Poll – Vote for your fav. pairing: SwaSan or SwaLak in Swaragini?

Swaragini started by the story of Swara and Ragini, who wanted to unite their parents Shekhar and Sharmishta. Soon, after entry of Laksh… the fate of the sisters changed. While Swara and Laksh loved each other, Ragini crazily fell in love with Laksh. Ragini married him by doing all manipulations and falling down even more. Ragini and Laksh’s marriage disappointed the viewers. The show followed Sanskar and Swara’s collaboration to expose Ragini.


Sharmistha has hit many slaps on Ragini to make her confess the truth. Everyone supported Sharmishta and were seen favoring Swara. Swara tells family that Ragini never lied and saves her for a later plan. After melodramatic Swara and Sanskar’s wedding, Ragini tries to act innocent and puts the entire blame on Swara. Sanskar starts beating Laksh to show Ragini of her biggest failure. Ragini gets panicking witnessing Laksh nearing his death. Sanskar stabs Laksh with a knife. Laksh falls down and acts to be dead. Ragini loses her mind. She speaks out her efforts to win Laksh’s love. Ragini admits to Swara that she has done all evil plotting to win Laksh. Swara along Sanskar and Laksh, hatched the plan of fake fight and death to make Ragini confess her evil doings. Swara has proved her innocence and exposed Ragini’s truth. Laksh and Swara get together after Ragini accepted her crimes. Swara and Laksh were sweethearts and adorable couple when they were in love. With Sanskar’s entry, Swara and Sanskar looked great pairing with their awesome supportive concern. Which pairing looks good according to you? SwaSan or SwaLak? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.


  1. sammu

    swalak shuold reunite because pehele laksh ne swara se proposal karte huye e kehethata ki pyar kya hota he uske liye thab muje laga ki e dono kabhi alag nahi honge lekin ab unke a lov failure main nahi deksakti.

  2. Swasan is good but 4 me no one can match swalak they are such an adorable duo there chemistry is just superb.pls unite them soon. I know lakshya has done mistake by not trusting swara but he should get a chance to repay his mistake. And how we can forget that without lakshya help swasan was unable to reveal ragini’s truth.so lakshya must get a chance to win his love back.

    • Yeah thats what even I was saying and even sanskaar did a big mistake….. and he’s the main root of this mess……. so if they can forgive sanskaar then even laksh fully deserves a second chance! SWALAKIAN FOREVER

      • Kat

        Yeah we are Swalakians 4 ever!!!! Their chemistry is still so awsome!!! Laksh should definitely get a chance to win his love back!! Luv Swalak so much!!!???? Swasan is good, but to me Swalak is better!!!!

  3. sammu

    swalak ki jodi … bahut achhe hain. jab dono pyaar karte hain, jagadte hein, drama karte hein(dida and dadi ko milane ke liye), sabkuch bahut achhata…

  4. Vb

    Par sanskar ne pehle swara se shaadi karliya hai aur jab koi kas kar laksh Swara par barosa nahi kiya thab sanskar ne uska saath diya.unite
    swasan only….

  5. dia

    Swasan…..bcz wen swara need laksh the most… He did not even care to hear her point or find out y his love left him… He just believed d proofs he din even concern to cross check the facts……so I think though swalak is a cute couple but they r not the rite couple so I vote for SWASAN

  6. dia

    Swasan …bcz wen swara needed laksh the most he did not support her n didn’t even try to find out y swara left him in mandap he blindly believed the proofs even after swasan giving proofs agnst ragini he din support swara so for me he doesn’t deserve a second chance though dey r a very cute couple but not a rite couple so …I vote for swasan

  7. ishveer

    Plz wara and laksh will reunite. My wish is like that….plz reunite….I never see laksh and ragini unit……suppose raglak unit, I stop watching the show…

  8. Its one and only SWALAK cuz fake swalakholics who once upon a time used to claim themselves as swalak holics were never true one…… but I’ll always love them SWALAK FOREVER N EVER……. HUMESHA ????
    haters and jealous ppl are always gonna hate them but they don’t kno one sided love will always be one sided only!!!!!!
    They say swasan forever n all crap but reality is they are trying to compose themselves that yes they are FOREVER but it’s not true…..

