Y did u got late today, u know how much I was scared’ said afaan cutely, ragu smile ‘u were late for 2 hours, I thought u also left me ‘his eyes become watery, rag felt bad and hugged him ‘I’m sorry affu, I got stuck somewhere’ she remember her moments with laksh in cell and got really sad, ‘what does that police guy want, y is he after u, does he know about us’, he ask getting scared, she sigh, ‘affu he knows that we stole money, but he gave me warning and left me’ she lied, he gulp, ‘does he know about …’, ‘affu, stop right there, I told u na forget all that, we r living our new life, for that we have to forget our past’, ‘but ragu, he can find us right, he will kill me, mom my mom …’ he started to cry as remember his past, ragu console him, but she also couldn’t control remembering about her past, she smile sadly remembering her 1st meet with affu.

Afaan was sleeping when he heard some voices, he went outside and got dumbstruck, his dad was screaming on his mother, PAPA ‘he said, ‘afaan u go inside‘ said afaan mother, he was shivering to see his dad bloodshot eyes, his dad never look at him like this, he always saw him with loveable eyes than what changes suddenly, he stand their when his father barges towards him, b4 he came to afaan his mother come in between’ NO PLZ, plz ji what r u doing, he is our son‘ his father got more angry and said, ‘my fate was bad that I married u, since the day u have come in my life, it has gone ruined, I lost everything cus of u, but not anymore, if u want to stay here then u have to follow my rules, just be in ur limits got that’ his dad went away giving them threat, it wasn’t new for his mom, she was used to be treated like this, she cry, afaan wipe her tears, ‘mom y dad always hit u’, she hugged him n cried not knowing what to answer this innocent kid, ‘mom does he hate us’, ‘no affu, ur father doesn’t hate us, he love us,

I know that, he was just upset, that’s y he said like that’, she made him sleep, he thought with night it will get over, he will forget this incident like a nightmare but he was wrong, it got more worse, his father barely came home and whenever he came, he is drunk, he started to abused his mother mentally and physically both in little things, it get even more worse when he also started to hit afaan, ‘WHAT R U DOING, LEAVE HIM’ afaan mother yelled angrily at his father preventing him from hitting afaan, she can bare all his hatred and abuse but never gonna made his son suffer from that, his father turn into rage and pushed his mother hard against wall, ‘I told u to stay in ur limits, but u just won’t listen do u’ he yelled like animal and punched her again and again even though she was bleeding from her mouth he didn’t stopped, afaan try to stop him but he pushed afaan and said, ‘u also stay in limit or else I will kill u 2’, he cried and saw her mother getting beat brutally by his dad, at last it stop, his dad stopped, his dad was breathing deep and left the room, he came to his mother, ‘mom, wake up,

mom plz getup or dad will come back, mom get up’ he yell, continuously jerking her mom, he was confused y she wasn’t responding him, she got beaten b4 but then she would stand again then y not now, ‘MOM WAKE UP, I’M SCARED PLZ’ he yell, he was shivering continuously jerking his mom body, when he saw his dad coming back, ‘DAD, MOM IS NOT ANSWERING’ he yelled crying, his dad came back, he check her wrist vein and breathing and got shock, she wasn’t breathing, ‘shit’ he hold his head, ‘dad what happened, is mom alright, y isn’t she saying anything’, his dad look at him horror, ‘what did u do afaan, u killed ur mother’ afaan wide his eyes and jerk from his sleep, ‘NO’ he yelled breathing heavily, as his nightmare break.

Ragini heard him and came running to him ‘affu, u alright, bad dream’ he nod, he hugged her, ‘ragu plz don’t leave me, plz, I didn’t kill my mother, I loved her, u know na I would never do that’ he said crying ragu feel bad and console him, ‘I know affu and trust I’m not leaving u but right now I have to go for job, we need money remember’, ‘I will come with u’, ‘no ur not, look the place I work is not for kids, so r gonna stay here and complete ur homework, again I get complains from ur school, affu when will u stop ur stupid pranks and focus on study’ she ask seriously, affu smile mischief, ‘array y will I study, when I know I have to be professional robber’ he wink at her, she gasp, ‘u idiot, affu this is not done, u promised me na, u will be software engineer’, ‘han tu y else u thought I want to be a software engineer’ ragu frown, ‘mean’, ‘mean, that I will be only software engineer, then I can heck anyone account and stole their money’ he said cutely, rag awe at him, he blushed but next he got hit by her, both started to pillow fight, ‘stupid idiot here I’m trying that we get a proper life and u idiot from when did u get this idea from’, ‘of course from tv’ ragu was cursing tv and left for work.

