Poll: What’s your take on Mere Angne Mein?


Mere Angne Mein on Star Plus airs for one hour daily. The show brings a detailed living and commotions, that sometimes the like for the show drops. The show is delaying the track of Riya’s super heroic turn for the family and her strong stand against Shanti. The show started long ago and with prolonged marriage track, it is just around with Shanti-Sarla troubling Kaushalya. The viewers would feel bored of seeing how a MIL is torturing her DIL too much. This also shows the biasing that women hold against their DIL over their daughters. Shanti-Sarla were liked in the beginning to bring some talented acting and unseen things when their plannings were limited. Their plannings have started harming the family and also fooling everyone. It gets unbearable to see how silly Kaushalya and Raghav get at times.

Mere Angne Mein

Mere Angne Mein is about what happens when Riya steps into Shivam’s family and challenges all that is laid down by Shanti Devi. This did not happen yet. According to ongoing track, Shanti decides to gift a necklace to Sarla and they together make many manipulations to keep Kaushalya away from Raghav so that Kaushalya does not hinder their plans to get the necklace. Riya tells Bunty that she will be fasting for Shivam. Shanti tells Sarla about her plan against Kaushalya and Riya. Riya asks Lalli Bua about the rituals for the Hartalika puja. Sahil unintentionally breaks Riya’s fast. Shanti succeeds in provoking Raghav against Kaushalya. Shanti creates a rift between Kaushalya and Riya. What do you think about this show? Let us know in this poll by selecting upto three choices. You may also leave a comment to reason your choice.

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  1. It’s a very slow moving show.Everyday airs one hour but the track moving slow down and slow down,silly kaushalya I just hate her character & dump Raghav ?.
    Shanti devi and sarla also success in her plans,if a negative character also win then it affect the viewers .
    So please try to first moving the show and shows some positive things….

  2. The Show looked promising in the beginning, but is turning clumsy day by day..stopped watching it totally..it is going slow… clumsy drama…useless,,, if it goes in the same way.. it would end very soon in another 2 to 3 months for sure

  3. This show depicts reality but its going bit too slow even if it runs one hour per day and its gonna b seven days per week.. So they better not delay the tracks.

  4. I like the shoe in starting but now I feel boring and same drama of shanti again an again …. I feel now the time to riya come and strat her work. Otherwise shanti strat difference between khuslaya and riya…. and pls make little fast story some time it’s just too much…. and pls raghav try to trust wife and children ….

  5. show is becoming boring . not showing real thing which they promised before the show arrived.

  6. stopped watching this show

  7. The show is becoming boring because of shanti. she’s so shameless. it’s becoming annoying and irritating how the same person keeps on making the people in her household so miserable. We waited for the wedding after so much drama and now the show producers want to create a rift between riya and her MIL? Now that’s really unbearable. you’re making us hate the show more and more after every passing day!

  8. I’m not happy with this poll as it is mostly negative not many positive options

  9. It’s too boring nd I dun lyk dis serial at all

  10. It sud end instead of badtameez dil.dis serial sud b replaced .its crap only.

  11. Is the most boring show so far.the same drama everyday.is either shanti drama or sarial drama. And the dumb husband and wife,khausly and raghav make the show look stupid. Please take show off the air, it’s giving a bad impression about the Indians.

  12. I liked the show in the beginning, but now it is boring. I agree with most of the viewers. It should show some positiveness rather than negative all the times. Shanti and Sharla are shown winning all the time. Kaushayia is a dumb and not smart at all. She know how Shanti is and still believes her all the time. She doesn’t know Shanti in spite of living all these years with her. Hope Riya is shown smarter and figures things out. Nimmi is the smartest among all and knows Shanti inside out.

  13. I liked d show coz of talented starcast but now it proves to b a complete headache…I dnt hv an hr to waste so I sometimes used to read the written update wid a hope dat may b tings vl change is dis serial but I proved to b rong alwz

  14. Hey..initially show was good to watch..now a days ,it has becom so boring….kausalya can be made bit smart….she seems so irritating at times….Rani s character seems better than all other important characters of the show…shanti s character seems unrealistic.in indian setting a mother ,how bad she may be,never lootofying son s house to fill daughter s…Please bring something increasing as I have started missing episodes due to it’s boring track

  15. Makers please make the show bit increasing before all viewers stop seeing it…people watch daily soaps for entertainment not for headache……sometimes feel like slapping kausalya and say dumb lady wake up

  16. I do not find Kausi as a good person. She only accepts old ways such as treating MIL as head of family. If Sarla thinks Kausi will influence Raghav, that means she has done it before. She bosses Raghav when alone. She yells at her children. Why dont we see the family talking to each other. Like Kausi telling about Shanti’s suicide attempt, taking Riya’s sarees to her children. She is dumb. I do not like her.

  17. At first it seems to be interesting but now it’s really boring to watch the show. Every time negativeness wins that’s too bad and I don’t think any person like kaushalya lives in the society who nods her head and believes in everything…soo dumb. It’s really irritating to watch the arguments…show is effecting the viewers in negative way. .Now its time for riya to take responsibility to change the situations…

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