“We’re poles apart, but our love is strong” (Episode 1 of Shakti, Ishqbaaz, KRPKAB and Swaragini)


“We’re poles apart, but our love is strong” (Introduction of Shakti, Ishqbaaz, KRPKAB and Swaragini) (Harmya, Aniye, Devakshi and Ragsan)
Hey guys Nusz and Fatarajo x are here who write many Fan-Fictions if you search our names up. We both planned to write two Fan-Fictions together and our ideas are combined. This is the first Fan-Fiction and today we’re giving you Episode 1 of the storyline. I hope you guys will enjoy and make us happy by your comments. So guys I hope you enjoyed episode 1. Also I want to let you guys that we both should be treated well and fairly because Fatarajo and Nusz’s ideas are combined together. Anyways we both love you guys and enjoy for now aha xx.
Oberoi family
Shiv, Om, Rudra and Priyanka are siblings. Tej and Janvi are their parents. Dadi also lives with them.
Maheswari Family
Dev, Sanky, Laksh and Nikki are siblings. Sujata and RP are their parents.
Surbhi and Soumya are siblings, they live in one room.Surbhi and Soumya parents and grandma visit them in weekends and vice versa.
Anika and Sona are half sisters, as Anika is adopted. They live in another room. The hostel’s head is Shivaye’s dadi.
Singh family
Harman, Swara, Ragini and Raavi are siblings. Harak and Preeto are their parents.
Now, before reading the episode by any chance if you didn’t read the introduction of this fan fiction, you can read it here in this link:
Which scene(s) is for which shows.
Scene 1: IshqBaaz only
Scene 2: Swaragini and KRPKAB
Scene 3: Shakti, KRPKAB and IshqBaaz
Scene 4: Shakti and Swaragini
Scene 5: Swaragini only
Scene 6: Shakti only
Scene 7: Ishqbaaz only
Scene 8: KRPKAB only
Scene 9: Ishqbaaz and Swaragini
Scene 10: Mysterious man and woman
Here is Episode 1.
Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion
(Ishqbaaz part only)
The fan fiction begins with a huge mansion being shown and a guy wearing sunglasses is shown talking on the phone.
Guy: I want to get that deal at any cost. No one should get it especially the Maheswaris.
Just then a younger guy comes and he is none other than Rudra.
Rudra: Bhai save me from this Omkara.
And he is none other than Shivaye whose anger expression turns into a smile. Just then Omkara comes,
Om: Look Rudra, you better stop doing all these nonsense.
Shiv: What happened?
Shivaye stops Omkara from scolding Rudra.
Om: Do you have any idea what he did?
Shivaye: What?
Om: He is flirting with girls all the time.
Shivaye: So what is new about it?
Rudra starts laughing.
Rudra: You know me very well.
Shivaye: You will never change right?
Rudra smiles.
Om: This time the girl whom he flirt with turned out to be my friend’s sister. He just called me and complained about Rudra.
Rudra becomes scared.
Rudra: Oh no what will happen to me now?
Rudra starts laughing, and Omkara looks at him angrily.
Rudra: I am not the ones who get scared easily, I have a solution for that like always.
Shivaye: Come here, Rudra.
Rudra comes and Shivaye shows the he will hit him.
Shivaye: I will give you a tight slap.
Rudra’s expression changes and Omkara starts laughing. Shivaye puts his arm behind Rudra’s neck and talks to him,
Shivaye: Who was the one who saved you from getting hit by Neela’s dad.
Rudra: You.
Shivaye: Who is the one who saved you from Sharmila’s dad?
Rudra: You.
Shivaye: Who is the one who saved you from getting rusticated when you were in college?
Rudra: Areh you bhaia and who else?
Shivaye: So think before speaking. If you continue to do so, I will not help you at all.
Rudra: No Bhaia, please don’t say like that. You are my favourite brother.
Shivaye: I will.
Om: How about me?
Rudra: You keep quiet?
Om: Do you want me to call her brother here?
Rudra starts running and Omkara chases him. Shivaye smiles.
Dadi sees this and smiles.
Dadi: May they three always stay happy like that.
Just then a lady comes and says,
Lady: They will be happier only if you agree to us.
Dadi looks and her expression changes. She is none other than Janvi. The mother of Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra in this fan fiction.
Janvi: I have told you so many times but you never agree.
Dadi: I will not let this happen.
Just then Tej the father of Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra comes.