Ragini was working when, ‘diya serve 2 beer in table no. 8, he’s very special guest’ her boss order and left, ragu sigh and went to table no. 8 with order
R: u will not give up, will u

No, never ‘the special guest was no other than laksh who was giving her teasing smile, rag serve him and turn to leave, but got jerk as laksh pulled her in his lap and got locked in his arms,
R shock; what r u doing, this is my work place
L angry: shhhh, I just want my answers
R: what answers
L: who is ur husband ‘she sigh, almost tear out,’ ragini look at me, just tell me, I promised I will help u out

Diya, what is happening here, we r having complaints from customers ‘her boss came out to her angry, he saw ragini in same position and got angry, ‘what is this ham, if u wanted to do all this u should have told me b4, I would have appoint as prost ‘b4 he complete he got slapped by laksh’ sir y-y did u slapped me, did we do something wrong
L was really angry but control himself: ya this waitress of urs is really unprofessional, fired her right now ‘rag wide her eyes, she nod no

R: no sir, I did my work honestly
Boss angry: shut up diya, sir is special guest here, he wouldn’t lie, go get lost from here, we don’t need u here ‘rag got angry and leave from there, boss smile’ sir ur hafta [week protection money] ‘laksh sigh and took money from him and turn only to face angry ragini, he gulp hard, she exit bar he also followed her, the road were all dark and silent
L: ragini stop, ragini plz stop let me explain ‘he hold her hand but she jerk;
R angry: what han, what were u thinking, making my boss firing me, and what will u explain me senior inspector sir, that why did u select this path, honest officer my foot, I was so stupid I fall for it, whatever u said I thought it was truth, but u lied, u all lied, ur just like any1 else u don’t love me, u just want my body

L angry: shutup, just shutup ‘he clam down bit’ look ragini I know I’m not a honest office, I know I take bribes I’m not some brave police man but trust me, my love for u is not fake, I really love u
L yelled too: NO I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT, all I can understand is I love u I really do, ur really beautiful ragini and I know someone had trapped u, ur really innocent that u fell in his trap
R laugh sarcastically: I’m not an innocent angel sir, u don’t know me ‘she closed her eyes and took a deep breath and reveal’ I’m another woman
L confuse: what, what that supposed to mean
R: it mean, I ruined someone house, I stole someone husband ‘laksh got numb like some lightning struck him, she smirk’ shock aren’t u?

L confuse: ragini I’m really confuse, plz tell clearly, I’m mean ur just 19 and ur married and ur saying u stole someone husband and who the hell is afaan ‘he got really irritated with all these questions’ plz don’t play riddles with, tell me

R yell: I’M AFAAN STEP MOTHER ‘laksh wide his eyes in shock’ I RUINED THEIR HOUSE, I STOLE AFAAN DAD FROM HIS MOM, I SPOILED A HAPPY FAMILY, I’M A HOMEWRECKER sl*t ‘she fall down busted in tears, she cried loud, laksh didn’t move from his place not even to console her, he never would thought, a young innocent looking girl like ragini would break someone home and that to of woman who had kid, she look at him and smirk’ u would hate me now, wouldn’t u? ‘she laugh n cry’ I knew it, y would any1 love me, I’m just a sl*t
L: does afaan know it
R shock: no plz, don’t tell him, he doesn’t know I was the reason of his family breakdown, he will hate me

