Hey Guyzz this is Maria,again with my ff …Hope u all liked my last episode if no then pls comment so that I can make changes…Some of u predicted that girl in Flashback is Prinku…. It will be revealed within Two three episode…..Once again thank u all for ur Awesome comments and support…So here continues my ff….


Ek din teri zindagi kisi or ki ho Jayegi or tujhe pata bhi nahi chalega. Royegi wo o aansu tere bahenge. Chot use lagegi per dard tujhe hoga. Hasi uski rukegi per dam…dam tera ghutega. Or us din duniya ki koi bhi takat koi bhi paisa koi bhi naam tere kaam nahi aayega

If you forgot story of last episode or didn’t read don’t worry here’s the link:


All Flashbacks are revealed ………..Soumya & Rudy’s date ……Prinku kisses Ranveer….Anika and shivaay dance romantically…………Om traps Svetlana …


It was night…..

Rudy and Soumya go on a Date ….They enter a hotel, but was shocked to find in whole hotel Valentine Day celebration is taking place so rooms and Restaurant was full so they decided to go back this is when Rudy meets Chubby…

Rudy: Hey Chubby, U here?

Chubby: What happened Rudy….Y can’t I come here….By the way this year u came with Sana or Karishma (Rudy’s ex gf’s)….?

Rudy(Showing puppy face): I stopped dating them, as I’m married now….

Chubby: What?……………………………….

Rudy nodded yes

Chubby: With whom?(Rudy pointed to look back)

Chubby: Where is my hot s*xy Bhabhi?

Rudy: Can’t u see she is talking with Sana…

Chubby: But that is sumo right?

Rudy: She is not Sumo, But she is my Somu

Chubby: R u out of ur mind Rudy….U married Soumya….while leaving ur hot girlfriends…y Rudy?

Rudy (looking at somu in love): Yes chubby, whn I fall in love with her my mind left my body, now only heart is left but its key is with Somu…

Chubby: Rudy , How is that possible….

Rudy: Wat?

Chubby: How can there be key for heart….

Rudy: Duffer……(He slightly hits Chubby ’s head)

Chubby didn’t get wat he was talking about he was same as our Rudy but today Our Rudy behaved in more matured way than usual chit-chat…Chubby excused himself and went scratching his hair….Rudy was left alone but now he was fully concentrated in Soumya…
Suddenly some girls came her him & asked for a Dance but was saying no to the girl…This was when Soumya noticed this…she excused herself and came near Rudy….

Soumya: Go just dance …..Y r u resisting….Go dance with them

Rudy was going to dance with them this was when Soumya said something In Rudy’s ears

Soumya: Are u going to dance?

Rudy: Yes

Soumya: oh…ur going to dance with them… if u stood up from this seat u will see my typical wife side….

(Rudy was scared hearing Somu’s words. He again seated in the seat and also asked the girls to go and dance as he is not well)

Rudy: Soumya…..

Soumya: Hmmm

Rudy : Soumya…..

Soumya: Wat?…..(in little hard voice)

Rudy: I want to go to toilet…..Can I?

Soumya: Seriously Rudy…y r u asking me u can go

Rudy: But u asked me to sit here so (Soumya felt sad seeing Rudy’s innocence)

Soumya: Sorry Rudy….I simply joked only, nothing serious

(Rudy rushed to toilet, When he came back Soumya was not seen anywhere…He searched her everywhere but she was not there
Suddenly lights were turned off….Loud music began….Rudy was searching for Soumya even in dark)

A voice from stage: Ladies & Gentlemen …..Today is 14th Feb 2017…Hope u all know today’s speciality..

Crowd: Yes…………….

Voice: Hope u all have ur pair……..

Crowd: Yes…….

Voice: All of u be with ur Pair….
Lets begin to Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Music was on)

Rudy was looking here and there…
Suddenly someone tapped in his shoulders
He turned back & was shocked to see Soumya …In Excitement he hugged Somu tightly…This was when he noticed something

Rudy: Somu….U r wearing Saree?(somu went to change her dress)

Soumya: What happened Rudy?