    • Kat

      Hi minni!!!!!!! And any one can see that Swara & Laksh still love each other from the way they look at each other. Swara is refusing to go back to Laksh only because that psyco Ragini. Well, no one can stay happy in an one sided luv!!! Luv Swalak & really really hope to see them back together. SWALAK forever no matter what!!!!!!!!

  9. SANSKAR and Swara are the best . Now when destiny had united them , what ever the reasons may be …They need to continue the relationship as friends first and be lovers later …because in any relationship if the bond of friendship and understanding is there , it would succeed well….though Laksh had comeback knowing the truth , he does not deserve Swara as he did not trust her at all ….nor did he wait for her to know the truth on the day of his wedding when Swara was missing… It was not necessary for him to believe the video which Ragini showed everyone… also it was not necessary for him to marry Ragini the same day …..He could have tried and asked for sometime for him to make any decisions regarding his marriage…. no one forced him to marry Ragini…. It was his own decision…. Both he and Ragini made a BIG mistake of marrying each other…. They need to face the reality of the mistake they did and face the repercussions of it…It is lesson for them and everybody who make such mistakes in life.

    • manu

      I’m totally with you….idnt knw why these guys are so crazy abt swalak when it is not even possible in the show…eventhough sanskar made a mistake he did soo much for swara..so he deserves her more than laksh..what did laksh did for swara when she’s in need of him ?? He abandoned her..nd the help that he made unite shami nd sheker , its of no use bcoz they are separated again bcoz of him….Loved swasam…i vote for swasan pair

      • diana sajith

        totally agree with u. marriage is no0t a gudda gudiya game. it need love and trust.laksh hasd only infactuation towards swara.because of i he didnt even trust swara. then y should swalak unite. never should they unite .it is our sanskar who was with her in every storms of her life.swara please accept him and start loving him…love swasan…. great pair

  10. Hari

    Swasan forever…I felt like like some spark was missing in swalak during the initial episodes but swasan was complete.. and moreover rajini doesn’t look good with sanskar

  11. Sinitha

    I started watching this after Varun’s entry n then watched many episodes in YouTube from April n may..l like Swasan pair.

  12. shanaya

    our swalak is lagging behind…..swalak is 24% and swasan is 70%….guys pls vote for swalak….they r the best jodi on TV…..

  13. anu laya

    I am extremely glad that many of them want swasan and not swalak.i like namish but swasan pair making magic onscreen.By the way ,sanskar ‘s expressions make me crazy on him.Even a single swasan scene makes the average episode great. So , i prefer swasan. And i hope many vil agree with me!!

  14. riya

    I agree with anu laya… swasan is the best pair… their presence can make an average show greater….. there is something magical happens in swasan scenes…. sanskar is a superb guy…

  15. vidya

    Swara and laksh should b united, If ragini continues with laksh, then it will be a bad indication…people do anything…she even tried to kill her sister, kidnapped her mother…fooled everyone…It was not swara’s or laksh’s fault they didnt unite …it was ragini’s plot that seperated them…so Ragini should be out from their life…she can start her life in a new way

    • diana sajith

      truely agree that it was raginis mistake but laksh who loved swara out in angry not even thought what had happened to swara or what may be the reason for swara’s disappearance. how can we call such a person as a true lover. swara’s mother and grand mother tried to convince him about raginis true face but he didnt even listened them for once. i disagree with laksh swara union. what ever happened is due to laksh’s negligence in finding the truth and sanskar is the best mate to be with swara in all her up’s and down’s in life. laksh deserves ragini. and he should teach her the lesson for betraying her sister for getting her sisters lover ie laksh. ragini will definitely understand her mistake and then laksh should accept her as his wife. only truth wins and the truth of ragini and her wicked dadi should come in front of all the family members and her idiot father who has blind trust on his daughter and always making swara to be wrong

      • ADELE( Anu)

        But Diana, laksh had also supported swara many tyms!!
        At first b4 swalak’s marriage…. Wen ragini had tried to create misunderstandings between swalak…….he always preferred to get it cleared rather than believing rags……….