L shrinking eyes, he remember afaan innocent face: y ‘he got angry and pull ragini towards him harshly’ Y RAGINI Y, y would u do that, I thought u were some innocent girl, I never thought that a bloodsucking witch was hiding behind an innocent face, u r right I HATE U RAGINI,U DON’T DESREVE ANYONE LOVES, ‘he pushed her down in middle of road, laksh saw some cars flashlight coming towards ragini, but ragini was not moving from her place’ ragini move
R nod no, crying; no, ur right I don’t deserve anyone loves ‘ragini saw car coming close to her, she closed her eyes and yelled ‘I LOVE U LAKSH’ she felt something hit her hard, after few min she open her eyes, breathing heavily ‘am I dead’ as soon she said she felt some burning sensation in her cheek, laksh had slapped her hard

L angry: u idiot what were u doing, ‘ragini she was fine, it was laksh who pushed her hard to side of road, they both heard some car screeched voice, both look at the car which was about hit ragini, it was all dark they couldn’t see the car driver but their shadows, they saw the people in car had thrown something out and then drive off
R frown: what was that
L saw car no but shrug: leave that, what were u about to do, seriously didn’t u think of afaan b4 taking this step

R sigh and cried: u don’t know, every day I die hearing afaan screams, u don’t know how to live in guilt, I had live it every day, I ruined a little boy family, trust me I didn’t want any of this to happened ‘suddenly ragini started feeling creepy, she is used to live in dark areas but right now this darkness is giving her chills and not a very good one
L saw her shivering, sigh; I’m sorry, I blame u without listening full story of urs, plz tell me how u met afaan and his family, how come u get ready to married an already married guy ‘he was continuously asking her questions but she was in her own world, ‘hello ragini answer me ‘he jerk her

R scare: sir, this place I don’t know, I’m not feeling good here, we should leave from here asap
L confuse; ragini don’t ignore my questions

R yell irritate: I’m not ignoring sir, but we need to leave ‘laksh frown’ NOW ‘they both start walking, both stop when they hear some voice’ did u hear that’ laksh signal her to be quiet now he also know something is wrong, it’s coming from the same place where the car driver threw some stuff, laksh start to go to check ‘laksh no plz’ rag stop him worriedly
L whisper; ragini quiet, let me check ‘she nod no, he smile looking her care for him’ don’t worry I will be fine, u stay here, I will just check quickly ‘finally she let him go ‘laksh went deep in woods, he used his mobile torch, he found some moments and hear some moan crying voice’ who is their come out now ‘he yelled but still hear only moan voice, he gulp hard and went more close to it ‘SHIT’ he yelled, ragini also got scare hearing his scream
R yell: laksh, r u alright, what is it

L getting his shirt off: ragini just stay back there, I’m coming up ‘ragini stood there for few min
R tense: laksh, how much more ‘she was about go in too, when she saw laksh coming up’ what is it ‘she saw someone in laksh arm wrapped in his clothes, she got more close and wide her eyes in shock’ laksh, a girl

L hurried to his car: we need to take her hospital hurry up ‘R was
still in her place not moving’ RAGINI HURRY UP ‘he yelled
R shock: laksh, she’s raped ‘he place the girl in his jeep, went back to ragini
L: ragini listen we need to take her to hospital, she’s going die here, come on ‘he make her sit in car, both reached hospital’ doctor attend her ‘doctor saw her
Doc; sir I can’t, it’s a police case ‘laksh show his id
L angry: I’m the police, now treat her and make sure she become fine or else I will arrest u of this girl murder charges ‘doc get scared and took the girl to ward, laksh saw ragini who still in shock, he place his hand on shoulder, she got jerk
R start crying: laksh ‘she hugged him and cried’ laksh what was that, who was the girl, which animal will do that to her ‘laksh console her, and was trying to think about the car.
Screen stooped on ragini crying face and laksh thinking face


Okay I know u must hate me to show ragini character like this, but trust me there is more of her story just wait I will reveal her past too, now u know ragini is not afaan wife, neither his mother but stepmother, and y afaan is so sacred of police name.
And guys plz suggest me some actors
I need some of bad guy list. I want atleast 2 bad guys who r good looking and badass of tv industry or film industry
And do tell me, how did u find this part
Plz vote and comment

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