Poll: Most Unlikable Character in Saath Nibhana Saathiya?


Saath Nibhana Saathiya is known for the super melodrama happening in every episode. It was high in drama since the beginning. The show has got some drastic tracks recently by Gaura and Dharam’s entries. According to the current track, Vidya gets done with blaming Meera of duping their parents and breaking their trust by secretly marrying Dharam ,Meera starts defending herself. Vidya gets disturbed with Meera’s false allegations and picks up her phone to dial Gopi’s number. Gaura throws away her phone and pretends to have done so by mistake.

Gaura and Dharam disconnect the telephone lines of the house so that Vidya can’t even speak to her family. Gaura asks Vidya to relax for some time and locks her in the room. Vidya. Gopi and the Modis get worried for Vidya when they fail to reach out to her on phone.

Gaura, Dharam and Meera visit Vidya’s room. Gaura pretends to be nice with Vidya and gives a new phone to Vidya. She gives her water and makes Vidya drink it. Vidya falls down unconscious on the ground due to the spiked water. Let us know in this poll. Gopi is worried about Meera as she goes missing. Gopi senses that Vidya is in trouble as she recalls Vidya crying.

Gopi goes to police with Jigar to complain about missing Meera, the police refuse to lodge complaint before 24 hours. Meera will be troubled by Dharam. He misbehaves with Meera and asks her to not mess with him as he won’t bear her arrogance and tantrums. Whom do you think is the Most Unlikable Character in Saath Nibhana Saathiya? Let us know in this poll. You can choose upto three choices. You may leave comment in comments section.

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  1. Instead of stopping our beautiful serials plz for God sake stop it saathiya melodrama sry..mistype worst drama serial…

  2. All the characters are fun in this serial.

  3. dharam and gaura

  4. Of course this is kokila bcoz all these happens only 4 her if she would listen 2 Gopi nodng would happen

  5. Vikram Kattamreddy

    Join the director and the writer in mental hospital they are literally mad people


  7. Fully nonsense. .jo ladki shravanse shaadi karne ke liye inkar karthi he wo darma se shaadi karega kya..koi logic nahi he

  8. Whole show!!! I used to watch it till rucha ws there…she ws awesome!

  9. Bhola bhala jigar

    I can never be annoying.. But im very annoyed with kaki ji, her bachpan ki friend and that dharam!


  11. What the hell is wrong with this show…full of crap..and the twists are so bad..how can a girl in her 20’s marry some old stupid guy!..ban this show for gods sake..star plus..review ur shows b4 u air them

  12. I hate gaura nd dharam…meera tm ne us buday se shadi q ki

  13. Yes bcoz of kokila mindless fellow this is happening

  14. Love this serial to the core.. ongoing track is damn interesting!!

  15. Kokila. Speaks about. Sanskar but what sanskar she gave to her daughter? She gets her grand daughter without finding background of the family. In real life how can any childhood friend All fault is of Lokila

  16. This is the most irritating show in star plus. In this show sisters are being shown evil. This encourages people to be bad. Purai pagol

  17. Why do the modis accommodate anybody n everybody in their home. What r the men doing? Dont they have a stand in the famiiy.they just stand and stare at others.

  18. The serial is most unlikeable dont know who da hell is watching dis serial and dis serial is doing marvellous with rating poiñt ufff full torture

  19. This seriaal has become most boring and should go of the air

  20. Gaurra’s behaviour is most irritating

  21. plzz stop this dump serial ,b*t*h meera how could she be so heartless

  22. If @frooty,@pnbhargava,@ar,sanjida,@f**kturd,@rekha,@vikram,@roxana,@vidya please u all stop critizing this serial so badly and stop saying to ban or stop the serial like this as we love this serial a lot

  23. Please stop this ….. tooooooo much. .. of melodrama. ……

  24. If genuine comments r not accepted then remove the comments section

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