YHM producers don’t seem to be listening to their fans! What kind of people!!!!



Mihika is shameless! She was the girl friend of Mihir and then she married Ashok and then Romi and then now Raman! Disgusting track ever! I’ve never seen a sister kicking out her own sister and marrying her husband!! Pathetic! Disgusting! Dragging! Shit!

That Raman too same . How many times is he marrying? This show should be renamed as ‘ Marry – divorce- remarry and to be continued’

What a fantastic family life!!!! Many in this show are getting married – remarried – and again remarried.

It’s better if we see someone dieing than watching Raman marrying Mihika. Mihika is totally crazy! She’s shameless! How could she! She herself selected Romi as her husband and after that kicked him away and now marrying his big brother! Really! Where is her mom and dad to stop her? She’s all alone but is walking in sky! What has happened to her mom? Why isn’t she emerging and stopping Mihika from destroying everything?  I think she’s getting revenge because she couldn’t succeed in her family life and so that destroying others families!!! This show is worth not watching! But still I have a hope.

How can Mr. And Mrs. Bhalla keep her in their house? She is divorced with Romi and almost destroyed Romi’s life!!!! But still she is in Bhalla house then why not Ishitha!???? Is Mihika special?!? And if Simmi getting revenge from Ishitha’s family then she should take revenge from Mihika too because Mihika is ishtha’s sister. She doesn’t do so because Mihika has become a puppet of her.

So much worthless things are happening in this Bhalla house but still why don’t those who are living in the same flat kick them out ? Raman is a big business man and media should have known this too . At least media should have known that Ishitha is Raman ‘s wife. BUT IT SEEMS TO BE AS MEDIA ALSO LOST THEIR MEMORY.

Aliya should send Param to jail saying that she tried to commit suicide because of him. But the problem is that then Param will give the video to police! Then both will go to jail!! ? Really this show is tied up so hard that we fans can’t even see a silver ray in any cloud!!!!!! But Aliya should not get afraid as she has shot that person to save her life. Still we can’t be sure because anything can happen in this show! THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE PRODUCERS DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW TO RUN A SHOW THAN FANS!

I’m very very very upset because of this stupid twist in YHM! They should have at least shown Ishitha loosing her memory rather than making Mihika married to Raman. Now it’s very easy for Mihika and Simmi to control his business. She might use anything for it!

FROM ALL OF THESE STUPID WORKS , THAT INNOCENT CHILD, PIHU, IS SUFFERING! Now Mihika will also rule Pihu as Simmi is doing! Hope that Ishitha will think about Pihu and her children rather than thinking of Raman. Now I think she should let Raman go. Because Simmi and Mihika will ruin Raman’s business together and then he will understand! But these children do understand, and they are still little, so as a mom Ishitha should think of her children and she should get them to her somehow! It won’t be hard because she has Adi,Pihu and Ruhi’s custody too! And Shagun can take Aliya away from that hell leaving the whole Bhalla family to dance in their own way!

Who might know , the next track may be Ishitha losing her memory. So the producers can drag this show so much again.

Please producers! And the plot writers of YHM! Do listen to yhm fans!!! We are very upset of this whole mess! Not even a single good thing happens in an episode! Don’t shatter our hopes each and every time! Please please.

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  1. Riana

    ??????????????????????….Omgg Pari what a fabulous article !!!!….You’re right YHM has turned SHIT !!!!! ??????…mihika is a rubbish woman she dont deserve to lead a life alsoooo…?????…Simmi is a shit !!! ?…Actually i am both laughing n crying seeing today’s episode…Anything happens good or bad they will add that song “Kabhi kam na hogi chahetein pal pal bade yeh hai mohabbatein” ????????lol

    1. Priyu

      Thanks Riana di! Yeah it’s too much now! Really dragging! Mihika is too much! She thinks too much about her now because everyone is on her side!

  2. Fenil

    Hahahahah Priyu….I’m laughing like hell after reading this Hats off to u kudos To U… whole day this is something really worth reading lolzzz.

    1. Priyu

      Hehe ???thanks bhaiya .

  3. Yes, its true. Is it necessary to bring remarriage track twice in an year, that too more than two or three times? Last year, it was Adi who married twice and divorced one. Now Mihika divorced and doesn’t deserve to stay in Bhalla house. Bhallas were angry at her decisuon of divorce but now Mihika calls Mrs. Bhalla as Mummy ji and doesn’t want to call Raman jiju. And Mrs. Bhalla supports her in offending Ishita!! Really, I quitted watching the show. There are rumors of its spin-off too. It shouldn’t be dragging.

    1. Priyu

      It will be good if yhm goes off air rather than showing this stupid track! Yeah true! Other than Mr. And MRS. Bhalla and Mr. And Mrs. Iyer most of the others have married or tried to marry two times.

  4. This story has become like the Bold and the Beautiful, where Brooke married her father in law too.. No man escaped from her clutches. Same goes here…. It’s all in the family, it’s got to be shared.

