Poll: Do you like SSEL’s current track?


The latest track in SSEL is around Dadi and Birla family member Gauri. Suhani is upset seeing Bhavna behaving bad with her. She asks Bhavna about her strange behavior. Suhani does not know Rags and Menka are fueling Bhavna against her and the masked girl. Pratima intervenes to end their arguments. Suhani tells Yuvraaj about some changes in Gauri’s medicines. She says she is doubtful about her and she has given the medicine to Menka. Later, she gets to know Menka’s bad behavior was just acting. Dadi asks Gauri not to remove the mask. She says everyone who likes her now will start hating her after seeing her bad face. Gauri agrees to Dadi. Pratima gifts a dress to the girl in the mask for puja and tries to convince her for removing mask.

Suhani asks the girl to remove the mask, but she refuses. Ragini pretends to care for Bhavna and tries to provoke her against Suhani. Suhani plans to send off the family to attend the Aarti ritual and the dandiya celebrations. She intends to stay at home and make Gauri remove her mask. Yuvraaj refuses to go to the aarti function, despite Suhani’s insistence. Suhani flirts with Yuvraaj and convinces him to attend the aarti rituals. Later, Suhani succeeds in sending everyone outside home and stays back on pretext of getting Prasad for puja. Dada gets to know Ramesh did not make Prasad at home and gets suspicious. She hurriedly returns home with Yuvraaj. Suhani forces the masked girl into revealing her face and appreciates her beauty so that she never wears the mask again. Do you like SSEL’s current track? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Gauri is dadi and saxena’s daughter lol thats gonna be interesting . Dadi’s true face will come mayb

    1. What the hell are you telling!!!!dadi and saxena?????????????????…….

      1. Who’s saxena?

    2. first who is saxenea
      second if guari was dadis kid then shouldn’t gauti be older

      1. Gauri is pratima’s daughter. dadi’s grand daughter.. gauri has a mark on her face. dadi doesn’t like people who are not beautiful….so she hid her grand daughter from the society as she feels ashamed for having such a grand daughter…

        dadi is so wicked and obsessed with beauty. I just hope one fine day her face should get burnt and she should start hating herself.

        how can anyone stoop so low

        don’t drag anymore…pls expose that buddhi…its high time and the right time to expose dadi

        make suhani little clever not so dumb….no brains

      2. ha ha saxena was the manager of Birla’s company who ditched Birla family for money.
        he backstabbed them

  2. gud track

  3. its a pretty interesting track
    i really hope this time dadi isnt forgiven and pratima really gets mad and kicks dadi out

  4. Ewww dadi and saxena???? Lmfaooo :’D

  5. I dont have much interest in this serial these days..because suhani is forever portrayed as gullible..that it reduces her acting dumb! And all thisvis clearly done just to prolong the serial!! All the scenes are so predictable..dadi n rags n menaka arecrepeatng thevsame tricks and behaviour that its not intetesting anymore
    ..cant u think of something intellectual and credit the heroine with for little brains .for example the veneration scene..if dadi has said why bhavna’s child shouldnt participate why cant suhani tell that to bhavana?? She is her sister afterall!! So pls come up with better plots!!

  6. I agree viji lets have more substance than the same in each episode war between dadi and suhani it is boring and so unreal

  7. Nooo
    plzz end current track its gonna be very boring day by day

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