“We’re poles apart, but our love is strong” (Intro of Shakti, Ishqbaaz, KRPKAB and Swaragini)

“We’re poles apart, but our love is strong” (Introduction of Shakti, Ishqbaaz, KRPKAB and Swaragini) (Harmya, Aniye, Devakshi and Ragsan)
Hey guys Nusz and Fatarajo x are here who write many Fan-Fictions if you search our names up. We both planned to write two Fan-Fictions together and our ideas are combined. This is the second Fan-Fiction and today we’re giving you a Character Sketch and the Introduction of the storyline. I hope you guys will enjoy and make us happy by your comments. So guys I hope you enjoyed the 8 promos of episode 1. Also I want to let you guys that we both should be treated well and fairly because Fatarajo and Nusz’s ideas are combined together. Anyways we both love you guys and enjoy for now aha xx.
Character Sketch
This fan fiction revolves around three families and a gang. The three families are Maheshwari family, Oberoi family and Singh family and also a girls’ hostel. This girls’ hostel is related to the three families which will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.
Maheshwari family (Swaragini and KRPKAB)
They are a rich Marwari family. Where all their children are high class and highly educated and they pursued studies from overseas, the Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham types,
Dev Maheshwari (Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi) (26 years old)
Dev, is the oldest son in the family is somewhat similar to Sanskar. He is also rude and arrogant but not so much like Sanskar. And he also returned from Canada. He loves his family a lot, he knows Sanskar well but whenever they meet, they always talk about business. He has no idea about Sanskar’s past. He is the most loved among his parents. But there is a past related to him which his parents have kept it hidden from him.
Sanskar Maheshwari /Sanky (Swaragini) (25 years old)
Sanskar, the second son in the family, is a rude, arrogant businessman here. He has a very dark past due to which he is like that and he doesn’t believe in love. He hates girls except for his mom and sister and he can’t tolerate when one speaks bad about them. He loves his family a lot. But he is work obsessed due to his past experience. He completed his studies in London.
Laksh Maheshwari /Lucky (Namish Taneja) (Swaragini) (23 years old)
Laksh is the youngest son in the family and he is spoilt and pampered. He is a flirt and is always behind girls. His brothers are fed of his tactics and also taunts him but he still never changes. He just returned from Singapore. He is someone who believes in positivity unlike his brother. He is a fitness freak, and has no interest in the family business. He has a hidden passion.
Nikki Maheshwari (Aashika Bhatia) (Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Raise Bhi) (23 years old)
She is the only daughter and youngest one in the family. She is a student and she going to do to pursue her studies in USA. She wants to be a fashion designer, and she loves her brothers a lot. She is most pampered by her father and brothers.
Sujata Maheshwari (Swaragini)
She is the mother of Sanky, Dev, Lucky and Nikki. She is a funny lady, a comedy piece and sh wants the perfect daughter in law for the family. She is always behind Nikki. She is always thinking about a girl for Dev first, as she knows Sanky doesn’t like all these. But she wants a girl for him too.
Ramprasad Maheshwari (Swaragini)
He is the father of Sanky, Dev, Lucky and Nikki. He is funny sometimes, and he is always scared of his wife, Sujata as she is very demanding and dominating. He knows he does not need to worry about the family business as his sons are there. But he is concerned about Lucky. He loves his family a lot.

Singh family (Swaragini and Shakti)
A well established, but corrupted family. They are loud people and also quite adventurous. Their neighbors are scared of them. They are goonda types.
Harman Singh (Vivian Dsena) (Shakti) (25 years old)
He is the only son in the family. He is a goon, not really but he is like those types, like good for nothing types. He always wanders around and fools around and bully people. He enjoys doing so due to which he is always in trouble and seldom gets arrested. He is not close with his dad or mom, but is close with his sisters.
Ragini Singh (Swaragini) (24 years old)
Ragini is the only matured member in the family and she is the elder daughter in the family. Ragini loves her brother Harman and Swara a lot. She loves her family am lot and always prays for their well-being. The most pampered member of the family. She is always concerned about Harman as he is always in trouble. She is the best friend of Anika and also Sona. She wants her family to stop doing corruption.
Swara Singh (Swaragini) (24 years old)
Swara is really close with Ragini only. She is a negative character here, but later on she will become positive. She doesn’t get along with Harman and Raavi at all. She hates her mom a lot, and also doesn’t like her father. She does whatever she want to do she is a spoilt girl here. She plays very good guitar and wants to win at any cost. She hates being poor. She wants to trap a rich guy and marry him and dominate him. She is a money-minded and selfish girl here (Even though she’s already rich). She hates poor and useless guys. She hates it when Harman or Raavi bothers her. But she do have a soft corner for her family at times.
Raavi Singh (Shakti) ((23 years old)
Raavi is the younger daughter of the family; she is a little bit dumb and funny. She wants to get married in a rich family. She thinks she is very smart. Sometimes she takes credit for what Ragini does. She thinks everything is very easy. And she acts very modern.
Harak Singh (Shakti)
He is the father of Harman, Ragini, Swara and Raavi. He is strict and he us corrupted, like he threatens people poorer than him. He is very dominating and hates it when someone points a finger on him and blames him even if that his mistake. He loves his daughters a lot. He is fed up of Harman due to his tactics as he gets arrested all the time.
Preeto Singh (Shakti)
She is the mother of Harman, Ragini, Swara and Raavi. She is a funny lady and she wants the perfect daughter in law for the family. She feels she can control everything and she always gossip and praises Ragini, Swara and Raavi. Raavi feels shy when she does so and Ragini feels like why is she doing like this. Preeto loves modern people.

