Poor or rich…. Love knows nothing – a twinj love story episode 1


Hey guys , Happiness here , as I got more than 15 yes so I am here with my first episode. Before starting I would like to apologize to u all. Dekho pehla hi episode aur apologies shuru. I am sorry that I decided to start my ff so late because from 4 july my school is reopening after the summer break. Sorry after 4 I will post on only 2 days in a week may be more if possible but ya if I will post only for 2 days then I will post 4 episodes in a week 2 on each day I guess u all r oky with it. Vaise to main itni studious nhi hun but ya I am a topper….. I mean among top 10 in my school n my parents don’t know that I am on tu pta chalna bhi nhi chahiye nhi to sochenge padhai likhai chodkr ff likhne mein dhyaan h 😛 n ya i am not on any social networking sites nhi nhi parents ne mana nhi kiya papa to kehte hain personal phone lelo aur 1 fb id bhi bana lo pr main iss maamle mein main thodi sudhri hui hun mujhe social networking pasand nhi h n tu is the only site where I am active hehehe hasi aa rhi hogi but it’s true . So I don’t use internet everyday during my schl days agr karungi to papa puchenge koi id to hai nhi tumhari to tum roz net pr krti kya ho …. so that’s why… app log soch rhe hoge main baar baar papa ka naam kyon le rhi hun Kyonki mummy to holidays mein bhi puchhti hain kya kr rhi ho 😛 …. ab bahut bakwaas kr li now coming to the

episode no. 1……
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡A large mansion is shown which is beautifully decorated with lights, flowers, curtains n much more…. Now the camera shows the scenario inside the mansion . Everybody is busy in work , servants r running here n there . And in the rush some r colliding with each other , some r slipping, n all this is increasing the work load…. Then comes a lady , she is wearing a red saree n a diamond necklace n earrings then her face is shown n she is revealed to be Usha Sarna.
U- omg , what u all r doing . Time is very less n u al r increasing the work. Pata nhi ye ladki kha reh gyi uske bina is ghar ka koi kaam nhi ho skta (i don’t know where tis girl is without her no work can be done). Then a lady calls usha from behind she is bebe
B- usha rani chinta mt kr vo aa jaegi aur aakr sab sambhaal legi ( usha dear don’t worry she will come n handle everything)Now a slum area is shown ….
A girl is climbing down the stairs in hurry only her back could be seen just then a lady near her says
L- Arre sambhaal k twinkle gir jaegi (walk with care twinkle or else u will fall)
Now the girl stops for a while n turns… her face is shown, her locks of hair playing with the wind, the clouds hide the sun so that her beauty is preserved, she was wearing a salwaar suit (anarkali style) of yellow color. It was simple but was suiting her.
T- plz don’t worry aunty nothing will happen to me I have the ability to fight death which I am doing from years. Ya I would be late today so plz can u f 2 buckets extra I will come at night n take it from u…. the lady nods in a yes…. thank u aunty i m already late bye She reaches the sarna mansion…..
She enters n sees the chaos. She was shocked then only usha comes to her
U – where were u ? U know na today my son is comin g to india for d 1st time . N see all of them (pointing towards d servants) they can do nothing without u.
T- I am sorry aunty I will handle everything u just relax . When twinkle is there then why to fear… she says in a funny way which makes usha smile n forget her tensions.
Then tw started to look after the work she worked like a bullet train here n there .. n usha n bebe were smiling seeing her work
B- this girl is really vry hard working she does 4 jobs n then too she is so energetic. She is mannu’s p.a., a part time care taker of our house, a tution teacher
U – ya bebe u r right but what is the 4rth job?
B- Arre she looks after our family so well this is her 4rth job. N see her greatness she only takes the salary of being mannu’ s pa rest work she does for the sake of humanity n kindness.
They both were busy in discussing abt twinkle’s gud deeds n till then tw completed all the work.
T – Everything is done here I will go n check the food ok… they both nodded in a yes n passed her a genuine smile symbolising thanks n she also smiled back to say welcome ( they r smiling bt they r nt saying anything)
She goes n checks the food, then the stage, lights, decorations n all . It looked like she was the owner of the house as everybody listened to her bt she was very polite n humble with everybody. @ airport
A tall boy 6 ‘1 came out .he was wearing a black 3 piece suit. He took out sun glasses frm his pocket n wore them . He was none other than the dashing kunj sarna. His luggage was being carried by his servants. When the media person saw him they came running towards him.
R1 (I will use r for reporter)- sir how r u feeling now? U hav came 1st time 2 India.
R2 – are u here to settle or from r sources we came to know that u r going to marry soon plz ans sir….