        But that stupid despo pshyco ragini!!!!!! She went on creating nuisances……….n the fake proofs she created……………….lyk srslyyyy!!!! They made laksh believe all those bout swara……

        N how can we forget that all those had started coz of sanskar only………yes, he has done a lot for swara…..but all this started coz of him only na….
        N sanskar’s mistake is bigger than laksh’s coz he used to give drugs n all to swara………

      • U are absolutely wrong diana bout ur opinion on laksh sry to say but u dont kno meaning of true love thats y u can’t see SWALAK’S true….. and yeah he always cared for shona! and he still cares for her! and hardships come in only in true lovers life they maybe torn apart But after the storms goes their relation becomes much STRONGER than before…… and even it was shona’s fault that she trusted rags blindly infact more than laksh Nd it was she who let rags came b/w their moments…..so these lil cracks done by swara made this big hole in her life! And laksh always trusted her ….. u answer may this questions in fact everyone have a look to my question…. WHAT U COULD HAVE DONE IF A PERSON IE: INNOCENT, GOLD HEARTED, TOO NAIVE AND A PERSON WHO CAN NEVER IN HER DREAMS TOO CAN’T THINK OF HURTING SOMEONE is accused OF trying to kill someone u could have believed that so called innocent person only rather than believing ur loved one…. right…. so same happened with him !! he blindly trusted her! Infact anyone could done that only na….u only think

  16. Safna

    Swara and sanskar are the best. Pls dont seperate them.swara have to respect their marriage. Sanskar supportd her alot.. He repented his mistakes.. So i think they should unite..

  17. diana sajith

    alsways swara and sanskar. love is complete when ur partner has true trust. but laksh doesbt have trust on swara,but in each and every situation sanskar holded swara and gave her strength .its a good quality of a soul mate.

  18. R

    Love swasan pair soooooooo muchhhhhh
    Actually strted watching this from swasan
    When swalak couple is there I nvr watched dis.hav no intrest at that tym.
    Swasan was the cutest

  19. i support swasan…i also like swalak i never say dat i m a true swalak holic…..i was bt not any more
    bcoz nw sanskar is d best partner for swara he understand her nd he didnt expect his lv back.sanskar is only want to his lv alwys stay happy dats why he didnt force swara to lv him..nd san always support swara nd trust our shona

    i never say dat laksh didnt trust swara..he was…many times he trust swara more dan others …bt d point is dat he didnt trust swara in her tough time when she need him..bt he didnt nd always insult her and call her characterless…so i didnt thnk the first waali chemistry btw swalak never happen….so our shona deserve a guy like sanskar…pls writers dnt seperate dem marriage is nt a joke……..swasan is d best nd cutest pair…..

  20. Barb

    I think swara and sanskar will make a lovely couple, they also look good together and definitely made for each other.

  21. ADELE( Anu)

    NO ONE!!!!

    Swara……coz she loves laksh veryy much n will never accept anyone in his place……

    Sanskar…….coz he loves swara soo much that if swara doesn’t love him he will never be happy…….n he can even leave swara to laksh!

    Laksh….coz after knowing that his so-called wife ragini is a big criminal he will never accept ragini!!!!!!

    So swalakk shud only happen!!!!!

