Poor or rich…. Love knows nothing- a twinj love story episode 10

Hey guys, happiness is back… u all must be surprised na… bt I have a shock fr u all…. I told u na that my left hand was paining but thank god it is not a fracture… bt now it is something more big actually on tuesday I was coming back frm schl wid my father my father was driving at a speed of 30 to 40 and suddenly a bike came infront of us…he was at full speed his bike didn’t have brakes without any indicator he tried to turn…. all of a sudden he came in front of us n we bumped into him….. my father got a bit hurt on his elbow n d stupid, idiot, bike driver didn’t get hurt at all …. I am injured d most… my right hand n right knee is injured badly …. yesterday I went to school despite my injuries because I get bored at home … but after 2nd period I started feeling dizzy n I was feeling very cold …. I was having fever…. I told this to my class teacher n she asked me to go back home …. I called my father n we came back home frm yesterday I am suffering frm high fever…. I am on a leave today.. so I decided to write a episode…. bt I have a bad news fr u all .. I am nt able to write my notes n I am nt able to study also … now this is a loss in my studies already I had nt done anything n now this …god I am in a difficult situation… bt I know I will be able to complete my syllabus on time bt fr that I will nt be ble to post till 21 or 22 … but I promise u after that I will definitely post n if I get time like I got today I will post 1 episode fr sure… I am typing all this wid my left hand …. plz forgive me …. I m sorry I am nt able to give time to my lovely fans I am sorry guys…. I hope u all will forgive me…. thanx to everyone fr commenting on my last episode … n ya I am nt ending my ff ….
Now my episode no. 10….
@ office
Tw enters d office…. she finds everything d same as it is everyday…. bt something was different… there was silence , kunj’ s cabin locked…. she went to manohar’s cabin…. his eyes were red n teary… it was visible that he was missing kunj badly… he was worried fr him… tw wanted to tell him that kunj is safe , fine n he is at her home bt she knew that kunj is upset wid his family so she decided not to tell him anything…. till now both tw n manohar were silent…. tw broke d silence….
T- good morning sir…..
Manohar looked towards her….
M- nothing is good in my life…..
T- what happened sir why u r so tensed?
Manohar cried out his heart … he told her everything again tw had tears in her eyes because when kunj told her d story it was his point of view as a brother and son and when manohar told her d story it was his point of view as a father…. d same incident with 2 different angles…
M- twinkle my whole world is shattered…. my both sons were fighting like animals… I know kunj can’t do that I trust him.,…. but the situation stopped me frm standing by him…. kunj must be very angry wid me….. he needs me,…. bt I can’t do anything…. n he cries badly…….
Tw moves towards him n tries to console him…
T- sir u trust ur son, ur kunj na?
M- I trust him more than myself…
T- so plz don’t worry… he will be fine…he is ur son he has d ability to face challenges nothing will happen to him…. n 1 day u will be proud of him…. he will stand on his feet n show d world that he is ur son…
After sometime he was consoled…
It was evening now …. tw left d office….

She saw kunj still surfing internet…
T (thinks)- he is really very hard working may god give him what he deserves…..
She goes towards him… he notices her…
K- twinkle u came back…. u know what 5 companies have called me for interview tomorrow…. I am very nervous…
T – don’t worry kunj u will be selected trust me…
K- u really think so…
T – yes… acchha what r d timings?
K- 4 in d morning n 1 in d evening….
T – okay…
They have dinner now it’s time to sleep… tw was going towards d sofa…
K- tw plz wait…. she stopped n turned towards him…
K- tw this is nt fair… u will nt sleep on d sofa everyday… we should sleep turn wise… so today I will sleep on d sofa..
T – no …. u will sleep on d bed n that’s final…
K- if u will not allow me to sleep on the bed so I will sleep on the floor… n he laid down on d floor…..
T – kunj plz plz don’t sleep on d floor plz kunj…. bt he didn’t listen…
T – okay sleep on d sofa.. kunj got up very quickly n moved towards d sofa…. tw smiled seeing him like that….. kunj shouts frm d hall
K- good girl!
N they both slept peacefully…

@ 9 in d morning
Both tw n kunj were ready to leave….
K- okay tw I am leaving bye… bt tw holds him frm his wrist…
T- just wait Mr. Kunj Sarna… n she gives him a packet…
She signals him to open it…. he opens it… it contained 2 boxes…. he opened both of them,.. one had a wrist watch while other had a smartphone… kunj was shocked…n stood numb..
T- u didn’t like them?
K- twinkle why….why r u doing so much fr me… ? Why r u caring so much fr me why twinkle?
T – because u r my friend…. how will I contact u if u don’t have a phone? N u r new to this town na if u need my help then? So this phone is very necessary…. n watch is also very important….
Kunj quickly hugs tw n she hugs him back….. they break d hug….
T – wait a min… n she moves towards d kitchen…. she brings sweet curd (dahi chini or dahi shakkar) along wid her…
T – kunj plz eat this…. it brings good luck… he readily eats it n then they both leave fr their respective works…..

