Poor or rich…. Love knows nothing- a twinj love story episode 11 and 12

Hey guys happiness is back…. u all must be thinking that 1 always say I will come on this day n I come before….. sorry fr this…. actually whenever I get time I come …. I am sorry if u all don’t like it…. actually today my class is on a mass bunk…. because today we had a test of trigonometry in maths and 1 of mole concept in chem…. d whole class hates tests… moreover in phy our sir is going very far frm d syllabus n we r nt willing to do d numericals of d ch which is nt coming in exams and we had to complete d work of english language n literature…. our class is d toppers class bt we r famous fr nt completing work… πŸ˜› I would like to ask u all if u all want me to share things related to me like I have done today…. If u don’t want me to share my personal life I will definitely stop it because I don’t want u all to just scroll it n read d episode
Today’s episodes are bit short ones because again I don’t have time …. now to be frank I will be posting my next episode on 29th july…. my exams r starting on 29…. actually I have a holiday after each exam , may be more before 1 or 2 exams…. so to relax I will definitely write an episode… my exams will be over on 13 till then I promise to post atleast 15 episodes I may post it in a 2 days gap bt ya I will write 1 daily…
Thanks everyone fr commenting on my last episode my wounds r healed bt nt completely n ya I will nt die without completing my ff. Sana (aamu) u asked fr d link of my previous episode it is here-
If u don’t find any episode of any ff just type d name of d ff in d search box u will get all d episodes…
now heading on to my episode no. 11 and 12……..
Twinj come back home after dancing n then sleep….
@ 10am…. manohar’s office
Tw enters d cabin…. manohar n Anand were sitting there … it looked as if they were waiting fr her…
T- gud morning manohar sir…. gus morning Anand sir…
A – it’s definitely a gud morning fr us bt nt fr u indeed… u r a cheat.. if I would have known it before I would have thrown u out of here right at the moment…
T (confused)- what r u trying to say sir? Cheat? Thrown? Known before? I am nt able to understand ur point sir…
A-claps ….. u know what tw u r a great actor ….. I doubt that u did mba n a course in designing it looks like u took classes fr acting …. never mind people like u r worth nothing….. I think u have forgotten our favors on u…. when u were 15 we gave u money to eat…. u were starving….. we gave u shelter provided u money to study n then gave u this job…
T- I remember everything sir…. u don’t need to remind me …..

A – no dear I have to remind u because people like u jst forget n then backstab us….. we were mistaken…. u r a selfish girl who takes d advantage of others….
T (loudly with attitude)- just stop shaming me with stains sir…. just tell my fault…. n then I am ready to listen …..
A (shouting)- u r no one to tell me what to do… u r a bastard…. no one knows what kind of blood flows through ur nerves….
T (at her highest pitch) who d hell r u to ques abt my family …. do u think I am like ur bl**dy wife who tried to shame ur brother fr a crime which he has never committed….. just go n ask this ques to her …. u never know if she is a whor….. before she could complete d word she was slapped …… slapped by …..no it’s nt anand it’s manohar ….. yes he slapped him….. tw was shocked she didn’t expect dis frm manohar….. she was numb….. with tears in her eyes…. tears of confusion … tears of guilt… she felt like she had committed a crime… she always treated manohar as her father….. this was definitely d worst day of her life…. she lost her so called father…. n along wid him his family too….
M- just do a little favor to us just submit ur resignation n leave… plz leave … I can’t bear more pain…. n he breaks down….
Tw couldn’t stop herself frm crying … she cried n quickly ran towards her cabin n printed d resignation letter n signed it wid shaking hands…. she went back to manohar’s cabin n placed her resignation on d table…. n kneeled down ……