Tej: That will happen for sure. The hostel will have to close down.
Janvi smiles.
Tej comes and sits besides Dadi.
Dadi: But why?
Tej: Look Maa, I know you have very close connections with that hostel, and if we close that down we can use the place to make our business empire stronger, and we are one of the richest already, then nobody not even the Maheswaris can stop us.
Dadi: But why do you have to close down my hostel for that?
Tej: I know you are feeling very bad, but the location and the land of the hostel is very valuable.
Just then Shivaye comes,
Shivaye: The hostel will not close down.
Tej: Shivaye what is this?
Shivaye: I said na, I will not let this hostel close down at any cost.
Dadi smiles.
Tej: Shivaye, stop being stubborn try to understand the Maheswaris.
Shivaye: Nothing is more important than what Dadi wants.
Tej is angry.
Shivaye: Don’t worry dad, the Maheswaris will never be able to overpower us.
Tej gets up.
Tej: That will happen only when we close down the hostel.
Shivaye goes.
Tej: Shivaye, you can’t just leave like that.
Pinku: Don’t worry Dadi, I have full trust on Shivaye Bhaia, he will never let the hostel close down.
Dadi looks on.
Rudra and Omkara comes to Shivaye.
Rudra: But how will you do that Bhaia, it’s not easy?
Om: Yes, Rudra is right?
Shivaye: Don’t worry, I have such a plan that the hostel will still be with us and also we will rule over the business, even the Maheswari’s won’t stop us.
Shivaye opens his sunglasses and walks. Omkara and Rudra looks at him.

Scene 2: Maheswari Mansion
(Swaragini and KRPKAB part only)
Here a guy is shown and he is talking on the phone.
Guy: No one can dare to affect our business be it anyone not even. the Oberois.
Just then Sujata, Dev, Sanskar and Laksh’s mother comes and she smiles.
Guy: I will be coming over after a while to wait for me.
He keeps the phone.
Sujata: What Sanskar even today you are going for work?
Yes, the guy is none other than Sanskar.
Sanskar: Yes mom, I have to go today.
Just then another guy comes, and he is none other than Dev.
(Dev is elder than Sanky, sorry for the mistake in the promo)
Dev: Sanskar, why are you so bent on causing problems for the Oberois.
Sanskar: They are too powerful, Dev Bhaia.
Dev: Okay fine, but while making sure they suffer, it may also affect our business, we should think twice before taking any steps.
Sanskar looks at Dev.
Dev: We should make sure that our business is strong enough so that no one can harm it.
Sanskar: Our business is already strong enough, Dev Bhaia.
Dev: Sanskar, confidence is good, over-confidence is not good.
Sanskar: This is not over confidence Bhaia, this is called strength. The more we make them weaker, the more strong we get.
Dev: But Sanskar?
Sanskar: Bhaia, I am going for work now and I have to leave now.
Sujata: Today is weekend, at least stay home today.
Sanskar: Only for a while, Maa.
Sanskar leaves. And RamPrasad comes.
RP: What happened Dev?
Dev: Look Dad, this Sanskar is so bent in harming the Oberois, he forgets about our business.
RP: What Sanskar is doing maybe right in his point of view and wrong in your point of view. But we really need to teach that Oberois a lesson.
Dev: Dad, you are not the only one. I will never forget what they did, and that Shivaye he is the biggest problem. I hope someone like Shivaye never becomes anyone’s business partners, not even my enemy.
Dev leaves. RamPrasad also leaves.
Sujata: Everyone hates this Oberoi family so much. It’s all because of that witch.

Scene 3: Hostel
(Shakti, KPRKAB and IshqBaaz part)
Dadi comes to the hostel and she is sad as she sits in her cabin.
Just then a teacher comes,
Teacher: What happened Mam, you look quite sad.
Dadi: I don’t know what is going on.
Teacher: Is it about your family?
Dadi nods.
Teacher: Don’t worry all will be fine.
Dadi: I can’t see the fight between my grandson and son anymore.
Dadi is very sad.
Dadi: I think it’s time for this hostel to close down.
The teacher gets sad, and a girl overhears everything and she is shocked. She is none other than Surbhi.
Surbhi: Oh no, this is not possible. I must do something.
Surbhi quickly goes to her room.
A girl is shown keeping all the clothes on line.
Surbhi: Dii!
She looks and she is none other than Soumya.