Oberoi family (Ishqbaaz)
Shivaye Oberoi/Shiv (IshqBaaz) (26 years old)
He is the eldest son in the Oberoi family and he is a rich businessman for whom business values a lot. He is always concerned about his business. He judges one based on their status. But he loves his brothers a lot and they share a very special bond with one another. He feels that to be successful in life you should make use of whatever you have.
Omkara Oberoi/Om (IshqBaaz) (25 years old)
He is the middle son in the Oberoi family and he is an artist by profession. He is quite matured and logical. He takes decision from heart. Even though, he is totally different from his brothers he is very close to them. He shares everything with them.
Rudra Oberoi (IshqBaaz) (23 years old)
He is the youngest son in the Oberoi family and he is a flirt. He and Laksh are best of friends and they get along very well with each other. He is a fitness freak. But he is very close to his brothers. He hates girls who are loud and foodie.
Priyanka/Pinku Oberoi (24 years old)
She is the only daughter in the Oberoi family, and she is very sweet and nice. She loves her friend a lot. She bonds well along with her family members, but when she gets a nervous breakdown she stammers.
Tej Oberoi (IshqBaaz)
He is the father of Shiv, Om, Rudra and Pinku. He is strict and business-minded. For him his business is everything and he doesn’t care about anything else. But he loves his family from the bottom of the heart.
Janvi Oberoi (IshqBaaz)
She is the mother of Shiv, Om, Rudra and Pinku. She is not drunk here just that she is in depression. Something has happened in the past due to which she is like that. Her son Om tries to make her feel better and only he knows what it is. Shiv and Rudra have no idea about it.
Dadiji (IshqBaaz)
She is the the grandmother of Shiv,Om, Rudra and Pinku. She loves her grandchildren dearly and she feel only they can help her out as she feels something is missing in the Oberoi family. She is also a head in a girls’ hostel. She doesn’t want to retire.
O.S.M hostel girls and their families
O.S.M hostel is a hostel for girls where only girls can stay and no one else. The head of this hostel is Shiv’s grandmother.

Anika Bose (Ishqbaaz) (24 years old)
Anika is an orphan actually. But Bose family has adopted her. She helps those who are in great need of help. She is currently pursuing her studies as Bose family has sent her along with their daughter, Sona to study. She loves the Bose family a lot. She is the roommate of Sona. And Surbhi, Somaya, Ragini and are her best friend.
Sonakshi Bose/ Sona (Kuch Rang Pyaar Me Aise Bhi) (24 year old)
Sonakshi is the only daughter in her family. She is a doctor by profession here. She wants to make sure the needy and poor family gets enough care and facilities. She is not worried about rich or poor as she feels that rich people have enough opportunities due to which she rejected a lot of good job offers as she is a very good doctor at the same time too. She loves to speak to people who are cool minded if not she will also lose her mind. She also stays in a hostel along with Anika in a room, and once Anika finishes her education they will come back to Kolkata. Also Surbhi, Somaya and Ragini are best friends.
Soumya Roy (Shakti) (24 years old)
Soumya lives in this hostel in a room along with her sister Surbhi too. But here she lives in Surbhi as her family sent her to take care of Surbhi. Even though they are sisters there is discrimination between them. Even though Soumya is discriminated in her family along with her mom she doesn’t mind as she loves her family. She always protects Surbhi. There is something about Soumya which is being hidden from her and Surbhi. However she is very close with Anika and Sona.
Surbhi Roy (Shakti) (24 years old)
Surbhi also lives along with her sister in the room. She is also pursuing her studies currently. She is a loud character and she is totally different from Soumya. She wants Soumya to study and is making plans to make sure she does so. She takes care of Soumya on her mom’s request. Anika and Sona are really good friends with Surbhi.
Asha Bose (Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi)
She is the mother of Sona. She has been taking care of the family since her husband’s death. She loves her family a lot, and never discriminated between her and her sister. She is proud of her daughters but still worried about them. She always stays in contact with them as she lives in Kolkata.
Nimmi Roy (Shakti)
She is the mother of Soumya and Surbhi and she comes every Friday night to pick Soumya and Surbhi out. And they spent their weekends in their house and again in Sunday they go back to the city in their hostels. Nimmi is always concerned about Soumya and she is worried so she always waits for weekends where she can meet Soumya.
Mahinder Roy (Shakti)
He is the father of Soumya and Surbhi. He loves Surbhi but hates Soumya and treats her like a maid. Mahinder and Nimmi frequently have fights over Soumya which hurts her. A very Irritating and annoying guy like his mother.
Grandmother (Shakti)
She is the grandmother of Soumya and Surbhi and she also hates Soumya and badmouths her and leaves no stone turned to insult her.