T- manohar uncle… crying badly…. I always loved u as a father n u loved me as a daughter…. u trusted me d most… i don’t know what’s my mistake bt I think it is somewhere connected to kunj…. ur son he lives wid me …. he has also found a job… he is very hard working…. he is a bit upset frm his family bt beneath d surface he loves u all…. I know 1 day d truth will come out n Anand bhaiya will definitely accept him….. till then I promise to be wid kunj … I will never leave him…. ur son will always have me when he needs his family…. I know I will never be able to fill d emptiness of his life bt I will try to heal his wounds n lessen his pain…. I am sorry fr all d mistakes I have ever done bt I promise I will keep on loving u….. n u can’t stop me frm doing that……
T to Anand- bhaiya I know u think kunj is wrong ….. bt trust me 1 day d real face of ur wife will be out…..
A (a bit loud) – nothing like that is gonna happen….
T (a bit more confident n loud)- it will…..
A ( more louder)- no never ……
T ( more louder)- yes it will happen…. n u will regret 1 day fr ur behavior wid kunj….
A (loudest)-security! !!! Just get this crap out of here….
The guards dragged her out of d office n threw her on d floor frm d gate bt some muscular hands saved her frm falling…. yes he is kunj…. he was frowning….
K- shouts….. how dare u touch her…. just tell ur boss he will get it back 1 day… due to d sudden push by d guards twinkle’s leg was twisted so she was unable to walk….. kunj saw this n picked her up in his arms…. n left tht place… tw was crying badly nt because of her leg bt because of d words of Anand… slap of manohar…. kunj made him sit on a bench in a nearby park… kneeled down n took her leg ,which was twisted ,in his hands n twisted it again,….
T – aaaaahhhhhhh r u mad what r u doing already my leg is twisted.. u wanna break it na…. u don’t want me to move only…. no no I think u want to eat a leg piece…. bt my leg is nt that tasty….. it’s nt fr cooking…u should eat chicken or mutton or sea food or beef or fish or ur own leg bt plz spare mine…… chabad chabd chabd ….. her next talks r shown in a fast forward mode…. kunj beared it fr 15 mins bt then it was enough…. he placed his hand on her mouth…. SAJNA VE plays (I know it is d 1st sajna ve moment of my ff kya karu moments to bahut they pr sajna ve likhna bhul gyi sorry πŸ˜› ) they both shared a long , deep n passionate eyelock….
K- still covering her mouth…. kitna bolti hai tu….(how much do u speak)…. what do u eat? I think u eat human beings… i.e. why u r so energetic….. n they both burst out into laughter…. kunj removes his hand…

K – I twisted ur leg to cure it…. now u can move,..
Tw stands up n tries to move n she was happy because she could move properly ,….bt after a while again her happiness turned into sadness remembering abt Anand n manohar…. kunj noticed this n made her sit..,
K – I knew this would happen today …. yesterday when we were dancing I saw Anand bhaiya’ s car going… he might have seen us together…. I am sorry I am d reason of ur sadness…. d reason of ur tears…d reason of ur dull face n reason of ur bad days…I am really very sorry twinkle… but I promise I will go away frm u n everything will be fine..,, u will lead a happy life…. n he cries badly…..
T- u will leave me when I need u d most…. kunj looks into her teary eyes…. u will leave me when I don’t have work… u will leave me when I have no family… u will leave me when I become a burden on u…. u will leave me when I will spend ur salary on shopping…. u will leave me when I have no rent to pay…. u will leave me when I need shelter in ur house.,., u will leave me when I need food to eat…. u will leave me when I wil die…,, bt befo she could complte kunj hugs her a bone crushing hug…
K- no twinkle I will never leave u ….. u r my family….. I will never leave ..u .. still hugging….
T- then why did u say that…..
K- because I thought I am d reason fr all ur problems….
T- n who gave u d permission to think this…. I would like to tell u that if u want me to live with u , u have to think only what I think …. n I think that I have got a best friend , a family in u…
N they both smile still hugging each other….. BAS ITNI SI TAMANNA HAI plays in d background…..

Precap- twinkle’s past is revealed…. loads of suspense… sadness….. shock…. bt finally…. d episode will have a happy ending…. with twinj coming more close…… their relationship deepening….. their bond strengthening…. just wait n read…. u will get a treat in d next episode …. n I promise to make u all cry in d 1st half n then smile in d second ….. I think I wil post 2 episodes together…. just keep reading….. I will post d next on 29th or 30th to surely… at any cost….