Soumya: Chotti!
Surbhi holds Soumya’s hand.
Surbhi: Come with me, Dii.
Soumya: But what is it, Chotti?
Surbhi: I will tell you that later.
Soumya: At least let me finish this work first.
Surbhi: You can do that later.
Surbhi holds Soumya’s hand and leaves.
Later, Soumya and Surbhi comes.
Surbhi: Breaking news. This hostel is closing down.
Just then a girl is shocked and she looks, she is none other than Anika.
Anika: What are you saying, Surbhi, what kind of joke is this?
Surbhi: I am not joking, I am serious. I heard with my own ear that head mam say she is planning to do so.
Anika takes a sigh of relief.
Anika: She is planning only?
Surbhi: Anika?
Anika: Look so many thing we plan whole day, then what actually happens at the end of the day? Nothing. Nothing will happen.
Soumya: But Chotti said that head mam looked very sad.
Anika: Areh she must have had some fight with her family that will all be sorted out, and Soumya dii you are listening to her? Seriously.
Surbhi: I am speaking the truth Anika.
Anika: Nothing like that will happen. No one will even dare to close this hostel down ever.
Surbhi: Let’s go.
Anika: Where?
Surbhi: To talk with head mam. So that she do not close down this hostel.
Anika: You are wasting your time. You think she will listen to you?
Surbhi: Nothing will happen about you.
Surbhi leaves.
Just then someone calls Anika,
Anika: Hello Dii. When are you coming?
She is none other than Sonakshi.
Sona: I will be a little late and also depends on the traffic.
Anika: Okay, I will be waiting.
Sona: What were you doing?
Anika: Nothing, Surbhi and Soumya dii came to me.
Sona: Good, you spend some time with them. Nimmi Aunty was busy this week na, she couldn’t visit them so they are a little down.
Anika: Surbhi is a little too much down.
Sona: Why what happened?
Anika: She heard head mam speaking and she said that she is going to close down this hostel.
Sona: What! Ki Bolcho eta Tumi (What are you saying?)
Anika: Don’t worry dii, I am sure she is just saying like that.
Sona: But still there is something to worry.
Anika: Dii, you also?
Sona: Don’t you remember? Once head ma’am says something she won’t stop. How she carried on.
Anika: Like?
Sona: Remember one girl got caught with her boyfriend who is a politician’s son and how she rusticated him from his college also?
Anika: Oh god, I forgot. I really hope she doesn’t have that in mind.
Sona: Yes, that’s why I was saying.
Sonakshi keeps the phone down. Anika gets thinking.
On the other hand,
Soumya: Chotti, what will do now? We must think of something.
Surbhi: Only one person can help us.
Soumya: Who?
Surbhi: Come with me.

Scene 4: Singh Residence
(Shakti and Swaragini part)
Here a girl is shown talking on the phone.
Girl: What what are you saying? This can’t happen.
Just then Swara comes,
Swara: Ragini, what are you doing? Come with me.
The girl is none other than Ragini.
Ragini: Don’t worry nothing will happen.
Surbhi: Meet us in the temple nearby.
Ragini: Okay fine.
Ragini keeps the phone.
Swara: What happened, you seem to be quite worried?
Ragini: Surbhi told me that her head mam is planning to close down the hostel.
Swara: They should, the hostel is too old.
Ragini: But where will they stay don’t you think we should help them.
Swara: Oho, Ragini you always think too much.
Ragini: Please Swara.
Swara: Okay, so what do you want me to do?
Ragini: Just come to the temple with me, that’s all.
Swara: Okay fine. Anyways, I don’t like to stay here.
Ragini: Swara?
Swara: Let’s go.
Swara and Ragini leaves.
Later, Harak Harman, Swaragini and Raavi’s dad is shown scolding.
Harman: Let him come today.
Preeto: Oho, you are always too much.
Just then Swaragini comes down.
Swara: Again typical drama start.
Swara makes an annoyed face. Later, a guy comes in.
Harak: Finally you came.
And he is none other Harman.
Harman: Preeto, tell him I am here.
Preeto: Aww my Raja beta is here.
Preeto comes and pampers Harman.
Harak: How dare you do so? Who told you to bash the Singhania saheb’s son.
Harman: No one told me. I did so as my own wish.
Harak: You will make me fall in trouble one day.
Just then Swara speaks up,
Swara: You are always responsible for your own problems.