Introduction of the storyline (Episode 1 and 2)
Promo No. for Shows:
Swaragini: 1, 2, 6
KRPKAB: 1, 4, 7
Shakti: 2, 4, 8
IshqBaaz: 3, 4, 5

Promo 1 (Swaragini and KRPKAB):
A big mansion is shown. A lady is seen gossiping about her children and she is none other than Sujata. She says that my sons are my love, my eldest son he studied in London, a guy is shown and he is none other than Sanskar. She says that Sanskar have good Sanskar he respects elders. And Sanskar scolds an old peon badly and says you are fired. And then Sujata says my second Son, he studied in Canada. A guy is shown speaking in the phone and he collides with a girl. He is none other than Dev. Sujata says that Dev he is very brave. The phone drops from Dev’s hand and he catches hand and he says phew as he gets super scared. And then my third son, he is in Singapore now. A guy is shown walking at Sentosa near the Merlion, he is none other than Laksh. Sujata says my Laksh is very lucky. Some girls passes by Laksh says hi Sunehri he winks at Sunehri and he falls down in the water. And then Sujata says my daughter she is very shy, she will study in USA. Just then Nikki comes and says Maa why you never keep my clothes properly? The other ladies look at Sujata surprised and then she hits her head with her hand.
Promo 2 (Shakti and Swaragini):
A family is shown. A guy is shown pointing the gun, and he says I won’t spare you. The guy is none other than Kundan (Harman’s dad) and he says that you have done so several times, as he was about to shoot, a handsome guy comes and says that shoot me if you dare. He is none other than Harman, who styles with his suit and acts stylish. And says afraid? Shoot. Kundan gets angry, and then he takes his gun and Preeto and Raavi get shocked. Preeto says spare my son he is just a kid. Kundan doesn’t pay attention and he is about to shoot, and Harman closes her eyes, just then a girl shouts Stop! All look at the stairs, her ankles are ringing while she is climbing down the stairs in hurry and they comes in front of Harman. She is Ragini and Swara follows along. Kundan says Ragini and Swara? Ragini says please papa please forgive Bhaia? Kundan agrees and he lives. Ragini takes a sigh of relief and she sees an idol and prays that protect my family. Swara gets annoyed by them.
Promo 3 (Ishqbaaz):
A rich family is shown. It is none other than Oberoi family. An old is sad and that is none other than Dadiji. Pinku says what’s wrong Dadi? Dadi says that something happened. Pinku said what? Dadi says that you will not understand. Just then Dadi gets a call; Dadi says that what I won’t let my hostel close. Pinku says that’s why you are sad. Dadi says who will save my hostel. Tej and Janvi says that your hostel is good for nothing. Dadi says this hostel is very close to my heart. Later, someone says we will save your hostel. Dadi looks up and smiles, Pinku smiles too, Tej and Janki are surprised. They are none other than the Oberoi brothers. They come up, and Shivaye wipes his Dadi’s tears and says that I promise I won’t let anything happen to your hostel. Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra smiles and they three join hands. Dadi and Pinku also joins them. Tej and Janvi are surprised and nods no.
Promo 4 (Ishqbaaz, KPRPKAB and Shakti):
A hostel is shown. The first room is opened. And then a girl is shown and it Anika. Anika is studying hard and just then she gets a phone call. Anika says don’t worry I will be there to help you. Anika smiles, and just then she looks and smiles, and says you have come here already. A girl is shown and she opens her doctor coat, and she is none other than Sona. Anika says what Sona, you are late, Sona says that I had to go to the village to give annual checkup to village kids. Another room is open, they are Soumya and Surbhi. Their family come and visits them. Surbhi is sitting down in the bed and her granny and dad talks to her and says that eat well take care. Surbhi says no worries. They leave, and the granny comes to Soumya and says that take care of her, if not why we sent you here, Soumya nods and as they leave, her mom says that take care beta and don’t go out and she hugs as she gets emotional. Later, she wipes her tears and leaves. Surbhi goes to sleep and Soumya look at the window to see if her family gets into the car safely and she is sad.
Promo 5 (Ishqbaaz):