  22. geetha

    I like swalak very much.ofcourse he didn’t believe her this time that too bacause of ragini’s acting but he believed her all time before in all kind of situations,supported
    her, stood behind her and loved her most and never did anything against her wish.they both loved truely.true love must triumph. so please reunite swara and lucky

  23. Shadi ho gyi h ab dono ki laksh ki b or sanskar ki b.so agar ab divorce leker again unite kiya jata h it will send wrong mess to society so they must move in thier own lives.ragini ko punish krne k liye laksh usko nafrat kre .hr koi.shekhar sumi se manfi mange kuch time bad ragini thk ho jaye tb laksh move kre with ragini.

  24. Shadi ho gyi h ab dono ki laksh ki b or sanskar ki b.so agar ab divorce leker again unite kiya jata h it will send wrong mess to society so they must move in thier own lives.ragini ko punish krne k liye laksh usko nafrat kre .hr koi.shekhar sumi se manfi mange kuch time bad ragini thk ho jaye tb laksh move kre with ragini.

  25. amy

    I like swasan pair..but I want swalak to marry because it will give good slap to b*t*h ragini…sorry for bad eng…

  26. dumi

    Guys we know that swara loves laksh and laksh loves swara.
    If it becomes swasan and raglak it will become one side love which other partner will never be able to forget his or her lost love and move on.
    So for me swalak is the best.
    Don’t forget laksh always supported swara. Because of ragini’s plans he got to the wrong direction.
    So swalak should be together.

  27. love should be unconditionap n Sanskar’s love for Swara is unconditional. I don’t understand why these people want swalak bak I didnt like lakhsh’s charectet from day 1 first he agreed to marry Ragini because he want his fathers property then he make vedio of Shekar n Sumi to avoid the marrige then he started to feel for Swara bt agaib he broke ragini’s heart he is responsiblr for ragini’s doing but on the itherhand sanskar pretends to be mad because he had lost his love on his marrige day nd had a big missunderstanding regards the murder of Kavita but when he saw Swara in tears on the sangeet night he decided to step back even he saved swara from mohini knowing that it may disclose his reality to swara n the whole femily. sanskar did everything to rectify his mistakes nd support swara for in every single step he loves swara unconditionally he trust her full n understands her so he. diserves to be Swara’s partner nt laksh as he never trust her n always think of his happiness not others so he should not be the main lead I lv swasan jodi for all these reason n nt swalak n moreover swara thought that marrige is a pure realtion which never should br broken n do if she goes back to laksh n braks her marrige with sanskar than it will kill the dignity of her charecter. the makers hv alresy killed thehonest charecter of ragini n if they kill the chaecter

  28. rikky

    Swasankar is d best, plzzzz writer don’t twist it again or try 2 make sankar’s character 2 go back 2 negative. Or dis show would b a total flop.

  29. Vinu

    I think they will make swasan as pair… They spoiled the good love story between the lead pair before… I hope at least they won’t make fun of marriage now…. now ragini has to win laksh in a right manner. .. swara will say no to laksh for sure… I like swalak but I’m sure swasan only happens. .. whatever the pair instead of stupid heavy drama show lovable moments. . Waiting for them…

  30. gayathri

    All the problems are because of sanskar…he s the one who created the problems but he got a another chance… y can’t laksh…some situations makes him like this but v can’t totally blame him…he still loves swara and also swara loves him…u ppl forgot all the sins made by sanskar y can’t u forgive laksh…v can’t tell that laksh didn’t trust her he s in a confusion state and don’t know what to do because his love(swara) is not with him..so please don’t blame him..and please don’t separate swara and laksh..they made for each other…SWALAK..

  31. Bluehope

    Swara shouldn’t go back to Laksh. He didn’t trust her and support her when she needed him the most. It was Sanskar who helped her. Though Sanskar was responsible for all this he tried to make everything nice again. Sanskar’s love for Swara is true love. Unite Swara And Sanskar. Swasan forever!

