Do you like Ashish Sharma’s entry in Siya Ke Ram?


Ashish Sharma will don the role of Lord Ram on Star Plus’ new mythology Siya Ke Ram. The show will journey with Ram from being a warrior prince to Lord Ram. Ashish made his mark in shows like Gunaahon Ka Devta, Rangrasiya, Chandragupta Maurya among others. Ashish will be winning more fans by his depiction of Lord Ram in the show. He has worked hard to get the perfect portrayal of the role of Lord in human avatar.

Kak Bhushandi witnesses Ram’s Lord avatar. Vasishtha tells Kak Bhushandi why the Lord had to take a human form to guide people. Ram has a vision of Lord Vishnu in his dream. Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan arrive in Ayodhya. Rishi Jabali is happy that Ram remembers him. Dasharat tells Ram and his brothers that they can meet their mothers after the puja. Rama visits the atheist sage Jabali. The story of Ram’s birth by his sister Shanta’s sacrifice was shown. Ram finds the idol of his sister Shanta. Kaushalya tells Ram about his sister Shanta. Shanta’s sacrifice is presented in detail. The yagna had to be performed by a householder. Shanta had gone to Sringeri to marry the Rishi and bring him to Ayodhya. Kaushalya speaks about Rishi Shringa who had performed a yagna for his birth. Ram vows to make Kaushalya meet Shanta. Ram unites Shanta with Kaushalya. Kaushalya’s burden gets relieved and her equation with Dasharath gets good. Ram is responsible for uniting his parents. Kaikeyi fears Ram becoming the king of Ayodhya. The promo of Madirakshi Mundle and Ashish are airing on the channel. Ramayan’s new side will enthrall the viewers. Are you excited to Ashish Sharma’s entry in Siya Ke Ram? Give your opinion in this poll. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. im really elated to watch asish after a long time…………

  2. i am also waiting for ashish entry

  3. much…We don’t like it. Actually we hate this stone age crap serial. This nonsense show replace our favourite show “Tu Mera Hero”. We miss our show very much….. #TMH was 10times better than this idiot soap… ??????????

    1. Hey raunak i m mean rubbish bin can u stop talking shit and crap about this serial . you are just an idiot

    2. Hey @raunak this is not a stone age serial k. This is holy Ramayan k. It’s belief of millions. Mind ur tongue.

    3. If they would have stretch tmh then it will another sns or yrkkh

    4. Shut up… Mind your tongue……. Tmh was ended on was better that they didn’t drag it…..

  4. when ashish will come

  5. S. Ofcouse. I eagerly waiting for ashish entry in skr.i seen rangrasiya seriel which played in rudra opposite sanaya and end of the show i really feeling bad bcoz this show has no long time i think this seriel just 180 epi something. I really like that charector. So i just hope he does the role ofsiya ke ram seriel perfectly do that.

  6. Now i watching the promo of siya ke ram and entry of ashish. So nice. I don’t know when vijay tv to do dubbing version of siya ke ram. I waiting for that moment soon as possible.

    1. U please do the dubbing of every serial you like

  7. Ranaji(narendran)

    Yes I saw new serial promo which serial is going to end???another crap in star plus????????????????

  8. I hope sath nibana saathiya ends

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      I too think

      1. Its already airing on 8:00 clock slot.

  9. Lngng to see ashish as ram after chandragpt maurya….??

  10. raunak is a fool guy. dont concentrate on his statement enjoy episode. he is such a bull….

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