Poor or rich…. Love knows nothing – a twinj love story episode 2


Hey guys, happiness is back .. I found that u all liked my first episode . Thank god I was really vry nervous that u all will like it or not. Now thank u ceremony-
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Sayeeda…. In ur ff kunj stays away frm girls n doesn’t believe in love bt in my case he likes girls n believes in love bt only with d people of his status … 100 episodes to bahut zyada ho jaenge my readers will get bored …n ya thanks for commenting
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Kunj enters the mansion n was happy to see the arrangements .
Kunj (thinks)- atlast my family has understood my taste.
His thoughts r disturbed by bebe
B- puttar u must be tired, go change, take some rest n after 1hr there is a party.
Kunj nods in a yes
He moves towards the staircase. He took out his phone from his pocket n was busy in checking it. From the other side tw was coming down . She was having flower petals in her hand. Tw climbed down d stairs n was busy looking at the flower petals. Kunj was busy with his phone n then….
The plate of flower petals slips from her hand n goes in d upward direction. She was abt to fall n bt kunj held her in his arms. The flower petals fall on both of them. They were rose petals…
They looked at each other… their eyes met fr d 1st time they shared an eyelock n then kunj broke it . He looked at tw frm top to bottom n then ‘ddhamm’
Kunj left her… tw fell on d floor
T- Aahhh..
K- can’t u see n walk?
T – it was ur fault too…. n if u held me couldn’t u wait fr a few seconds more so that I can stand. Why did u leave me?
Everyone comes there…
K to usha- maa who d hell is she ?
U – she is ur father’s pa n care taker of our house
K – I was right … I could understand from her clothes that she is a servant… maa ur servants don’t know that I don’t touch such low people…. now I have to take a bath n burn my fav suit..
Tw was shocked at his behavior
U to tw – he is kunj my 2nd son….
Tw gets up on her own
U – tw r u okay?
T – yes aunty I am fine.
K – aunty? Is she ur relative that u r calling her aunty? U r a servant be in ur limits. U will call everybody sir or ma’am now. Even to ishaan … got it?
Tw was abt to speak up bt usha signaled her not to speak…
Tw to kunj- yes sir…
K – I am going to take a bath …. n he again starts moving towards the staircase.
U – I am sorry fr Kunj’ s behavior..
T – u don’t need to be sorry madam. Bt I don’t get 1 thing that u all r so kind bt he is so full of attitude… same family bt drastic change
U – he was nt like dis before … 5 yrs back when we were in london an incident happened wid him… we also don’t know what happened bt he always says… that incident changed me…..
Then only a servant calls tw fr some wrk n she leaves …
While doing wrk…
T (thinks)-whatever is d reason bt he is so akdu. Akdu sarna… no no … sookha sarna (dry sarna) because sookhi cheezen bhi akad jaati hai na… well done twinkle taneja u r the best….
N she pats her back herself in appreciation….
Tw had eaten nothing since morning… she was feeling hungry… she saw a bottle of cold drink… she brought a glass frm d kitchen n filled it. Kunj was standing nearby n saw her doing this he came towards her…
Tw was abt to drink it bt then only he took d glass from her hand n threw the cold drink on her face… splash….
Tw stood shocked fr a while n then came back to her senses she was abt to speak bt kunj interrupts her
K- apne baap ka ghar samajh rjha h kya?(do u think that it’s ur father’s house? )
Tw stood numb…
K- pehle apne owners ko aunty, uncle bolti ho aur ab bina permission k apni mrzi se cold drink pee rhi ho(1st u call ur owners uncle, aunty n now u r drinking cold drink without permission) don’t dare to do this next time
Tw was having tears in her eyes..
K – baap se yaad aaya… what is ur name?
T (in a crying voice)- twinkle taneja
K – oh god u r spoiling the name of tanejas . They r 1 of the best companies in india …. wrking as a servant wid d name of millionaires…
Kunj leaves …
Tw was crying bt wiped her tears so that nobody sees them. She goes to a room n changes her clothes to a blue anarkali suit. She had a room in that house n had some extra clothes there too.
She looked after d arrangements of d party…
The party was over n then she left d mansion….
@slum area… twinkle’s home
She had changed into her night suit n then opened a suitcase. The suitcase had a collage made from newspaper cuttings. She hugged the collage n started crying . She was crying to the fullest… seeing the moon.
@sarna mansion
Ishaan- kunj chachu I want to have ice cream plz take me to d ice cream parlour
K- Arre my ishu wants to hav ice cream .. how can chachu say no to ur orders … okay lets tell ur mumma n then leave…
They took permission from nikki n then kunj alongwith ishaan went to the parking area.
K to driver- is there any ice cream parlour nearby?
Driver gives him d address which is near twinkle’s slum area
Kunj drives d car by himself. They reached d parlour n had ice cream while returning heavy rainfall started n their car broke down ..
K -oh god in this rain there will be garage open
He calls anand n tells him d situation.
A (on phone)-kunj tw house is nearby I will send u d address u ho there n spend ur night there
As kunj had no other option he took ishu along with him to twinkle’s house
They reached d slum area . Kunj made a disgusting face bt moved towards her house. He knocked d door. Tw was still crying she heard d knock n wiped her tears n opened d door .