  32. Anuradha Ghosh

    Swara-sanskar is the best pair… For they trust each other in other hand Laksh didnt even believe in swara without a prove… N even she gave prove he didn’t listen or believe her once….. Who knows in future anything happens between them n laksh agian don’t believe her… Where sanskar always believed swara …. So my vote gose to swara-sanskar :-*

  33. haru

    Sanskar should be in the lead no matter whosoever turns negative or positive…..sanskar should be in lime light he rocks….so sansky should always be positive……

  34. Sunehri

    I hope this poll makes the writers realize that making fun of marriage isn’t as popular as before. Anyway, they will do what they want, whether we take it or not.

  35. ishu

    swara and sanskar is the best forever….plz…dont split swasan…bez they are very awesome onscreen pair..so my vote goes to swasan..

  36. I think stupid writers should stick to swasan whatsoever. Because whatever the circumsances swasan and raglok are married with full rituals and tradition. I agree ragini should be punished. But that doesn’t mean swalak become a pair again. Then it’ll be insulting our indian culture and marriage. Which is not at all acceptable. So writers should not separate swasan. Anyhow swasan look better than swalak. And moreover sanskar’s love is pure and genuine. He loves swara without any expectations. And although he loves swara, he still respects her love (laksh) and expects her to go back to him and remain happy in her life. Such pure love should be respected and loved. So swasan best pair.

  37. ANSHU

    niiiii plz plz!!! swara shud never go back to that dumbo laksh..av he didn’t trust swara to Kya pata aage fir aisa kuch hua n he doesn’t trust her again to????on d other hand…sanskar is so Gud…he supported her alwaysss…. I want swasan plzZZZZZZZZ!!!!

    • Oh pls what the heck made u think sankskaar always supported her…. don’t u know he IS THE ROOT OF THIS MESS.. HE blo*dy DID THAT sanskaar is the main culprint…. and yeah don’t forget laksh always trusted swara and u only if a pure innocent soul will try TO kill someone whom v trust AND later that same innocent person is accused then of course v will trust that person only…. m sure u will .. so think… coz sanskaar is the main culprit not ragini

  38. Demi

    Sanskrit trusts Swara because he knows the truth ( don’t you forget he hatched it all at first) so he had no other option….. Laksh also had blind trust in Swara, but the way ragini manipulated the whole situation, it was hard for him to believe besides his heart didn’t accept the false truth ragini told….SWALAK is way way better, laksh ‘s love is true.

  39. Shee

    Swasan please
    I love dem
    please punish Ragini n since she is now married to laksh den she should be given a chance to change herself. n swara n sanskar sud become friends n try to adjust in their maried life. n swara may fall for her husband.
    laksh is just as childish as Ragini.

  40. Rinshida

    Swasan forever. If it changes i wil not be able to continue waching the show. Swasan is the best pair dont make them apart please

  41. gayathri

    Please writer reunite swalak…and ppl plz don’t say laksh doesn’t believe swara again and again…because u ppl have that point only…but wat abt sanskar and remember he did sooo much…if he loves swara u ppl suddenly changed from swalak to swasan…but we swalak holic will never change always support true love..watever happens we will always support SWALAK….

  42. sandy

    i totally agree with you, just a few days before i was to love kavitha for years, and he forgot that girl just in a days, if swara and sankaar on their way after this mission, he will definetly forgot, laksh who all people calls dumbo, be in his situation and imagine what u all think what u people would do, the people are chanting swasan and swasan, he is the one who made swara and laksh seperated and just he loves her that doesnt mean swara should also love him, cant u see clearly still she loves laksh, on the day of her wedding with sanskaar how she is looking him, when she went to speak with laksh how she is feeling and when laksh came farmhouse how she is looking at him, even today she has love for him, but she is repeating same mistake by caring for ragini, now she still tells everyone she cant go back to laksh and can only love him to the core and laksh even in his misunderstanding cant see her cry cant see her with anyone, if u can forgive a criminal then y cant u forgive a mistake, what is the greatness in sanskaar, he started all this and now laksh ending all this by helping swara to reveal ragini secret, and united her parents once again, swara and sanskaar are trying to reveal her but they could’t, i hope swara gives a chance to laksh one last time, this time he will never hurt her

  43. appy

    sanskar is the main culprit for swaras separation. so he dosent deserve swara. n ragini also dosnt deserve kaksh. so its swalak. atleast make a lovable couple, not a adjustbl one.

