Poll: Does stellar star cast highlight a show?


We would like to know whether your favorite actors are the only reason that makes you watch or follow a special show. The current trend got many finite series shows with stellar star cast. Some shows promise to bring an unique story, and end up modifying the characters as per TRP set.

Other shows live up to expectations by putting the best cast along with the concept. Many hit shows in the past which succeeded just by concept made those actors remembered. Some actors get fame to shows. Likewise, some shows get fame to the actors, like Diya Aur Baati Hum, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Udaan, Jamai Raja, Balika Vadhu, Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and other long running shows currently.

Old saas-bahu sagas are still running with big names in it. While the star looks to be responsible for the success, concept has many flaws in them, which gets overlooked by amazing performances. Logic is not much followed and less expected from the shows now. Talking about the new generation conceptual shows, the romantic shows and youth centric concepts are more known to give a big name to the fresh faces. Be it Sadda Haq, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, Manmarziyan, Dil Dosti Dance, Badtameez Dil and more… All that’s remembered about these shows are the young crop of actors which rose to fame by the shows. Do you think Star Cast promise a show’s success? Or does a show makes an actor a star? Let us know your favorite show and actors by hitting the comment section below.

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    According to me the concept make me watch the show but after some time writers start spoiling it… but some time show gets fame by its concept making fame for actor/actress and sometime famous star make show interesting…. so for me both are there….

  2. dont know abt others’ opinion….but i dont think that only a famous cast can highlight a show…..it always need an exclusive plot at first…
    sometimes it happens that we sit before tv hearing a star name….but lf we dont find the performance cool as per our expectation….we change the channel….infact persons having talent always will be appreciated through their performance….like happens with good shows like badtameez dil,nauc,mmz it doesnt show any famous cast rather shows a good story with good performances…..doesnt matter whether they have a lot of followers on social media…
    a good show is not a show depending on famous cast 4 trp

  3. I think that a show gives game to an actor. The concept is much more more important than the cast. We can’t judge the shows by looking at its trp’s. If it’s like that then we should have to say that manmarziyan nauc bd etc are not good shows. But nowadays most of the shows have good concept at the starting but it gets deviated because of dragging.

    Famous cast will be a highlight of a show it will not be a success unless it have a good concept.

  4. In pov, plot is more imp. than star cast. If plot is good then automatically we like the star cast also.

  5. Yes plot is very important for any show to get success when they started initially then only the actors may get fame. But after sometime for TRP they divert the concept of the show and just drag it unnecessarily without any logic. It spoil the interest on the show and just made the viewers to watch it and bear those unnecessary dragging only for their favourite stars..
    Viceversa if the show is started with our favourite stars it also made us to watch the show just to see our favourite one onscreen even if the show has nothing interesting to worth watch.

  6. In my opinion,plots makes an actor famous yah its right that actors acting is important but without a good concept the show will be boring….dialogues are one of them with the plot of the show

  7. Saath nibhana saathiya-It is one of the show which irks the audions bcoz its story doesnt match with the title…dis show mainly focuses on marriage,saas bahu,revenge,pregnancy….i m not saying that saas bahu relationship is bad but there should be a limit all time kokila,gopi,paridhi,meera,vidya,gaura,kinjal urmilla,hetal….were r the men actors…in a week they r shown in 2 or 3 ep..major time gies with kokila n gaura…..

    Yeh hai mohabbatein-when it was started it was one of the best show of 2013-mid 2014 but after that again revenge,hatred n now 7 years leap which was one of the worst decision took by makers….

    Balika vadhu-It is one of the longest running shows but too much dragging…

    Kumkum bhagya-This show had crossed the drag limit pragya came in a new avatar with the help of dadi but it took a one year and now also she cant prove that tanu pregnancy is not bcoz of abhi….

    Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai,jamai raja,udaan,diya aur bati bum dis r some of the concept based shows…

    1. Not bum its ‘hum’

  8. well i guess the story board of a serial is much more important than star cast….coz,only if the story is gud,people wud watch it and only if people watch,the stars wud be famous….IO am thus supporting ‘NO’.. 🙂 😀

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