Poll: What do you think of shows’ fusion episodes?


You may find Maha Episode trend occupying more shows slots these days on small screen. The entertainment industry has gone back to the old trend. We have seen Kyunki and Kahaani’s merger episodes that time. Tulsi and Parvati got together to deal with some major problems in their lives. Same way, the telly again adapted to the fusion episodes. Such mergers are seen mostly these days.

Though the promo promised to break some shocking twist in the Mahaepisode, there seems to be nothing much going on in the show’s track. The fusion of scenes and characters just give some impression of connectivity. There is hope that lead characters will have some huge changes, like onset of togetherness, romance or any evil plan working out by the vamp/villains.

Unfortunately, the viewers who expect to get most of the one-two hour long merger episodes, don’t get the right dose of the drama. The merger episodes fail to keep up the drama. With Zee and Colors making many changes weekly by bringing Mahasangam and Trishakti episodes (titled different for every show), some viewers would like to watch their actors for a long period of time, while others would disagree with the fusion idea. What do you think of shows’ fusion episodes? Let us know your view in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    First of all mahasangam in zee and trishkanthi in colors I hate that. Pls all show can progress on their way itself there is no need to make others watch another show also.

    1. yeah I agree

  2. me too

  3. I agree with d other two der s no sense in fusion episodes nor any new twists tak place

  4. Thank god starplus does not do it
    It is favourite channel for it aired wonderful show like mahabharat siya ke ram dahleez and many more the list just goes on

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Yes sanjana but colors and zee both are hell



  5. seriously i hate these stupid mahasangams…cant watch a single show properly..i hate it more when a good show is tellecasted with a boring one..silly ..

  6. Colors is not hell okay dnt give comments like that

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      No yaar they have ended matsh and they are started trishakthi I can’t even watch single show and we get confused sorry i f I hurted u

  7. I think this kind of combination episode should be done like once every two months, not every week because some people may not be able to watch TV at a certain time, due to which they can only watch some part of the combined episode and also some part of the show they intend to watch, and some just decide to avoid then which leads a dip in trips but at the same time these combination episodes can bring advantage for other shows like if a no.1 show and some other show is combined the other show gets promoted and people mat find it interesting and also start watching that other show. But every week is too much. Zee and colors r my favorite Hindi channels but they should avoid mahasanagams and trishakti and only show them monthly not weekly

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