“We’re poles apart, but our love is strong” (Intro of Shakti, Ishqbaaz, KRPKAB and SR) Promo 2


“We’re poles apart, but our love is strong” (Introduction of Shakti, Ishqbaaz, KRPKAB and SR)
Hey guys Nusz and Fatarajo x are here who write many Fan-Fictions if you search our names up. We both planned to write two Fan-Fictions together and our ideas are combined. This is the first Fan-Fiction and today we’re giving you promos today of the storyline. I hope you guys will enjoy and make us happy by your comments. So guys I hope you enjoyed the promos of episode 2 and 3. Also I want to let you guys that we both should be treated well and fairly because Fatarajo and Nusz’s ideas are combined together. Anyways we both love you guys and enjoy for now aha xx.

Episode 2 Promos aha.

Ishqbaaz – Shivaye and Anika gets to know that none had bad intention towards the hostel and they both join hands to save the hostel. They both have a fight due to ego and differences in opinions but have same intention. Rudra and Om assumes Anika as Shivaye’s girlfriend.

KRPKAB – Dev and Sonakshi enjoy in a date where Sona asks Dev why he loves her so much. Dev says all the reasons which made Sona very happy, Sona leaves to attend a call and Dev says that his plan is working and he will get his work done very soon and Sona will regret.

Shakti – Polices chases Harman and Harman elopes and gets into the girl’s hostel in Soumya’s room. Soumya gets scared and Harman requests Soumya to help him. Soumya gets an idea and police comes and A girl comes in which is Harman in disguise and says in girlish tone I am Hema. Soumya tries to laugh.

Swaragini – Ragini and Sanskar meet each other in sanskar’s office. Sanskar calls Ragini a golddigger which angers Ragini and she slaps Sanskar. Sanskar is shocked and he is about to twist Ragini’s hand, Ragini twists Sanskar’s hand and said that I am not as you thought. Sanskar is stunned at Ragini’s new avatar
Episode 3 promos
Swaragini and Shakti – Harman is bothering Ragini and Swara 24/7 while his other sister is always caring about makeup. Ragini goes outside and sees Sanskar in front of her. Ragini starts shouting and Sanskar shows her school getting broken down. Ragini and Sanskar are fighting nonstop when Ragini slips and Sanskar catches and makes her drop the ground which shocks her.

Ishqbaaz – Om and Rudra are concerned about Shivaye and Dadi are asks them too. Om is painting something and bumps into a girl who stares at him nonstop. Anika entered Shivaye room and they both fall on his bed. Tej says something is hidden about Shivaye.

Shakti – Harman smiles remembering Somaya’s laugh, and plans to meet her again. Somaya is dreaming about Harman in her room and smiles. Surbhi sees this and smiles too. Varun is bothering Harman nonstop.

KRPKAB – Dev calls someone and tells his plan. Sona is standing behind him and gets confused. Dev changes the topic and hugs Sona. Sona tells Dev that she loves him a lot. Dev gets touched by her words but wants to take revenge at the same time.

So guys I hope you enjoyed the promos of the storyline. Fatarajo and Nusz just finished writing their story for you guys. Please do comment and tells us if you like Episode 1 then you will like the upcoming ones too. Trust me you guys will enjoy the romance between the couples. Also I want to let you guys know that we both should be treated equally because Nusz and Fatarajo both worked on this together. Anyways love you guys and keep smiling aha xx.

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  2. Yashal

    Super duper Gud this is called girl power hehehe ???❤?????❤?

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    Awesome it’s very interesting

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    Awesome. Waiting for nxt part

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    Awsm promo just waiting for it love rags

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    Awesome. Please update next part soon.

  8. Alisha

    Yay! Finally the promo is here. The promos are kinda heartbreaking plus super interesting. Dev is with Sona because he is planning something to take revenge. Imagining Shaheer playing a negative character, it’s kinda tough! But I know, you guys would never disappoint us. I just hope, he realizes that somehwere deep inside his heart, he has too developed feelings for her.
    Yay! Haya are gonna meet. Harman in disguise… That’s gonna be fun to read. Hope Surun meet eachother soon too.
    It’s seems like Ragini isn’t the shy girl like she is in the serial. Glad to know that, on the other hand, Sanskaar shouldn’t be so rude. But no matter what, Ragsan are gonna be together.. ?
    Desperately waiting for the episode.. Cuz we all know it’s gonna be dhamakedar as always.

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