Poll: Do you want to see leap in YHM?

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing up for another leap in the upcoming track. The current track presents Raman and his lovely wife Ishita in another changed-identity drama. Ishita is acting as Shanaya Raichand. Ishita earlier acted to be Shagun to expose Ashok’s plans and save Raman’s life. It seems the new negative character which got introduced some time back Nidhi will be staying in the show for long.

The entire Bhalla family is helping out Raman and Ishita in their super plan. Ishita is denying her existence. She is regarded a runaway criminal from jail and fears to get arrested. Ishita changed identify to get her innocence proof from Nidhi. The show will soon illustrate how Ishita succeeds in getting the proof from Nidhi. Well, this may take good time. With many festive shown in the track, viewers will get to see more of little Ruhi before the leap occurs.

While the show is loved for Raman-Ishita’s super romantic chemistry, there lies another reason for the show’s charm. That’s our little Ruhi. Ruhi will be shown grown up after the leap. The news surrounding the leap brings a shock for the fans. The story which started with Ruhi and Ishita’s bond will have a major twist. Ruhi will not be on good terms with Ishita and would rather support Nidhi. The child actors would be missed if the major leap happens. Do you want to see leap in YHM? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your comment as well.

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Shagun Raman Ishita n Ruhi…changing actors n leaps changes substance n weight from story….not dat ul actually care but we are viewers witout us no trps!!!!!

  2. No please dont let the leap happen please dont ruin ruhi and ishitas bond please

  3. Hell no better be no leap

  4. what leap this show is majority famous for our osm ruhi…no leap..

  5. No leap better u go for happy ending of serial ….

  6. if this leap happens i m not watching d serial anymore………. better end it on a happy note soon……….. n feed pavitra to tigers.

  7. Noooooooooooo…., This should never happened. Without Ruhi always ishra’s life seems incomplete.

  8. No no not at all.. this leap can’t happen. If yes I will stop watching yhm

  9. No leap please, please make yhm a different from other serials, a loving story, why do they try to show that all the bad happens to good people, and bad people succeed in their evil plans,
    We don’t want to see a leap. And want ishu bearing ishra own baby also, not only surrogate baby.

  10. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    oy no no no leap.. we don’t want this to happen… I don’t want star plus any serial to loose it’s trp…because star plus is the only one who can beat colors TV in trp chart…..colors have end my matsh na now I don’t want colors…only star plus should be at the top…..

  11. Usually leap takes place when trp is less yhm is on top then why leap nooooo leap needed

  12. We need ishitha’s own preganancy Raman and Ruhi’s life was chanced bcos of ishita shagun has changed from negative to positive bcos of ishita all the good things happen in Raman’s life bcos of ishita Ruhi Adhi even shagun also now alive bcos of ishita . ishita done so many good things but the writters do not want to give any happiness to ishita bad people like ashok,nidhi,pallavi etc can live in this world happily but ishita wont. Ekta and writters insulting the women who cannot give birth to a child they may be good they do not deserve any happiness this is story not believable things like that goast,murder,death penaly etc can be possible but ishita’s pregancy is not possible what is this rubbish.Now you are going to seperate raman,ruhi and ishita in this leap ruhi should live happily with nidhi raman should live happily with shaung (irritating) but ishita should along w/o happiness you are giving too much sadness to the ishita’s character what you want to tell to the world dont be good human be always bad bcos bad people only live happily good one like ishita do not deserve any happiness All the bad things are happened by Mrs. Bhalla but ishita is suffering the punishment bcos of bhalla

    1. U absolutely right. How can Raman marry a devil Nidhi who wanst to kill his lovely wife and his baby. Stop YMH in happness to ISHRARU. That’s enough. Viewers take so much time to follow rubbish gossip story. Should have happy end otherwise your work become a number zero

  13. No leap please … and cant imagine Ruhi to hate her Ishima ….. please dont do that . never do that please

  14. no plz

  15. Noooo not at all we don’t want leap

  16. Leap is up to u… but spoiling ishima and ruhi bonding is unacceptable and unbearable…. of course we don’t want to miss ruhi… but if leap is must then separation of ruhi should not be done… take the leap on happy note… as we r big fans of their love bonding..