A guy is shown coming in the hostel and he is Shivaye. He says that I will have to safe this hostel at any cost. He sees some guys coming and he says oh so it was his plan, now wait and watch what I will do. The other guys are saying that this hostel should be closed, Shivaye comes and says that yes I agree this hostel should be closed down.It’s bad and useless. And who knows what kind of girls are staying here. Just then someone pats Shivaye and he looks behind and she is none other than Anika. She gives Shivaye a tight slap. Shivaye is stunned. Others are stunned too. Anika says that no one will destroy this hostel. She leaves, and Shivaye says that you will get the answer for this slap.
Promo 6 (Swaragini):
A guy is shown coming out of the car and he is Sanskar. He comes to the temple and he talks on the phone. He says that I want this work to be done at any cost is that clear. Just then a kid comes and begs money for him, Sanskar gets angry and he puts his hand in the pocket, and just then he sees a locket and he eyes it, the kid look on. Sanskar says get lost. The kids run and Ragini consoles her who comes along with her sister Swara. Sanskar sees the locket and throws it Ragini says that how dare you scold this kid? Sanskar doesn’t answers and leaves, and Swara eyes Sanskar as she has a crush on him. Ragini picks up the locket and says it’s his. Swara says keep it and quickly takes her away. Ragini says but. Just then Sanskar feels bad and he comes to the kid and apologizes to him, and he finds Ragini’s ankle and looks on with an angry face aha.
Promo 7 (Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi):
Dev is getting ready for work and Sujata comes to Dev and shows him pictures of some girls. Which girl should I choose for you? Dev says that none. Sujata gets angry and says that what kind of girl should I look for you? Dev says that someone who is punctual, a girl is shown waking up she is Sona and she looks at the clock and jumps out and says that Oh no I am very late. Sonakshi gets up. Dev says someone who can cook. Sona tries to cook and she burns the toast, and Anika brings sandwich for her and sona smiles. Dev says and most importantly, she should only think about herself and she should be a businesswoman. And just then Sona comes to a village and smiles, and the kids shout Doctor didi, they all come to Sona and hugs her. Sona cares for the kids and smiles. Dev says that’s it and leaves. Sujata gets thinking.
Promo 8 (Shakti):
Here Harman is shown having a fight with his father and he says that no girl will be able to manage you and this family at the same time. Harman says that I will bring such a girl that you all will get stunned and she will not even be a girl for you. Harman leaves and his father is angry, Harman is riding his bike. Harman said did I say too much, where I will get this kind of daughter-in-law? A girl comes and she falls down. Harman applies his brakes and rushes to the girl. Harman says that are you okay? The girl is Soumya. Harman is mesmerized by his beauty, and Harman is about to say something, Soumya apologizes and runs away. Harman says but, and then her veil gets on his face, and he smiles and says got her. Music plays.
So guys I hope you enjoyed this Character Sketch and Introduction of the storyline. Fatarajo and Nusz just finished writing their story for you guys. Please do comment and tells us if you like the Introduction of Episode 1. Trust me you guys will enjoy the romance between the couples. Also I want to let you guys know that we both should be treated equally because Nusz and Fatarajo both worked on this together. Anyways love you guys and keep smiling aha xx.


  1. Aania

    Its difficult to pick everything if you can tell who Are who….which family ….brother sister who… and i loved it….so but i did’t undersood that why….sorry to hurt you. ???

    • Thank you Aania for enjoying.

      Yes I realized this one is really hard to answer but I promise in the first episode we will explain everything for you and the family okay..

      But thank you for being honest with us aha.

      Anyways keep smiling like always

      ~Nusz xx

  2. Yashasvi

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    hey nice bt it’s swasan or swalak, btw great writing dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! intro itna superb h toh epi toh ……………………….

