Some points worth noting in ishqbaaz

Hi everyone.
I am big big ishqbaaz fan.
Such a big fan that I read all the old fan fiction from page 1 to page 188.
I am firstly ever writing anything like this and hope to get your suggestions and comments
It’s just for humour
I hope not to get any hate mails or contradictory messages against it.

1. Sahil has taken admission in the best school of city shivay has already paid 50 lakhs still he is not admitted in the school .Why ?
2. Tia put Anika in a fridge so that she dies
Firstly she puts her in a sitting position and when we see the precap she is in the standing position. Also her height is pretty good hope come they show that she is perfectly standing or sitting ?
3. The paneer butter masala case
Anika prepared panner butter masala but she didn’t events are it .
Leave the tasting anyone didn’t even see it once that how it looks how it smelled isn’t it vague
4. Gas cylinder case

TIA had switched inall the gas stoves even then Anika didn’t feel any smell or so

All above that who switched off all the gases???????

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  1. Priyali

    I totally do NOT agree with u.
    4. Anika saw that the recipe had to be made in the microwave. Nobody switched off the gases. She didn’t use them that’s why she didn’t die.

    1. The show is about obros and their lives. Sahil is just a sidetrack. The main focus is not in him.

    2. And also Anika was still conscious when the company guys were taking the fridge away. So while resisting, she could have stood up.

    I hope these responses were enough to clear your points, which in my opinion were kinda baseless. (No offence.)

    1. Sally_V

      I totally agree with you sis’
      The story is about obros.. they won’t show sahil that close when there are many other problems. I also thought that anika stood up as soon as she got conscious..

      1. Priyali

        Thanks did?❤

    2. IshaJain3006

      don’t mind its just my view i guess sairan is correct as uk if the gas cylinder was on n even she didn’t use stove but we all know that using electric buttons when gas is present in air can cause fire n she used microwave so she would have definitely switched on the plug… right?
      don’t mind please just was clearing my doubts…

      1. Priyali

        That’s alright . Actually now I recognise my mistake and thanks for correcting me.

  2. Sairan

    Thank you so much for your valuable comments
    1. As far as Sahil is concerned I don’t think he is just a sidetrack because shivay has a family the o bros and Anika’s family only has Sahil so that can’t be ignored in my opinion.
    2. Anika didn’t die because she didn’t light the match stick for the blast to happen
    My point is that in actual scenario if u leave a gas stove on so much smell spreads that a normal person can take notice of it.
    Lastly but I don’t consider them baseless at all..I just consider it worth noticing z???

    1. Priyali


      1. Sairan

        Hope you didn’t take my comment at heart
        I was just presenting my views ??

  3. You r correct about the gas incident sairan…..

    1. Sairan

      Thanks san ???

  4. Dobhsh

    Although I love Ishqbaaz to the the core and I too read all old ffs and stuff, I 100% agree with ur POVs. Infact I have noticed more too. Like when fridge is being taken by worker, Anika should not die as it would get switched off due to no electricity. So yeah, Im glad even you think like me 😀

    1. Sairan

      Heyyy dobhsh
      Hi five I am glad I got a similar mind like me.. Actually you r right
      I would like to disclose a secret over here that at 615-630 on if you search in Google box ishqbaaz 2 Jan 2017 then you can watch the latest episode before 10 pm and then watch again at 10
      I am such a crazy fan that I actually follow it
      So any hard core fans you may also do the same

      1. Dobhsh

        Thanks for telling. Actually I also watch before time on hotstar but for free. U and I are really too similar. But still thanks for telling.

      2. Sairan

        Hey dobhsh how do u watch fr free before it is on air
        Coz it says that u have to pay 200 RS for Premium
        Plz tell how do u watch for free ?????

  5. Hidden Sunshine

    If u see dr r much more n bigger flaws in da show as well as storyline sweetie …
    But as da sayin is dr , fr us fans ‘ishqbaazi aur ishqbaaz me sab jaiz hai’ ?
    No mattr how silly da mistakes r N dumb da story n directors luk who blindly execute such mistakes
    Comin 2
    1.Sahil hs admitted n he’s already started goin …itz juz dat whenevr his didu annika needs him …it bcoms a weekend ( Universe yahi chahta tha?) when sahil visits OM ….R else sahil ko Bukh to lagti hogi na ..e1 he wud hv sat fr his didi’s Rasoi rasam with al otrs (Asusual hamari IB team ye dekhana bhulgai ..N let us 2 assume r selves)?
    2. E1 i tot da same lyk u 1st ..BUT vn tia made annika sit in da fridge annika vs behosh(unconcious) latr vn she got hosh n stood up(No matter how tiny da place vs N how hard it vs 2 stand up) bcoz She had land in shivaay’s arms ? ….Samja karo dr
    3.This to e1 i tot vs pretty wierd n vn annika tasted it n da bowl vs in hr hand ..dadi tried 2 take it but simply sat as annika kept da bowl on da table …Aisa kyu? Bcoz dey had 2 finish da seen (Script writters toda endin pe kam karo)
    4.Dis doubt came frm my lil bro’s mind dat We in r house use automated gas stoves vr gas lighters r matchsticks r not required BUT in da great Oberio mansion dey use old fashiond once dat 2 dey dont hv lighters(Usse kon samjai ke agar waha lighter hota scrit witters b hamari heroine ko bacha nahi pate)?
    5.Hamari heroine itne light weight hogayi ki workers ko pata hi nahi chala ki Fridge toda heavy hai?
    Now while postin dis comment i am hopin it is not longer dn ur article ??
    E1 my comment is in humourous way so take it in da same way?

    1. Sairan

      Oh my god
      Hidden sunshine u r toooo damm good
      I didn’t really notice these points
      But actually the points you made are absolutely correct
      Hope the creatives get to know about them

      1. Hidden Sunshine

        Aww …dats really sweet tq
        Hey can u help me with something …
        Actually i juz registered on TU but i am unable write anything on da timeline r change profile picture r do anything ..watever i try to do it tels me 2 log in which i donno i did how many times ?…Can u plz tel me how 2 do it ☺

  6. _Ritu

    Agreed wid u dear ..actually It isn’t d fault of ishqbaaz ..Indian shows r lyk dis only..even if they had some unique concept Dey shows these stupid things..even I find d oil incident one cleaned dat floor which Tia had dropped to make Anika fall.. Fridge was out of connection how come Anika started shivering… ND They show as if Tia is a mind was she ready wid d pills she added in Anika’s was Shivay’s tea after all den how she got to know Anika will drink it dat she was all ready wid d pills..
    These things r really something creative should notice..

    1. Sairan

      U also have a valid point Ritu
      I totally agree with you
      And really hope that we get to see something different frm the boring daily soaps in ishqbaaz

  7. I agree with U sairan..there are many more points to be noted beside them.Like just look at a case of Robin I mean seriously are the Oberois Dumb they cant even notice his absence moreovr only Anika can find Tia’s marriage pic but not anyone else even non of the reporters or any random person. Also Khanna..I mean seriously He recorded each and every Shivika moment but he didn’t dare to speak the truth that Shivay is forcing ber for marraige I mean common yr he is not Shivay’s PA but a Oberio’s employee so he shouldn’t be afraid of shivay…also about Romi and Shwetlena….oh gosh…I wont say anything.There are other lots of views to. be noticed but I wont comment here as it would be a v.v.long comment.:-/

    1. Sairan

      U r actually correct the list is never ending

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