    1. Naz very true ! Now Mihikas next turn to marry will be Father Bhalla ! Bold and beautiful !

  5. If this was supposed to be a twist in story like Ishiqua’s departure when she lives in Australia then its stretched too long. Its a highly insensitive drama where Simmi and Param are evil personified without much thought of affects on kids Ruhi, Pihu, Aliya and Adi – can’t stand such crap anymore. Everyone is shouting, being violent and conspiring against others – not going to watch this anymore. Just because you are family doesn’t mean you can hit your daughter in law, your sister – its has degraded in story line and theme of love within family. Present theme is ‘conspiracy within family’ – Savdhan india is better one to watch if you like that theme.

    1. Priyu

      Yes true. Relationships have no meaning in this ! Ishitha has no respect in Bhalla house! All the Bhalla’s except Ishitha’s children, do not even care for her ! They even talk to her thinking as a totally troublesome woman! They have really forgotten that Ishitha was always troubled by their problems! They don’t even show a simple kindness for what Ishitha did for their family ! Very pathetic!

  6. In this show most of the times Ishita is shown as stupid lady. Show is getting worse a lot.

    1. Priyu

      Yes true! She fails each and every time when she does something against Simmi and Param as if only Simmi and Param are super genius in planning! This is so unrealistic! Only Ishitha fails , each and every evil win!

  7. Hi Pari ! Well commented on behalf of all yhm fans . Raman and Ishitha is butchered to the core . How easily Raman said yes to marry Mihika ML or not he knows very well Romis wife . I cant understand ! Atleast Ishitha did not sign but Params next play will be defferent . He and his acting superb ! No house in the world will have a house like this . Adi and Alia can go to Manis house . Ruhi and Pihu can be with Ishima ! On top of everything Avantika and Simmi on off screen is not tolerable ? Shameless they are ! Too much negativity .. cant take it more !

    1. Priyu

      Hello VP! Thanks! Yeah he just didn’t even think of his age! I mean he must be at least little old by now right? And isn’t he ashamed to marry his brother’s wife! He should have at least thought of his self respect as a businessman! He first married Shagun , then Ishitha and now Ishitha’s sister ! Mihika is shameless too to marry her sister’s husband!

  8. I agree !! Either the show should be wrapped up or this track should be ended …. It has really disappointed for the regular viewers like me .. . Now i really dont watch the show

    1. Priyu

      Yes even I’m waiting for this track to end! Dragging track ever!


    Ekta Kapoor Kindly bas kardo bas

    Mahika first being Mihr Girl friend, later eloping with Romi and marrying him later divorce and now marrying Raman.

    Shagun marrying Raman, later extra marital affair with Ashok, than surrogated mother of PIhu and finally marrying Mani but ups and down in her wicked character

    Niddhis character
    Sohails haracter
    Nikkhils character
    Aliyas ups and down
    Params and Simmi character
    Ishita jumping from mountain and away from family for 5 years, Going o jail for Simmis daughters murder and than staying with Ashok

    Ekta Kapoor no story line. This serial is going from bad to worse


    1. Munu

      haha its like this. guys if you know Ekta serials then every serial has this common track. Whether its in Kyun ki saas bhi kabhie bahu thi, kasauti zindaki ki etc… yeh tou common hai uske liye.. bakwas serials… suru suru mai aacha lagta hai… baad mai kaccha lagta hai..

    2. Priyu

      True ! So much evils against Raman and Ishitha were present! But now so much evils are against only Ishitha! Too much dragging! Not even a single good thing happens! We are loosing hopes in each and every episode.

  10. I agree with you people its better to go off air instead of bringing a spin off and i don’t think u should hurt other people feelings. they’re are other people who watch this show apart from us.

    1. Priyu

      Agree .

  11. Naazneen Bandali

    It is high time, the serial should show Ramand regaining his memory and takes back Ishita and throwing out Simmi, Param and Mihika. This has been dragging for very long now. This serial should have been taken off air instead of Dil Sambal Zara

    1. Priyu

      Yes I hope it will happen


    1. Priyu

      ?? ha ha

  13. Munu

    Omg saw the article about YHM after ages..I stopped watching the show long time ago.. So many ups and downs in the show and audience are stilling watching this show? Hats off to you guys.

    1. Priyu

      Yeah we do. Because of DT and KP ?

      1. Munu

        I used to watch this serial before. I used to love the nokjhok of Ishita and Raman. Sagun and Ashok’s part also I used to like. But, when all the kids grew up, I stopped watch it. Likewise, I stopped watching YRKKH due to bakwas tracks. But, I regularly visit this site to see some updates.

        (I am shocked how they can show Mihika and Raman like this)

  14. Ambalika sinha

    Just see it will all be at the end like mihika and ishita are playing this drama to get simmiz secret out…
    this is crap.. finish off this drama!! Show us something new… we don’t watch serials to get more tensed … we watch to unwind and relax

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