Poor or rich…. Love knows nothing – a twinj love story episode 3

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Now my episode……

Kunj n ishu reached twinkle’s home n knocked at the door..
Tw opened d door n was astonished to see them there at 11pm
T – u both here?
Kunj told him d whole matter… the were completely drenched
T -plz come in … n motioned her right hand in a way to call them in
They went inside…kunj looked around d house … it was well maintained n simple… it was a 1bhk house…
T – plz sit
Ishu sat down … then tw got a call frm nikki
On call..
N – hello tw.. kinj n ishu r fine na?
T- yes maam they r fine don’t worry…
N – plz look after ishu n make him drink milk …
T – arre u don’t worry jst relax …
N – ya u r right …. I know u will take care of him bt I m a mother my job is to worry… tw smiles…
N – n ya take care of his chachu also… bye
N she disconnects d call.
Kunj was still standing..
T (thinks) – this sookha sarna is jst impossible , I m asking him to sit n see his attitude… if ishu was not there wid him I would not have allowed him to enter my house…
T (shouts)- sir plz sit!
He sat down immediately…
She went in n brought 2 towels n her pink bathrobe…
She gave 1 towel to ishaan .. he took it n started drying himself…
She forwarded d other towel to kunj.. kunj gave her a confused look.. tw understood his problem…
T- it is a new towel sir… I have not used it even once.. it’s new…
Listening this he took d towel from her hand n started drying himself…
T- ishu …. I mean ishaan sir, u can remove ur clothes n wear my bathrobe .. if u will wear these clothes u will fall ill.
He nodded in a yes… she helped him in changing clothes…. he was looking very cute… it was very big for him… he started roaming abt …. kunj n tw smiled seeing him…
Tw went in d kitchen n brought a glass of milk for ishaan n made him drink it….
T – sir u will have tea or coffee?
K- nothing….
Twinkle made a disgusted face…
T – u both may sleep in my room for tonight n I will sleep on the sofa …
Kunj n ishu moved towards twinkle’s room n sat on d bed…
Tw went in d kitchen for some work…
K took his phone n made a call….
Tw returned back to her room
K- tw there is a Raymond showroom in xyz area , about a half km away plz go there n bring my packet frm there..
T- bt it’s raining heavily h… she was interrupted by kunj
K- so what jst go it’s an order
Tw left she did not take an umbrella because she knew that it would not prevent her frm getting wet …
She came back after n hour completely wet n sneezing again n again… she was shivering n coughing badly…
Ishaan was sleeping…
T – si..r… u…r…. p..a..cke…t her voice was trembling…
K- I will go n change till then u jst give us 2 blankets it’s so cold… he said rubbing his hands…
Kunj went inside d bathroom it was vry clean n hygienic n also had odonil (hehehe jasmin’s ad of odonil, have u seen it?)
He came out afyer changing n laid on d bed … he didn’t even ask tw… if she is fine or not… he was ordering her as if it was his house…
Twhad only 2 blankets as she lived alone she didn’t need more.. she gave both to ishi n kunj n them went to change…. when she came out she saw kunj was sleeping peacefully …
T (thinks)- jst see him … he is deprived of kindness…. he made me go out in this heavy rain n didn’t even thank me … god its so cold
She went to the hall n sat on the sofa n after a few mins she fell asleep bt was continuously shivering n she didn’t even had blanket…
In the morning…..
Everyone got up… twinkle’s face was weak n her nose was red… her eyes teary n blo*dy red due to cold….
I – di what happened to u … he asked moving towards her…
K- don’t go close to her or else u will also catch cold…
Tw stared at him…
T to kunj – sir I m on a leave today plz tell manohar sir.
K- who allowed u to take leave ? U r not getting any leave… come on time.. n ya take this money as allowed us to stay at this cheap place
T (angrily) – if it was some1 else I would have helped him too … I don’t need this money….
Kunj left the place taking back his money along with ishaan…
Tw saw him leaving …..

Precap- tw becomes unconscious….

U all liked d episode? Was it up to the mark? Am I able to meet ur expectations?
Plx do comment….
Suggestions, compliments, advices, mistakes r always accepted n well received by me…
Love u all …
♥♥♥♥♥ 🙂 🙂 😛 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. mind blowing . i think after reading tomorrows epi i will be speechless . so i comented today itself

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    nice epi…liked arrogant kunj….

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  4. Jiya_Ani

    Lovely epi di….. Post next epi soon….

  5. I’m commenting fr the 1st tym.I was a silent reader till now… And the epi wz too gd.. Arogant Kunj ! The theme is lovely

  6. I’m commenting fr the 1st tym I wz a silent reader still nw…coming to epi it wz too gd… Arrogant kunj!!!cncpt iz lovely

  7. Srija

    feeling bad for twinkle
    an amazing update????????????

  8. Sookha sarna!! How cruel…..
    Epi was amazing…post soon

  9. Dheemahee

    Yar what a ff awesome one very well done . Sorry for not commenting on yours last episodes but it is soooo much good I m loving it a lot

  10. Hey happiness m really really sry for nt commenting on ur previous epis dea really really sry for dat…???
    Hope u forgive me..plzzzzz….. Ab behen samaj ke maaf kardena plzzzzz….????
    Ok comming to d epi yaar it ws fab….
    Amazinggggggggly osmmmmmmmm loved it…..????????
    Eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi…….
    Luv u…????❤❤❤
    Loved d epi to d core…..???❤❤❤❤

  11. Shreya098

    kunj….Mr attitude,still I am loving him?
    and ya that odonil ad…I have seen that
    jas looks so cute in it..?
    twinkle unconscious…??
    hope now kunj will realize his mistake

    loving ur ff..???
    waiting for next update

  12. Angita

    Loved it happiness but Kunj that was really rude

  13. Sayeeda

    Amazing …..so good episode…
    Odonil ad yes I have seen it ….kitna overacting Krti hai usme…
    Kunj is completely a Mr.Attitude nd I’m loving his this side a lot…

  14. Kavina

    I loved it.

  15. Fan

    Superb epi…

  16. wow nice epi mean kunj … hope to c his reformation soon 🙂 … well tht is if u planned tht :v .. loving ur storyline tho

  17. Kruti

    Hey happiness…. Sry for the late comment ya I was busy with my friends
    Anyways amazing epi…kunj ka attitude to matlab labile tarif hai
    Loved it

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    Happiness luved it to the core
    Sorry for late arrival

  20. osm hapiness sry fr being soooooooooooooooooo late agn

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