Harman: For the first time, you said something correct Swara madam.
Swara: Don’t think you are right also. You are also on the wrong track. Don’t you have any other work besides hitting people.
Ragini: Swara, let’s go.
Preeto: Where are you both going?
Ragini: Maa, we are going to the temple.
Preeto: Okay, bring Harman along with you.
Harman: Me?
Harak: At least do something worthy.
Swara: No need, we can go on our own, Harman.
Harman: Look Swara madam, I am not interested in bringing you anywhere. I agree to bring you both to temple only for Ragini let’s go.
Swara: You?
Ragini gestures Swara not to fight with Harman.
Harman: Let’s go.
Harman and Swaragini leaves.
Ragini asks Harman,
Ragini: Bhaia, why did you beat him up? What was the need?
Harman: You won’t understand, there are some people which I need to teach lesson to. If not they will never mend their ways.
Swara: Who are you telling all this to Ragini? Some people never mend their ways.
Harman: I am not talking to you, I am talking to Ragini.
Swara: I am speaking the truth only. Why isn’t it too bitter to listen?
Harman: Look you.
Ragini: If you both don’t stop fighting, then I am not going anywhere.
Harman: Okay fine, we won’t now let’s go.
Ragini smiles, Harman and Swaragini leaves.

Scene 5: Temple
(Swaragini part only)
Here Swara and Ragini are in walking in the temple.
Swara: Finally we are here, at least away from that Harman.
Ragini: Swara why do you say like this? He is our brother.
Swara: For you he is for me he is not my brother.
Ragini: Swara?
Swara: Where is Soumya and Surbhi let’s meet them.
Ragini: Okay let’s go.
Sanskar on the other hand is in his car,
Driver: Sir, every Sunday I pray at this temple, but today I am doing duty so can I pray for a while please.
Sanskar is a little annoyed, and he looks at his watch.
Sanskar: Okay fine, but do it soon.
Driver: Thank you sir.
The driver goes to the temple.
Sanskar is sitting in the car and later he is sweating,
Sanskar: Oho he accidentally switched off the AC. It’s so suffocating here.
Sanskar gets out of the car and he is waiting. Just then Dev calls Sanskar on the phone,
Sanskar: The driver went to pray so I will reach office a little later.
Just then some kid comes,
Kid: Saheb, can give me some money?
Sanskar: Okay wait.
He checks his pocket and he take out his wallet, and just then a locket falls down and the kid sees it and picks it up. Swara and Ragini are walking, Swara sees Sanskar and smiles.
Kid: Your thing fell down.
Sanskar was smiling and he sees this locket and his expression changes. Sanskar remembers some voice,
Sanskar: This is for you,
Girl: Wow such a nice locket
Later in harsh tone,
Girl: You keep this with you.
Kid: Saheb, take it.
Sanskar gets out of the voice flashback.
Sanskar: No you keep it.
Kid: No I can’t keep. It looks expensive.
Sanskar: Can’t you understand one thing? I said I don’t want. You just get lost.
The kid becomes sad and leaves. Ragini sees this. She picks up the lockets and looks on. She confronts Sanskar as she misunderstands the situation. Ragini goes.
Swara: Ragini, where are you going?
Ragini comes and pats Sanskar. Sanskar looks at Ragini and is stunned as he looks on.
Ragini: How dare you scold that little kid?
Sanskar: Look you are.
Ragini: That poor thing was just helping you and you scolded him?
Sanskar: Why I scolded him that is none of your business, you get it?
Ragini: If you didn’t want anything, you could have said so nicely what was the need of screaming for no reason?
Sanskar: Now you will teach me how I will speak to others.
Ragini and Sanskar are fighting and Swara decides to stop them fighting before the situation becomes worse.
Swara: Ragini, let’s go, and sorry sir looks like my sister made a mistake please forgive her.
Ragini: But Swara,
Swara: Let’s go Ragini.
Swaragini leaves.
Ragini angrily looks at Sanskar and leaves. Sanskar was about to go, and just then he sees an ankle. He picks it up and looks at it. Music plays.
He looks at Ragini who is walking and he keeps it in his pocket and leaves.
Ragini looks at the locket that she picked up.
Ragini: Now what should we do with this?
Swara: Who told you to fight with him?
Ragini: It was needed, such an ill-mannered guy.
Swara: Not as much as Harman.
Ragini: Swara, you started again.
Swara: Do one thing, keep this locket with you.