Now kunj broke the silence
K- I don’t find it necessary to tell people like u that why I am here . Just mind ur own work . I talk only to the people of my status . Then he signals his bodyguard. The bodyguard nods. He makes the reporters shift so that none of them touches kunj because he believes that touching such low class people makes him dirty n if somebody touches him he takes a bath n burns the clothes which he is wearing.
He sits in the back seat of a Mercedes n reached the sarna mansion . His bodyguard opens the car door n then he steps out with full attitude. The reporters there had been already instructed nt to ask anything n stay away frm him . They were jst allowed to click photographs. There were flashes of cameras all around n then he walked towards the mansion.
Usha , bebe , manohar, nikki, ishaan, anand were standing there to welcome him . Usha brought a arti thaal n did his arti. Kunj touchedthe feet of usha , manohar n bebe.
N then he entered in n was happy to see d arrangements.

PRECAP- twinkle in d arms of kunj…..

I hope u all liked it.
I will post the next one tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
Was the length okay? Tell me if u want more long or short episodes. Did u like kunj’s character ? Did u like twinkle’s kindness? Am I able to describe everything correctly? U all liked the episode or not?
Many ques plz ans them n ya I will continue this ff till u all want 10, 20, 30 or 50 episodes its upto u n ur comments n ya upto my mind n ideas also. Now a bad news.., we all r wishing that sidhant returns bt now it seems impossible because this yr jhalak is going to come only once in a week so it will go on for 5 to 6 months n I don’t think after 6 months the production house will call him back…
This is all for now ….waiting for ur comments….
Love u all
♥♥♥♥♥:D:D 😛 :D:D♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode waiting for the next

  2. diehard fan of sidmin

    Kunj looks like Mr attitude……by the way nice epsiode ..eagerly waiting for the next one

  3. Jiya_Ani

    Nice epi di…thanks for liking my title ..I knew that in this ff they aren’t perfect 4 each other but love Makes everything perfect… Well leave it…kya likhti ho..???????
    Well I wish you longer episodes.. But its OK as you will post 2 epis a day after 4th…and ek baat bolu I am just like u …even I am active only on TU ..no any other socialnetworking sites coz I don’t like them…

  4. Sayeeda

    Aahhaannn kunj Mr .Attitude ….ur ff is soooooo good ….amazing …
    Loved the first episode of urs ..I’m very eager to read upcoming episodes…
    Nd somewhere ur story is similar to mine ….hope ur ff Cross more than 100 ….

  5. Dreamer...arundhati

    Hapiness..hope mujhe bhule nahi
    A bigwala sorry bcoz I couldn’t comment on ur intro
    I read it , it was damn good
    Epi was very engaging
    Ctd soon
    Again a big sorry and ctd soon

  6. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    episode was long enough. ..if u can make it long…(greedy u know for best ffs…hahaha) kunj’s character is mr.akdu…hehehe….yah…I liked it..twinkle’s kindness…cute one. ..u described it very well…I didnt liked the episode…..I LOVED it…

  7. Angita

    Very good and perfect .change kunj soon into twinkles lover!!

    1. Happiness

      It will take time dear I hope u r ok with it

  8. Srija

    great start ????
    and happiness u really made me happy by ur episode
    continue soon

  9. Kavina

    Nice. Precap is going to be interesting based on the intro.

  10. Happiness

    Tu waale bhi maahaan hain I didn’t upload any pic so they uploaded this pic god it doesn’t suit my story at all sorry next time u will get a gud dp sorry once again

  11. Fan

    Awesome epi..

  12. Sameera

    Yeah it’s too good kunj attitude uff ???
    Nice awesome n superbb

  13. Shatakshi

    Hey happiness
    The episode was soo interesting
    Eagerly waiting for the next❤❤

  14. Wow

  15. Kruti

    Kunj ka attitude… Just killed me
    Awesome epi

  16. hey happines aamu here i had cmnted on ur first epi also but i was too late
    dis epi was good n ur story is unique carry on dea.
    n i will also b 15 on 3 november but m in 10 now n from gujarat

    1. Happiness

      Dear I am 15 now I will be 16yrs old on 14 dec 2016

  17. Fashion10

    Nice, I bet Kunj will slowly melt and of course fall for Twinkle.

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice epi…..liked kunj’s attitude…..

  19. osm happiness amazing literaly yr wow bt i hp sidmin r going 2 get unitd in dis ff fr sure

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