    • Hey Yashasvi thank you for enjoying.

      I am happy you enjoyed it intro Hun :))

      Jo has already said to you about the pairs, but they both will have an important role xx.

      Anyways keep smiling like always.

      ~Nusz xx

  3. Akshata

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    superb….. i like singh family’s intro compare to others specially that line, “They are goonda types” update soon.

    • Hey akshata thanks for commenting happy u liked it yeah actually speaking I also like singh family they r so funny haha but I hate that preeto now but she is very funny haha 😛 and yes will update this week
      From FTRajo

    • Hey Akshata thank you for enjoying.

      The Singh family is hilarious especially Harak Singh and Preeto too.

      “They are goonda types” but that idea was Fatarajo aha.

      Anyways keep smiling like always.

      ~Nusz xx

  4. Alisha

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    The moment I read the 1st two few lines, I was dumbstruck. I feel like hugging you guys. This is literally the best surprise I have ever seen or heard of. Two best writers, together writing a fanfiction.. Wonderful!
    I loved the introduction. I bet, this is gonna be a superb combination. People are gonna love it. I just can’t wait for the next episodes. The shows you chose are one of my favourite. I have no more words now.. ?
    Wish you guys best of luck! ??
    -Love Alisha ??

    • Hey alisha thanks for commenting dear happy u liked it a lt and well its our teamwork hehe and wow best writer nusz i agree me really? made my day and happy u loved the intro hope u all will love the episodes too and yes I love ishqbaaz and shakti a lot haha and big fan of krpkab n love ragsan, ragsan n swasan one of my fav haha and thanks dear keep supporting us like that
      From FTRajo

    • Aw Alisha, you’re sweetest!! I would hug you right now too :))

      I am so happy you enjoyed this surprise aha.

      I am not the best writer but thank you so much for the beautiful comment xx.

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      Also Jo is a great writer I got inspired by her!!

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      • Alisha

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        Thanks to you guys for providing us with such a wonderful story line. Aww.. I am glad that my comment brought a smile on your faces.
        Just can’t wait for the next episode. Love you guy!
        And yeah, here is the teddy bear hug for both of you…???❤️?

  5. tori

    you two are just mindblowing yaar!! I would party with you guys man i loved this so much. But I am confused about the girl’s hostel but everything else is awesome


    • Hey tori thanks for commenting happy u liked it and as for girls hostel let me clarfiy, Sona and Anika know each other as Sona’s family adopted Anika and they stay in a room together in a hostel, Sona is a dr and anika is a student, and Soumya and Surbhi r siblings n they stay in another room in same hostel, and Soumya is there to take care of Surbhi who came for studies n the head of the hostel is dadi in oberoi family and I love ishqbaaz a lot too
      From FTRajo

    • Thank you Tori for enjoying, has my friend Jo has explained the storyline for you so I don’t need to add anything.

      But I am happy you let us know because we’re here to explain anything to you aha.

      Love Ishqbaaz toooooooo Love Anika and Shivaay so much xx.

      Anyways keep smiling like always.

      ~Nusz xx

    • Hey Basha haha thank you for enjoying the story too!

      I am not that good and also Jo is lying this Fan-Fiction is her idea!! She’s great I know xx.

      But both of our teamwork works together xx.

      Yes I love Ishqbaaz so much but need to catch up on Krpkab lol.

      Anyways keep smiling like always.

      ~Nusz xx

    • Hey basha thanks for commenting happy u liked well the answer is with nusz 😛 and I love these two shows a lot too and u know one of my close friend’s name is basha too hehe 😛
      From FTRajo

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    Awesome, Nuchi and Data…not bad… it’s intresting and mind blowing like always… Keep it up and love you two!!!?

  7. Nishu

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    Hey superb yaar it is too complicated but Im sure ll make it e1 more enjoyable during episodes….. Anyways I loved all characters

    • Hey nishu thanks for commenting hey sorry for making it complicated but which scenes is for which shows will be mentioned in the upcoming episodes so no need to worry about that and happy u liked the characters and who is from which family will mention in epi 1
      From FTRajo

    • Hey Nishu I am happy you enjoyed this Fan-Fiction.

      We can explain anything for you just ask xx.

      Episode 1 will have all the information aha.

      Anyways keep smiling like always.

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    • Thank you Dee aha I am so happy you enjoyed this Fan-Fiction.

      Well we haven’t started writing the first episode but we’re starting today aha.

      So hopefully we probably publish the first episode Tuesday or Wednesday aha.

      Anyways keep smiling like always.

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