continue karungi… but first of all I would like to tell u a little about me .
I am a talkative , fun loving, sometimes irritating, n short tempered girl. A tomboy of my class. I am in 11th n I am 15 yrs old will be 16 in dec. I read in shatakshi’s ff that she is also in 11th n 15yrs old n u r from UP me too we have lots of things in common . I am from Kanpur where are u from? I would like to know from all of u tell me if u r comfortable n in which class or college or job u r I would like to know that too.

Now coming to my ff. It is a story about a rich boy n a poor girl , she is not actually poor , u will get to know when u read my ff there’s a suspense behind it. Acchha I would like to tell u all a thing that I am not gud at describing the atmosphere or decorations n all . So I will not describe much. Kya karu science student hun to the point answer dena padta h , kahaani nhi likh pati. I will try my best n try to make u all imagine the story. Now about the characters. The characters are the same so I will only write the names if u watch tei u would know them if there is a change in their character in my ff I will let u know .

Kunj sarna- U all know him the king of our hearts , the heart beat of many girls , Mr. World 2012 ( do u all know he is Mr. World? Chalo maine bta diya πŸ˜› ) . Definitely Sidhant Gupta is the kunj. Back to the character in my ff…… kunj sarna is a business tycoon , the ceo of MS Corps, a multinational company with its branches in 20 different countries. He is a person who loves or hates the people of his status . He generous but when he shows his generosity he makes the person feel the burden of his favor. He makes the poor feel that they r poor n he is rich. But has humanity. He doesn’t talk to people below his status. He was not like this before, he was a kind gentleman who never valued money more than feelings, but an incident changed him. He loves his family n could do anything for them even if it is against his will.

Twinkle taneja- definitely its Jasmin Bhasin the queen of hearts, the queen of expressions n much more…….. twinkle is a kind n gud girl who loves everybody . She is poor but she is not. (I know it’s confusing but the truth will be out later) she is alone but she has a family ( again a suspense) she knows kunj and his family n his family also knows her but kunj doesn’t. She loves in the available resources n never demands more she is tahnkful to babaji for what he has given her. She respects everybody elder or younger to her. Her heart is pure as she is. But every night she cries for something , an incident which changed her life…

A special hint that kunj n twinkle don’t know each other so they both have different incidents.
Now some side characters there relation will be same with the lead actors as on tei but if their is a difference I will tell.
Bebe, usha, manohar, rt, leela, mamu, mami, uv (here he is twinkle’s brother), Anand, nikki, ishaan,mahi (uv’s wife) , n new would be added with passage of time.

Eventually twinj will be one but with twists, suspense, sadness, n all but at last there would be love. I don’t like to add many negative characters but I will add a few n ya the limit of negativity will also be crossed as it is done in tei. But only few negative characters who will be negative u will know it later.

If u all liked the intro n want me too continue the story so plz comment yes / no . Atleast 15 yes n then only I will continue. If u want I can write it as a os , or with 2, 3 or 4 parts, or more than 10 episodes. Tell me ur choice n if u want u can suggest a better name for my ff. But ya i promise u all one thing that my ff will be different from others , i mean i will try to make it different i hope u all like it .And ur suggestions, advices, compliments,pointing out my mistakes, will be always respected n well received by me. I like the people who express their feelings so would like all of u to do it too . Love u all ……. β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ =) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ =) πŸ˜› πŸ˜› β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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  1. Fan

    Wow awesome plot..plz post the 1st chapter asap..

    1. Fan

      Btw iam in 12th grade n iam 16 yrs old

  2. SidMin

    Loved the episode

  3. Hey write atleast 10 epi of this ff not less then 10 it seems interesting and try not to drag this story ok

    1. Happiness

      I will not drag it at all but ya it would take time to make twinj realize their love n all there wil be lots of drama n excitement as I read many ffs n now I am a bit experienced by reading them…

  4. hey happiness…nice to meet u….
    I’m in 1st year now & I’m of 18 yrs

    coming to d intro…..it was really seems interesting & I’ll love to read ur ff….pls continue this story…. loved it….

  5. Hey happiness loved the intro so much and and I am also 15 but in 10 and I am from himachal Pradesh do continue soon

  6. Sayeeda

    Finally Happiness u r here with ur ff …I’m so happy to see ur ff …
    About ur intro is soooo amazing plus full of suspense nd more about ur title is different nd good …
    About ur ques than I’m in college from Kanpur ( same pinch we both belong to Kanpur ) …ab plzzz meri age dekh kr di mat bulana ..plzzz..
    All the best for ur ff ….

    1. Happiness

      No I will not call u di bcoz shammi (shamz) told me that using di n all acts as a barrier in friendship n we all r to friends na sabse acche wale πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ n ya I am happy that u r from kanpur I wish we meet some day…

  7. Loved the epi

  8. Jiya_Ani

    Really tooo good concept di…looking forward for it…well as you asked to know I am too from UP and I am in 9th standard…

    Well now for your ff’s title plz don’t feel bad …but I don’t find it appealing coz its just a sentence… I suggest
    Title- You are perfect for me…
    Plz don’t mind and using it or not totally depends on u …???
    Post ch1 soon

    1. Happiness

      I liked ur title dear but according to my storyline they r not perfect for each other u will come to know when u read the ff but if many commentors don’t like the title I will surely change it

  9. Hi happiness loved ur intro n I’m of 16 n urs n my mom bday is same day I would like if u will countinue dis ff

  10. Angita

    Amazing and also I liked your title keep going loved it

  11. Kavina

    Loved it

  12. Directionert91

    Go ahead!??????????

  13. Kruti

    Nice intro waiting for the first epi

  14. Hey seems interesting….
    Do cont asap….???

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice intro……eagerly waiting for the epi…..plzz post asap….

  16. Ria

    Hey happiness, the plot seems interesting. By the way I’m also of the same age group and by the way Shatakshi isn’t from UP. I’m from Bangalore.

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey ria I live in Mumbai ie born n brought up in Mumbai…. But originally my family is from UP…

  17. Shatakshi

    Hey Happiness
    Ya ya again me…but this time to support u
    The intro seems very interesting
    I m eagerly waiting for the episode’s
    N regarding the no. Of episode…then u can do 10 – 15…it would be good…
    N the title is so different… Keep the same
    N now I m glad that we share so much similarities… N I m also a Science student…
    Good to know that I have many friends here….
    Loved it❀❀❀❀❀

  18. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    hey happiness. ..I m 14 years old n im in 9th…I loved ur intro…n I would prefer more than 10 episode bcz it seems interesting. ..loved it…do cont asap…

  19. Aamu

    hey happiness ,sry i m late for cmnting bt i read it now only SORRY
    n bdw ur cncept seems to b interesting
    n same pinch i m also willl b 15 on 3 november bt i m in 10 std n from gujarat

  20. hey happiness u shuld definately continue n yah i m in class 11th n 15 years wuld b 16 in september its amazing n wld b w8ing fr it

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