Ragini agrees and Swaragini leaves.
Scene 6: In the Temple
(Shakti part only)
Here Soumya and Surbhi are walking,
Soumya: Chotti, you do one thing you talk with Swara and Ragini by then I go to the temple and pray.
Surbhi: Okay dii, as your wish I will be waiting for you.
Soumya goes to the temple to pray.
Harman on the other hand,
Harman: Looks like Ragini and Swara madam will take quite long. By then let me go to the temple and pray for a while.
Harman goes to the temple.
Here Soumya is praying,
Soumya: Chotti always says we should always make three wishes.
One is Please keep my sister and family happy and protect them. Two is I hope that the hostel won’t close down. And three is I hope I get to meet the one who is made for me soon.
Just then Harman comes, and he also prays to god.
Harman: Oh god, please make my family a sensible. First of all, please make my father see that I am not foolish, and please stop my mother from overpraising me, and my sisters, give that Swara and Raavi some mind. And Ragini, she is my angel, my lovely sister please find a nice guy for her who will keep her happy.
Harman says this while closing his eyes, and Soumya looks at Harman. Just then the wind starts to blow.
Soumya: Oh no looks like it’s going to rain soon. I need to go to Chotti.
Soumya quickly goes and her dupatta flies.
Soumya: My dupatta!
The dupatta flies and falls on Harman who is praying. Harman takes and looks at the dupatta. Just then Soumya comes and takes it away. While taking it, she slips on the dupatta and falls on Harman and they roll over. Music plays. They share an eyelock.
Soumya quickly gets up and wears her dupatta, and Harman looks at her lovingly.
Soumya: Listen Jii.
Harman: I am listening.
Soumya: I am sorry.
Harman: What is your name?
Soumya: Yes?
Harman: Name?
Just then the weather becomes worse.
Soumya: I have to go now.
Soumya runs and leaves.
Harman: Listen.
Harman looks on. Music plays.
Scene 7: Hostel
(Ishqbaaz part only)
Here some business associates comes
Man 1: Here is the land which the Oberois are planning to sell. And they will also close down the hostel.
Man 2: Seems to be a good offer.
Man 1: I heard that the head of this hostel is the grandmother of Shivaye Oberoi and the mother of Tej Oberoi. I got to know that she is not interested. She is also not letting her son to close down the hostel.
Man 2: I spoke with Mr. Tej Oberoi and he says we just have to persuade that old hag and nothing else.
Man 1: Then, this land will definitely be ours.
They laugh and leaves, Shivaye reaches there.
Shivaye: Oh so they are planning to force Dadi to close down this hostel and sell this land? This hostel is very close to Dadi. Don’t worry Dadi, your Shivaye will not let anything happen to your hostel.
Here Anika is walking and thinking about what Sonakshi told her.
Anika: What Sona is saying is no wrong, head mam may stick to her decision? What if this college really closes down?
Anika is walking and she continues to think and talks to herself.
Anika: There must be some reason why head mam has thought to close down this hostel, but what is it? Is it due to money?
Anika continues and just then Shivaye comes in the college.
Anika: No no cannot be money. Head mam is so rich she already have so much money. I wish I had this much money. This head mam she is so strict, baapre. I think her grandchildren are also scared of her. What she do with so much money?
Shivaye listens to this.
Shivaye: How dare this girl speak bad against Dadi? Now I won’t spare her.
Shivaye goes to Anika.
Anika: Is there anything you want?
Shivaye: Yes
Anika: What?
Shivaye puts his hand in the pocket and takes out a bundle of money and throws the money on Anika’s face. Anika is stunned.
Anika: What was that? Excuse me.
Shivaye: How dare you speak badly against her? She is my grandma. You got it?
Anika: Look, you are misunderstanding me.
Shivaye: Now you got the money, right? Just pick it up and get lost.
Anika fumes and she picks up the money to give Shivaye and Shivaye leaves.
Anika: Strange guy. Looks like head mam’s grandson loves his grandma a lot, so sweet.
And she looks at the money.
Anika: Maybe this may help in retaining our hostel. I think I should go to the head mam and ask her why is she planning to do so?
Anika leaves.
Here the two businessmen are speaking to Dadi,
Man 1: I am telling you should sell this land.
Man 2: Anyways this hostel is so old.
Dadi: It’s my wish when I want to close this hostel down. You can’t force me.