  17. If leap hppns this is for sure none ll watch yhm

  18. I am not going to vote. The show have lost its charm long way back. It’s very far away from the concept it started. I can’t watch it now be because if I watch it the old yhm memory’s will come to my mind and I will cry. So nowi just don’t care what is happening in it.

  19. Pls stop doing this the serial will spoil.

  20. plz makers dont bring
    leap in yhm and dont seperate
    ishraruhadi in yhm .otherwise we
    cant watch yhm.

  21. Leap will spoil the whole show, will lose its charm plus trp as well. So better to keep Raman , ishita , Ruhi and adi together . There was no need4 surrogate baby and no one is ready to see Ruhi as the surrogate baby of ishra and hating ishima!! No way

  22. Shraddha Sharma

    Leap is ok but it should not loose its charm….
    And moverover I want that ruhi should not hate her Ishi maa, as writers are planning….

  23. Pooja Anilkumar

    This show has been maintaining its standard since the very first episode…
    Ruhi is the base of this whole story.. It was about ruhi who bought an apt partner for her father and her family… Please if possible end the story after this track… So that nno viewers impressions will be lost… Please don’t add leap, plastic surgery, rebirth, identical face drama as usual starplus serial has…… Add some thing new as the motto of starplus…?

  24. Plzzzzz I don’t wish to see leap in this serial………… I want my old YHM charm……. . ……Plzzzzzzzzz I DON’T WANT ANY LEAP……………..I WANT TO SEE ISHRA TOGETHER & OUR LITTLE RUHI……………….

    1. Has One more thing…………If LEAP happens , Then I don’t want to see Ruhi hating her Ishimaa………plzzzzzzz don’t try to ruin a MAA – BETI relationship…………………….

  25. The story is becoming same as it was in Bade ache lagte h
    Pihu was such as cute girl with a perfect bonding with Priya and after the leap they didn’t have any good relationship
    Here, Ruhi again sharing a good bond with Ishita will turn out to be against her
    Isn’t Ekta kapoor having any new script?
    Leap at this point may be necessary but certainly the same leap as we have seen before in her serials leaves audience with the option of stop watching Ekta Kapoor’s serials with different characters and same story

    1. I was really surprised,I thought of sharing the same thing ,we think alike

  26. I think its tym for leap as the story have already lost its charm may be new story would be intresting

  27. Actually I feel this poll is useless. Coz if we like it or not, Ekta Kapoor serial will be always bakwass, They always start great and then finally go down hill. I stopped watching Bade Ache Lagte Hain post leap. So now also will quit YHM. coz it is already becoming stupid and senseless. Leap or no leap I give up this serial…not interested in watching this crap anymore…

  28. Do not spoil the relationship between Ishita and Ruhi. I don’t want to see a leap.

  29. HELL HELL HELL !!!
    We don’t want LEAP in YHM we want LEAVE from YHM, why the channel is not shutting off the CRAP !!
    and the useless FANS OF YHM who wants Ishita’s pregnancy, I suggest why don’t they get themselves pregnant by their husbands or so called boyfriends (in case no hubby or bubby you can hire an A class Gigolo for pregnancy)
    Ishita Raman Shagun, Shagun God Bullshits, Arey yaar bull ke shit mein doob maro na tum log.
    If I said any non-veg words than please don’t mind it’s my OTF (one time frustrations).
    With love

    1. lol……..you just made my day

  30. want to see the leap but with good relation between ishita and ruhi

  31. ds is ekta serial…. leap means dragging dragging… don’t want

  32. No pls…don’t spoil ishita n ruhi’s bonding..it is unbearable.. It had already lost its charm with repeated revenges..enough nw..please end up nonsense of nidhi n sarika by this holi..continue cure track with new born baby..let shagun-manoj and abhishek- mihika get married..let mihir n romi settle down..please make it pleasant n entertaining..ruhi hating her ishi maa is not at all acceptable..no leap please…

  33. Actually leap is not needed..

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