Precap- kunj n ishu at tw house n loads of excitement…..
U all liked d episode or not ? U liked d name sookha sarna? U liked kunj ‘s bad behavior? Can u guess what was d incident of kunj or twinkle ?
Plz ans these questions
Comments, suggestions, advices, mistakes r always welcomed n well received by me.. u can ask any personal ques if u want. If I am comfortable I will ans them. Plz do comment
Love u all
♥♥♥♥♥:D:D 😛 :D:D♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. Kruti

    Unique name ya sookha Sarna ……loved the epi

  2. Sayeeda

    Ohhooo happiness u got mistaken …In the last comment I told u my story is similar to urs only nd that comment was in the context that like u stay away from social networking sites nd u r only active on TU so I’m also like u as I always keep distance from sites ….
    I’m sorry I wrote my comment wrong nd bcoz of that u thought that I was telling u that my ff story is similar to urs but yah it’s completely different ….

    About ur episode it’s fab ….twinj meeting …Kunj’s attitude…. Twinkle’s pain ….amazing ….
    Excited for next one …nd once again sorry to hurt u…

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    nice epi…liked arrogant kunj….feeling bad for twinkle….& epi was amazing….eagerly waiting for next part…..

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Awesome epi di… And its all okay… I never mind about anything especially when its U and other readers and writers…I just suggested.. Well U know.. Even my Birthday is in December just 4 days after yours…
    And eagerly waiting for the next epi… Muaah

  5. Ria

    It was amazing.. eagerly waiting for the next one.. I’m sorry I couldn’t comment on your first episode. Also, I liked Kunj’s name.

  6. Hii happiness lover here.firstly sorry for not commenting on intro and 1st episode and secondly I know you won’t believe but I am also 15 yrs old studying in class 11 science math and my d.o.b is also same 14 December 2001.its such a coincidence. hai naa but nice episode loved it.

  7. Sameera

    Yep it’s superbb ???

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..amazing. ..loved it from bottom of my heart. ..

  9. Srija

    lovely part????????
    feeling bad for twinkle???
    but it’s amazing

  10. SidMin

    Can’t wait for the next episode Loved this one please post the next one soon

  11. Kavina

    I loved it

  12. Dreamer...arundhati

    Happiness u gave me a lot of happiness by posting the epi.
    U r going great.
    Chava, wonderful, osum.
    Ctd soon

  13. Loved the epi
    Post asap

  14. Shatakshi

    Hey happiness
    It was damn good yaar
    Loved it❤❤

  15. Fan

    Awesome epi..

  16. Shreya098

    awesome yr…. can’t wait to see how they will fell for each other
    waiting for the next update

  17. die hard fan of sidmin

    Wow superb …..plz tell y kunj is like this

  18. Just wow.. Sach mein yeh kunj iss story mein Akdu hi hai…
    Waiting for the next part…

  19. Angita

    Loved the episode….sach mei …no words.your name happiness brought to happiness in my life one is you and the other your ff

  20. sry fr being soo late yah it ws nyc bt feeling sad fr jasmin

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