I hope u liked these 2 episodes now d ques paper…
1. U all liked d dialogues today…? Plz tell me because I know they were long n twinj confession…. I am thinking abt it frm now only…. will be very very long… like my half episode will finish in just 2 dialogues …1 of tw n 1 of kunj… if u all didn’t like long dialogues let me know…. I will think for shorter ones…
2. Why did manohar slap tw? He trusts kunj na? U will know it soon bt till then just tell me ur guesses…..
3. What do u think can be twinkle’s past? Just keep on guessing n comment ur guesses… u never know u might get correct…
4 . U all liked d sajna ve n bas itni si tamanna wala moment?
5. U all liked d twinj moments at d park?
6. U al liked d precap…. half part sad…. other half happy…
Twinj bond strengthening…. relationship deepening….. ?
7. What do u think will be d treat? Hint…. it’s nt twinj confession…. hehehe..,, usmein abhi time hai…
8. Tell me if u all don’t like me sharing my personal life wid u…. I will stop it then…..
At d last again d no. Of comments decreased…. bt I will nt complain this time I think my episode was nt upto d mark so u didn’t feel like to comment…. I will continue my ff till I keep on getting 15 comments…. if they r less I will try to end my ff as soon as possible…
The last…. keep doing d gud work great writers of ffs…… episode no.10 k last para ko padh lo usmein saare naam hain…hehehe…. ya in that para I missed d name of trust on 7 vows…. sorry……
Just now I saw the bytes of jhalak on sbas… god sidhant dancing…. I m waiting fr jhalak…. I want him to win n then come back in tei afer 6 months or any other show wid sidmin as lead…. I have always noticed that the pairs r nt repeated so easily…. I hope we get to see sidmin together in another show or in tei season 2 I have no problem in that…. because tei is d best wid no story dragging n our zain should be in it too … plz plz plz pray god sidmin should come in any other show…. bhagwan bacchhon ki baat sunte hain aisa maine suna h kaash ye baat sun le….. acchha on jhalak in d 1st episode they r going to perforn in duet or trio wid no choreographers…. karishma, sidhant n arjun r performing together n our doing loads of masti…. I miss twinj masti….. their interviews….. n their moments… bt I will nt quit tei because I am addicted to this story….. naman replied to a viewer I think on twitter that just keep patience kunj will become gud again…. they can’t show love only as it becomes boring…. twinj will happen fr sure n at any cost….. I hope who watch d show it’s a gud news fr them…. I know many don’t watch it now bt plz don’t stop reading my ff because I watch it …… plz plz…
Suggestions, compliments, advices, questions, mistakes r always respected n well received by me……
I don’t know guys what’s happening with tu sometimes system error sometimes cloudfare error. ? I hope it is sorted out soon…
Love u all……..
β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯


  1. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    Happiness loved the episode Sajna ve moment and Bas into se tamara wall moment too,I will wait for the Twinj confession and long dialogue chalaga waiting for twinkle’s past,Twinj’s bond strengthening and pls share your personal life too loved it it was fun Mass bunk we have also done this Love you Happiness and all the best for your exams πŸ™‚

  2. Kruti

    |Registered Member

    i know happiness isnt ur original name but u always spread happiness…….but i would like to call u miss. kapoor as u only told its ur sirname
    yar tere sawl ki list bohat lambi hai………probably tere epi se bhi lambi uski answer list ban sakti hai…….and i dont have so much patience to type………..so bura mat mana shortcut mein sab bol rahi hun
    1. the dialogues were awesome no need to modify them do it as per ur thinking
    2.this que cant b answered bcoz seriously i dont know whats the suspence ahead
    3.i guess i know partial ans for this but i wont reaveal it coz i dont wanna spoil others suspense
    4.the moments were gud
    5. loved the twinj moments
    6. ur precap is superb…..ful of suspence eagely waiting for my calnder to show tdy is 29th july
    7.as u said its not confession may b realization ya phir childhood frnds
    8.dont stop sharing ur personal life coz i remember my school days when someone shares such things ….tdy when u said trigonometry test and that chem ka mole concept i remember copiying in class tests keeping books under the bench……those were such lovely days…….
    ok so all in all ur epi was just fab
    love u loads

  3. dreamer....arundhati

    Happiness…lovely epi
    Eagerly waiting for 29th..its still long way..
    Sorry itna time nahi ki I will write all ans in brief.
    Plz do share your life.
    Dialogues r fab
    Luv u dear

  4. Romaisah

    I love you to the moon and further !!!! Yaar i keep telling u this n im gonna tell u again … Ur ff is one of my favourites n my love for it is getting stronger everyday aur haa today’s RPI was superbb and can’t wait on next episodes so do post ASAP !!!