Man 2: We are not forcing you, we are just telling you to rethink.
Dadi gets tensed. Just then Shivaye makes an entry,
Shivaye: No one will dare to force my Dadi to close this hostel down.
The men are surprised as they see Shivaye. Dadi smiles.
Dadi: Shivaye?
Man 2: Mr. Shivaye Oberoi, it’s nothing as you are thinking, we were asking her only.
Shivaye: You want this land right?
Man 1: Sir, actually we
Shivaye: I just one answer yes or no.
Man 2: Yes.
Shivaye comes to them, they get afraid. Shivaye smiles.
Shivaye: You will definitely get the land.
Dadi is shocked. The businessmen smiles.
Dadi: What are you saying Shivaye?
Shivaye: Whatever you are listening to.
Dadi: My hostel?
Shivaye: Don’t worry it won’t close down, it will be relocated somewhere else.
Dadi: But this place is so close to my heart, I have so many memories related to it.
Shivaye: Dadi, we have to relocate or sell this hostel some day.
Anika comes and listens hiding behind the door.
Dadi: Please Shivaye don’t sell this place.
Shivaye: Oh cmon Dadi there are so many other hostels. We can just sell this place please agree. Don’t be stubborn.
Dadi: I won’t.
Shivaye looks at the man.
Shivaye: Don’t worry you will definitely get it, I will make sure this hostel gets closed down.
The men smiles. Dadi is teary-eyed.
Anika: Oh so this guy was giving lecture to me and now he is hurting his own granny, and I was about to thank him? Now I won’t spare him.
Anika barges into the room, and slaps Shivaye. All are stunned.
Shivaye: What the hell?
Anika: You were teaching me a lesson, and now you did such a cheap thing.
Anika comes to Shivaye
Anika: You couldn’t hear a single word against your granny that time and now? You are going to the snatch something precious and I can’t believe you can do something so cheap.
Shivaye is about to speak,
Anika: Wait a minute.
Anika throws the money bundle on Shivaye’s face. Shivaye is shocked.
Anika: I don’t like to use money owned by cheap people.
Shivaye: Hey you, 2 rupee girl, you will show me your status first look at yours.
Anika: You may see status by money, but by mentality you don’t have status.
Shivaye points finger at Anika.
Shivaye: You?
Dadi: Enough of both of you.
They are stunned.
Dadi: I have decided that now I will definitely close this hostel down.
Shivaye and Anika are stunned, the men smirks.
Scene 8: On the road
(KRPKAB part only)
Sonakshi is on the auto and she is going to her hostel back.
Sona: Anika is not picking up her phone for a long time, I hope everything is fine.
And as she is in the auto, she sees a car hits an old man. The old man falls down on the ground. Sonakshi sees this and she gets surprised and she rushes to help him out.
Sona: Are you okay?
Old man: Yes, I am fine.
Sona: Let me check.
Just then the man who was driving the car comes and he is none other than Dev.
Dev: Are you okay?
Old man: Yes I am fine beta.
Sona: Can’t you see before hitting him? Where were you paying attention to while driving the car?
Dev: Look it is an accident.
Sona: You should be more careful and stop driving harshly you, Mr.
Dev: He said he is fine. You no need to worry so much.
Sonakshi checks the old man out.
Sona: Oh no, you have a slight fracture on your leg. It must be checked soon.
The old man is about to leave,
Old man: No beta, I am fine.
Sona: No uncle jii, you are not.
Old man: So much money, how will I manage now?
Sona: This is not fair, how can you think about money this is too much?
Dev takes out his wallet and takes out money and gives it to the old man.
Dev: You can use this for your treatment.
Sonakshi takes out the money from his hand and returns it back to Dev.
Sona: You keep your money with you. I will give him treatment.
Dev: How will you get money? You want me to give you?
Sona: Look, if you don’t know I am telling you, I am a doctor and I give treatments to needy patients for free.
Dev: Oh welcome doctor, and you and free? Impossible, today nothing have value without money, so how can one get treatment for free? I am sure there must be something behind.
Sona: Look not everyone is like you, who always think about money. If you know this well, that will be good for you.
Sonakshi looks at the old man,
Sona: Come with me uncle, I will take you the hopsital
Old man: Thank you beta, may God bless you.
Sonakshi smiles and takes the old man to the hospital.
Dev: Some people can act so well, as if they are so good and do dramas for no reason.