  44. sweety

    laksh dont want to marry ragini but ragini blackmailed him emotionally and that video shown by ragini throwed him in confusion and depression in that condition ragini blackmailed him after that also laksh is against to swara but he cant see the swara’s pain .So the mistake is ragini .so unite swalak

  45. Pls writers unite swalak they are best onscreen couple.dont seperate them again. Ragini and sanskar jinhone itna kuch kiya unhe unka pyar miljaye aur swalak jinki koi galti nahi wo alag ho jaye this is totally unfair. Pls unite swalak. For me no swalak means no swaragini.

  46. I dont bother what evryone said..I just want Swasan to be united..bcz whtevr sanskaar did was although not right but yet he helped swara to expose that evil..lakhsh is not bad but swasan make a lovely couple..so plzz dnt seprate them..

  47. appy

    dear writter, if u think that thr hv anything like true love then unite swalak. how could swara can forgive sanskar, where sanskar is the main person who is liable for swara’s all pain? & in real life we also belive in real love. our love is not change daily by seeing any other cute one. luvs not happen again & again. if ragini deserv go through the pain thn sanskar also deserv the same. coz he also doing a lot to giving pain to swara. so swara go back to ur love. dnt think about anything else. so writer, just think about real love & unite them again. & after then unite ragini and sanskar. they defintly deserv each other. love couple & evil couple, isnt it??

  48. appy

    one thing i must say that who all r saying that they wants swasan that means they all r with ragini. coz ragini always wanted to separate swalak. if swasan happens then ibviously ragini will win & c will get evrythng which c want. & then thers nothing will like true love. swara never loved sanskar. she stiil lvs laksh. so y seeing her in pain??? & rags to b happy??

  49. appy

    we want swara to b win in all c want. & now sanskar supporting swara just for penenc his guilt. plss unite swalak. they will make a blast together…

    • Only sanskaar has that mere lust spark in his eyes for shona…. swara doesn’t feels anything for him…. anything she still truly loves her LAKSH #SWALAKHOLIC and what do u mean by they should remain forever they it’s one sided ok one sided…… !

      • prena

        also read above comment of her paragraph..she mentioned commenter jhanvi…and shouted at her,,,but tellyupdates if u read jhanvi comment,its just her support for swasan..
        minnie can support swalak..but y d hell,she is taking names of commentors and abusing and fighting..others to support swalak but not like this shitty girl..abusing..go through her comments pls..dont again make us request u telly..our kind request

      • Archies

        She has feeling just not the right ones… her heart is broken and it needs time to mend… Swara and Sanskar can understand each other without saying how they feel… its a deep connection…. she just needs a little push to know that but i’m not against Swalak….. if it happens…..

      • Prena just shut up..!!!!!! Mind ur words otherwise I won’t think twice falling to ur level!!! I can totally understand ur bg dear ??
        Take care and keep helping others

  50. miracle

    I don’t why people want swasan when swara even doesn’t like sanskar she still loves laksh & laksh still loves swara every one does mistakes bt sanskaar was with ragini & broke them I hope U all remember when ragini wanted to back out it was sanskaar who said stick to the plan.HE’S THE ONE WHO STARTED ALL & MADE RAGINI EVIL

  51. Lucky

    Everyone over there who is commenting on samskar remember that swara has felt the love of laksh by the actions of samskar which made you ppl swalakholic..at least be kind to him for that reason

  52. vandana

    I love swasan.unite them otherwise I will stop watching this show.abhi jago director nahi toh apka serial flop ho jayega………

