pls give ur opinions

Did ram really need a motive to kill ravan
Like if suppose the laxman rekha couldnt be crossed by sita then ravan coudnt have kidnapped sita
did ram need a reason to kill ravan wasnt the fact that he was bad and he attempted to kidnap his wife wasnt it a enough motive
should we stand up against evil with full determination only if it affects us straight
i would like to know ur opinions
i have a few reasons lets ms know yours
My next article will be ram the king and krishna the kingmaker
And actually i was visiting a few temples yesterday people contribute so much for temples it is good but how many poor people does it reach
viveknanda rightly said before joining ur hands in prayer lend a helping hand
and the net i saw few questions ram could have left the rajya and went with sita to the forest but as per many sources ram woukd request his brothers but tgey would refuse to accept the rajya
ram knew it was no point making them kings as they will always think how the praja pointed hands against sitas purity
The brothers have sacrificed but sitas sacrifice was the ultimate
what do u think guys
I have few more queries in my mind if u ready to share ur opinions will surely post it

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  1. 2 typing mistakes
    Let me know urs and but they
    sorry was typing fast as i had to go out

    1. I agree with Anil bro sanjana dear

  2. well as far as i know he hadnt done a crime such great that he should be killed….. but only when he kidnapped Sita n did not give her back after many peace treaties n warning did Ram had the right to kill Ravan for dharma….. n till today it is believed by the court of law that punishment should be in proportion of the crime committed….

  3. This is totally my opinion..
    RAM does not need a reason to kill ravan…but here the point is RAM’s birth as human had some reasons (like King dharm and husband dharm etc..). So he created some critical situations to himself to show the people how we can get out of that situations…that is totally narayana leela…

  4. krishnai aka ww

    agree with u sanju…. if ram had gone with sita then his brothers wouldnt have been a perfect king bcoz they are emotional……

    and according to me one does need a Personal reason to destory the Adharma but Ram created such bcoz he was a kshatriya and they need a personal motive to kill someone so thats why he wanted Ravan to kidnap Mata Sita…..

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