@ office no.1…. the kukreja’s
Kunj entered inside d cabin n sat down.., Mr. Kukreja was sitting there to take his interview…
K- sir myself kunj sarna I…. bt he was interrupted by Kukreja
Ku- everyone knows u kunj? Kunj sarna d son of manohar sarna.. may I know d reason why u r searching fr a job if ur father has his own company?
K- I want to do something on my own sir…. without d name of my father….
Ku- hahahaha,.. u really think so … I didn’t know that u r so stupid leaving such a gud business n asking fr a job..,,
K – if u don’t want to give me d job fine… bt plz don’t make fun of me…. n he goes towards the door…
Ku- u really think anybody will give u job…. no nobody will give u d job.. u must be here to know our plans n deals so that ur father’s company can achieve more…
Kunj leaves frm there immediately….
For 3 times more he had to go through all this again n again he was hell frustrated…. tw called kunj bt he didn’t pick it up… tw understood that he was nt selected… as his phone was connected wid hers through gps she just searched his location n reached there..
She saw him sitting on a bench in a garden…. it was abt 4 pm …. she sat beside him…. kunj saw her n was surprised to see her there
K- twinkle u here?
T – yes I am here u boost up my frustrated friend who thinks he will nt get a job…
K – how do u know all this?
T- oh I forgot to tell u that I am a mind reader also…
Kunj smiles on hearing d word mind reader….
T (cupping his face) – u look so gud when u smile… just keep smiling n everything gud will happen wid u
K- really
T- yes … I am experienced….
N they both burst out into laughter….
T- kunj I am very hungry n I know u r also… let’s eat something….
K- okay…
They went towards a shop n ate chole bhature….

@ 5pm
K- twinkle I have to go fr d last interview …. I will come back at home on time…
T- kunj before going jst come with me..
K- bt… okay
There was a gurudwara near by …. kunj has seen it fr d 1st time… he entered in n felt very peaceful… tw asked him to kneel down n pray…. kunj kept on following twinkle….
T (praying) babaji plz help kunj… he needs ur support….
K (praying)- babaji I have came to ur place fr d 1st time bt I have heard a lot abt u… plz give tw all d happiness she deserves…
They both prayed fr each other…
They came out of the gurudwara…
T – I think u should leave now…
K- will u plz come with me?
T – but…. okay I am coming….

@ office no.5 the Kapoors (actually Kapoor is my surname so I have used it here)
K- I may or may nt be eligible fr this post bt I have the ability to handle this work I would request u to give me 1 chance…
Ka- u r definitely eligible Mr. Kunj…. I don’t care abt ur family or ur past I only believe in abilities n work n I know u r very talented.. I would love to have u in my company… u r appointed as the vice-president of my company Mr Kunj…. congratulations…. ur annual package is 6lacs… If u r okay with it so plz sign the appointment letter….
K – thnq sir thnq so much…. he signs it quickly n goes towards the waiting room…. he saw tw sitting there tensed n waiting fr him… he made a sad face n moved towards her…. tw saw him sad….
T – what happened kunj ? Why r u so sad? Plz tell me kunj
Suddenly kunj smiled n said…
K – today I am very happy twinkle…. I m appointed as d vice-president wid an annual package of 6 lacs…. u r very lucky fr me tw…. tw smiles n they both hug each other..,

Outside d office …
It started raining….
K – no taxi is there how we will go back home…
T- kunj see na ‘bhutta'(corn) n she runs behind d stall…
Kunj runs behind her….
T – bhaiya give us 2 bhutta 😛
K- no no give only 1 to her I don’t eat street food…
Tw gives him a whatever look n starts eating coen she was enjoying it to d fullest….
T (while eating, her mouth half filled ) kunj u should definitely try it… hmmm….. n she keeps on eating now kunj also wanted to eat it….
K- bhaiya 1 mujhe bhi dena…(give 1 to me also)
B- bhutte toh khatam ho gye
Kunj makes a puppy face hearing this…
T – kunj eat mine I am done…
K- no tw u like it more….
T – I have eaten it so many times u should taste it…
K- no
T – Acchha we will share it 1 bite u n 1 bite me okay
K – okay
N they eat it together 1 bite him n 1 bite her (cornetto ki ad yaad aa gyi na)
As soon as they finished d corn tw saw 4 kids playing in rain she moved towards them n started playing woth them…. n them she started singing cham cham from baaghi n kunj also joined her n they started dancing in joy, happiness n excitement….
A car stopped near them n d glass slides down it was anand seeing them.. he gave an angry look n asked the driver to leave the place…
Twinkle n kunj still dancing….

Precap- twinkle thrown out of her office…..
U all liked d episode or not? Was it long enough? It took me 2 hrs to type it wid my left hand …. did u all like dway tw consoled manohar n boosted kunj… did u like the sharing part? What do u think will happen next? Plz do comment guys… I know I myself don’t comment on ffs n I am asking u all to comment so I will mention d names of th ffs I read so that I can compensate fr nt commenting… so start…
Tashan e deewangi, I love u, I can’t stop loving u, unconditional love, tashan e ishq (tashan vs love), tashan e dosti to shadi, just the beginning of new love twinj, I m a devil of my angel, dushman ka pyaar, tera mera pyaar twinj, yehi hai ishq, tera mera pyaar, tashan a aashiqui, so a lamb fell in love with a lion, love is blind,n loads of os…. I am sorry if I forgot any actually I read so many na toh shaayad koi miss ho gya ho…
Compliments, suggestions, advices, questions r always respected n well received by me….
Love u all….
♥♥♥♥♥ 🙂 🙂 😛 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥

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    Happiness Get well soon an dear write only if it is comfortable and would pray that you complete you portion on time
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    Love the way Manohar trust kunj nd Twinkle support Kunj….
    Take care…dear… don’t worry we all will wait for ur ff

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