  53. hari

    excuse me minnie!! if you area swalakian then let it be..but you dont have any right to insult others emotions..atleat see many ppl are not bad mouthing like you..it was you who have started this and now you are calling everyone chareceterless..this is not fair.will you talk to your family and friends in the same way?? i just dont want to taunt you or scold you but it really hurts the other person as it hurts you and moreover this is a serial just a serial..so i kindly request everyone to stop fighting

    • And who the heck are u to tell me what to do and what not!!!! My parents?? My teacher??? My frnd???my relative???no na then mind ur own business and stay in ur limits if can see properly then she started it first… and secondly if u ppl can call laksh cheap n all then y can’t I say sanskaar lusts after shona huh?? Sick ppl around

  54. DOLLY

    swarasanskar are get couple dont seperate them,laksh totally changed the meaning of love without trusting swara and her feeings .when swara need laksh he was not there at that time sanskar supported her like a friend .
    laksh you insulted swara a lot and now you need swara because you realised your mistake.your wount deserve swara ,sanskar and swara are made for each other.

  55. vandana

    What the hell we watch serial for entertainment and moreover we have lots of problems in our life only,come on yaar show something good at least in this serial,stop creating problems n solving them.swaragini is becoming a boring family dramaaaaaaaaaa………

  56. Manal Shaikh

    No pllzzzz…. v want swalak back..sanskarz d main culprit behind ol diz..n evn ragini…. swalak luk bst togethr want swalak bck..den d shw vl rock s bfr..swalak n only swalak !!!

  57. Manal Shaikh

    Wot vl swara n laksh get…widout any fault dey were seperatd.. bt evn den laksh olwayz luvd swara.. yy dey shud b seperatd n punishd 4 evil… diz injustce 2 dem…. if ragini n laksh vl b 2ghthr so ragini vl b successfull in hr evil deeds.. she fall so much dat she dint evn left hr mothr.. if she gets laksh so dat means evil wins..do woteva u wnt n den apologize… hw cn dey shw such a crap..n evn nw shez playng games.. n sanskar evn hez d main culprit…so pllzz swalak want swalak bck !!

  58. Geetha

    SwaSan has to be endgame! Sanskaar has gone through enough heart break. There was no need to him to be by Swara’s side but he did. He still continues to be her biggest support despite not being enough credit for it. While Lakhya” ji” as always is being a selfish creep.He and Ragini both understand what love means. Sanskaar’s love is the unconditional type. Any girl would be lucky to have been in Swara’s place. It’s about time, that simpleton realizes it too.

  59. Tuba Amjad

    Swalaak swalaak swalaak!
    Laksh is best for swara.. If you want to compare him with sanskar than one the other hand sanskaar ne bhi swara ko cheat kia tha shuru me.. or laksh ko baad me galat fehmi hogae so jb sanskaar ko chance mila k swara sw maafi mangey or swara ne usko maaf b kia to ab laksh ki bari hai and uska right hai!
    #Wewantswalak #Uniteswalak

  60. tania

    Agar online voting Ki koi credibility aur value importance hoti to Sanaya Irani Jhalak dikhla jaa Ki winner hoti
    Faisal had 10 % online votes n Sanaya had 90 % votes still jeeta kon Faisal bcz TV viewers in India r the ones who give trp only
    This is my question to the makers of show lovers seperate n meet different people in drama shows to kiya original track se hat jayenge saari story swalak pe hi shuru Hui aur ghoomti hai theek hai abhi Jo tv pe dikhayenge ussi Ko log zyada importance denge jaise swasan but reality kiya hai Swalak r lovers kal Ko swara Ki life Mein koi aur new guy ayega to kiya phir swara Ki love story uss ke saath banadoge
    Starting se leke ab tak almost year hone Ko hai Swalak Ki love story romance pe poora efforts time Ko diya swalak fans Jo yeh drama shuru se dekh rahe hain unki kiya ghalti hai

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.