  5. Lovely

    |Registered Member

    It was amazingly superb.
    1- I love long dialogues.. And that twinkle’s of leaving her was 😘😘
    2- I think he slapped her so that she can be with Kunj
    3- Sorry mera bheja bad apne ff pe kaam karta hai…hehe..
    4-..I am crazy for Sajna ve and bad itni si tammana hai scenes but main bhi kayi baat likha bhool jaati hoonπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    5-I am crazy for Sidmin, for Twinj.. I loved them
    6-Hmm..precap is fullllll of suspense.. I wonder how do you write precaps..mere toh hamesha boring hote hain.
    7-…can read 3rd point!!😜
    8-..Keep sharing ur personal talks coz we all are friends ri8?

    And Don’t dare to end it …Love you

  6. Paavu

    |Registered Member

    hi happiness u know what……
    Ur ff is my favs and first of all i read it so pls do cont soon and ya we want 00 and more epi ya guys
    And about studies same here i just hate mole class and even our class is of toppers but same in your case we are facing this problem and thats why i m not able to write my ff YOUR LOIVE TAUGHT ME MEANING OF LIFE but i ll post it in 2 3 days wait and pls do read

  7. Maggi

    Amazng epi yaaar….well dnt evn think of ending ur ff coz its sooo sweet n cute… coz of server maintainance probs in tu most of the readrs r nt able 2 comment… ur ff iz gng gr8… i ve no prob wen u share ur persnl lyf… it sum wt relaxs my mind n dos talks sum wt bring us 2gtr…
    Jzz waitin 4 ur nxt epi ….. im very eager to cry n smile @ d same tym…. ☺
    Nd ol d best 4 ur xms ….. do wellπŸ‘

  8. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    Amazing….. happiness… loved ur episode….
    Loved each nd every dialouge …twinj bonding….
    Felt bad for Twinkle as Manohar slapped her ….but the way kunj supported her was to cute …..though he trust her nd kunj but he is also father of Anand …nd he needs to support him….
    Loved the songs part ….nd tooo excited for precap ….nd do share ur personal life as I like it..


    I m a silent reader but when u said that u will end this ff if u wont get atleast 15 cmnts so i thought to cmnt coz i luv ur ff and i dont want u to end or drag it outstanding episodes ( this is for all epi of poor or rich ) ok i m a regisyered member but i cant find time to login

  10. Lover

    |Registered Member

    Hii happiness I know I am after long time but I promise I read all the episode of your ff all are fmind blowing and amazing and I always waited for the next one please don’t end your ff so soon bye love you.

  11. maya

    β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ love it 😒😒😒😒😒

  12. Zaku

    |Registered Member

    Firstly Epi was amazing!!! now answers of questions!! plz full marks dena !!!
    1. the dialogues were awesome
    2.I don’t know exact but maybe so that she can be with Kunj
    3.i guess her parents left her as Kunj said TANEJAs in the previous episodes ..I think she is a rich girl
    4.the moments were gud
    5. loved the twinj moments
    6. ur precap is superb…..ful of suspence eagely waiting
    7.as u said its not confession So I don’t know!!

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    |Registered Member

    Amazing awesome epi…was eagerly waiting for it….vese you can surely share your personal problems with us…..cozzzz esa krne se prblms kam toh ni hoti h bt sukun milta h…..& eagerly waiting for next part….

  14. Baby

    |Registered Member

    omgggggggggggggggg khushi yr luvd it srsly amazing as twinkle stand by kunj n den kunj saved her all ws jst osmn yah i agree wid zaku d answers 2 d questions u no amazing luvd it n pls pls pls pls post asap bcz i cnt w8 more fr it

  15. Baby

    |Registered Member

    omgggggggggggggggg khushi yr luvd it srsly amazing as twinkle stand by kunj n den kunj saved her all ws jst osmn yah i agree wid zaku d answers 2 d questions u no amazing luvd it n pls pls pls pls post asap bcz i cnt w8 more fr it yr pls continue asap dear frnd w8ing fr ur update

  16. Angita

    |Registered Member

    First of all all the questions…. (Do we get a leave..but I don’t want it)
    1)dialogues are perfect they now are…we loved the dialouges to…
    2)I’m sorry I dunno
    3)twinkle’s past must be full of thrill I’m sure
    4)and5)yup…..loved it
    6)orecap sounds like a blast…you know..I know
    7)what’s the treat!? What’s the treat!?
    8)we love your talks

  17. Queen

    I loved the epi will be waiting for 29th well the dialogues were amazing I just loved each n everything and you can share your personal life I have no problem in it I do like long or short dialogues well the precap was so exciting loved it

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