Sona: This guy is so Obhodro. How rude!
Sona takes the old to the hospital and Dev follows her with his car.
At the hospital
Sona takes the old man inside the hospital and doctor comes there and takes him.
Doc: Are you coming Sonakshi?
Sona: Yes I will be there in a bit, first I need to deal with someone
Dev enters the hospital but Sonakshi pulls his hand and takes him outside.
Dev: Hey, what are you doing?
Sonakshi takes him a bit from the hospital and hides behind a tree.
Sona: Why are you acting so mean?
Dev: Excuse me, what are you doing?
Sona: I will report a complaint against you.
Dev: For what?
Sona: You hurt that uncle on the street, you’re very rude
Dev: That was an accident, I didn’t mean that… I would never hurt someone like that. I have a heart you should know that.
Sonakshi moves Dev against the tree and puts her both hands on the tree and his trapped between them
Dev: People are going to see, are you trying to hurt me
Sona: There is barely anyone here
Dev: HELP!!!!
Sona: You’re very annoying
Dev: Oh really (He pulls her waist closer to him)
Sona: What are you doing?
Dev: I am pulling your waist closer to me
Sona: Yes I can see that, but why are you pulling my waist closer to you?
Dev starts laughing and Sonakshi smiles seeing him like that.
Dev: That’s why I love you
Sona: I told you, stop following me
Dev: But I want to be with you
Sona: I know but we can’t right now
Dev: Achaa Ms. Bose I won’t bother you for now
Sona: Okay I have to go, so I will catch you later (She kisses him on the cheeks)
Dev: Ufff!!!
Sona: and I love you too!!!
Sonakshi leaves and Dev smiles while going throw his hair (You will find out how Dev and Sonakshi got into a relationship and what Dev is up too)
Scene #9 (Ishqbaaz)
Anika and Shivaay are shocked hearing Dadi’s decision and she goes inside the house.
Anika: This is your entire fault
Shivaay: Excuse me; you’re the one who isn’t listening to anyone
Anika: I will teach you a lesson
Shivaay: No one ever dared to teach me a lesson
Anika: You will pay for this
Shivaay: You have hurt my Dadi really badly
Shivaay pulls Anika closer to him and twists her hand.
Anika: What are you doing?
Shivaay: I would teach you a lesson in front of everyone here. But I have manners so I won’t do anything.
Anika: Let go of me….
Shivaay brings Anika closer to him and blows her hair.
Shivaay: This is the first step of my revenge
Shivaay pushes Anika and leaves with his Dadi.
Anika: How dare he do that?
Anika is confused while Shivaay leaves.
Scene 9: (Part 2 Swaragini)
Ragini / Sanskar’s house
Sanskar: Great what the hell do I do with this Anklet?
Ragini: This locket what do I do with it?
Sanskar: Sometimes I feel like I know that girl…
Ragini: I can’t listen to Swara I need to return it to him tomorrow…
Sanskar: When will I meet that girl again?
Ragini: But still his very rude
Sanskar: I hate girls and I hate her too…. But still I shouldn’t keep this
Ragini: Wait where is my Anklet?
Sanskar: Wait where is my locket?
Ragini: Does he have my Anklet?
Sanskar: Does he have my locket?
Ragini: Now I really need to find him
Sanskar: That locket is really important for me, so I need to find her.
They both get thinking
Scene 10: (A man and Woman)
Woman: The time has come to ruin them
Man: What are you talking about?
Woman: I am going to ruin the people I want
Man: Like who?
Woman: Remember that lady who stole my son and daughter
Man: You’re getting it wrong, Anika and Shivaay
Woman: Oh god not them
Man: Then Sona and Dev
Woman: Ha-ha Swara is going to find it
Man: What do you mean?
Woman: You will what I mean
Man: But
Woman: No buts
She smirks and the man is confused
Episode ends

Moral – “Whenever you smile everything blooms around you like a flower of love”

Recap: Promos will be posted on Friday or Saturday and then the episode aha xx.
So guys I hope you enjoyed the episode 1 of the storyline. Fatarajo and Nusz just finished writing their story for you guys. Please do comment and tells us if you liked episode 1. Trust me you guys will enjoy the romance between the couples in episode 2 and 3. Also I want to let you guys know that we both should be treated equally because Nusz and Fatarajo both worked on this together. Anyways love you guys and keep smiling aha xx.
Adios aha xx.!!!!

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