Rudy: I was searching 4 u in this whole mess & now ur standing in front of me wearing Saree….But Soumya ur looking so Cute &…… Hot(Soumya blushed hard)

Soumya & Rudy was dragged by someone to Dance floor…

(They danced on the song Badri Ki Dulhania (Title Track))

They were dancing like mad…..


Om woke up after hangover .He had head ache this was when Anika entered his room & gave him Lime juice, so that his headache goes

Anika: Om r u ok now?

Om: Yes Bhabhi, But how I reached the hotel?

Anika: Leave it Om, What happened it happened, now don’t bother about it. Ur brother & Bhabhi will find about it…Don’t take tension…U rest now.

Om: Did u see my Phone?

Anika: No, Y?

Om: It had Svetlana’s confession, but now its missing

Anika: Did u check everywhere?

Om: Yes, I didn’t get it

Anika: Let me ask Shivaay?

(Anika goes from Om’s room, but Om is still trying to find his Mobile)


Shivaay was working in his laptop…Anika entered the room to find his busy and stressed …she thinks of something and leaves from there


Tia , Svetlana are in a video chat
Suddenly someone enters her room through window, Svetlana was not able to see this ,but Tia saw this through Phone..

Tia: Didi, I saw someone near the window…

Svetlana looked towards window but nobody was there she again continued to talk to Tia…Tia saw a person wearing Black coat and cap standing behind Svetlana….

Tia: Didi….Turn someone is standing behind u( Face was not visible as lights were off)

Svetlana turned around to find someone standing .Person slowly removed the cap from his face …Due to light of mobile face was seen…It was none other Than Romi………..

Svetlana & Tia had a sign of relief in their face…

Tia: Romi u scared us…

Romi: sorry di ,I had no plans to scare u it just happened

Svetlana: But how did u enter OM?

Romi: Brother helped

Tia , Svetlana & Romi discuss about their plans …Whereas Ranveer was in deep thoughts….He was thinking how Prinku called him husband her smile ,etc…His thoughts were interrupted by Om…

Om: What happened yesterday?

Ranveer: How will I know wat happened to u?

Om: I know that I came to ur house yesterday. How did I land up in that hotel(He hold ACP’s collar while saying it) ?

Ranveer( removing Om’s hands from his collar): I think with sister ,brother also got the disease of forgetting past

(He smiles While Om’s anger boil )

Om: do u dare speak anything about my sis….

Ranveer: Did u forget something…Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi …now Priyanka is my wife even ur brother as accepted this a brought me home…

Om: I think u have lost r mind…Prinku is not ur Wife its just drama to retrieve her memory….so always remember u r just a stranger on this house….Ur not allowed to interfere in house problems nor in my sisters life

Ranveer just smirks as he knew Om is becoming weak when he talks about Prinku….Ranveer just ignores Om’s words and goes from his room


Light goes of a sudden …. Shivaay who was working looks at his room in surprise…A candle was visible ….Shivaay stood up and started to walk towards the Candle….He saw a small letter attached to it


Mr Oberoi u will be thinking how light went when there is inverter in house…It is because I have switched off the lights..Pls don’t go & on the lights as it will destroy the fun…

There is a box under this table ..Pls open it

(Shivaay bends down a takes a box…He continue to read)

Y are u waiting….Open the box..

(Box contained a three piece suit which was wine red colour he takes it out)

Y are u starting at it…It’s just a suit…If continuously stare then u Kanji eyes will come outside…Just joking

Go wear it…Pls go and wear it there no loss in wearing it…

(Shivaay takes it and goes to change …He comes out wearing it…It was perfect for him…He was looking like a perfect valentine for a girl)

(He reads further)

Close ur eyes ….Don’t cheat……….

(Shivaay closes his eyes with a smile…Someone ties a cloth to his eyes)

(Shivaay felt someone is holding him and is indicating him to move…He slowly started to move…Cloth was removed from his eyes)

Open ur eyes Shivaay a voice was heard from front ….Shivaay slowly opened his eyes ….He was left mouth opened to see his ladylove wearing a beautiful gown which was sleeveless and bare back…Shivaay started to move towards her…But she indicated him to stop….
Anika now started to move towards Shivaay…She kneeled down in from of him…she took a box from Table …she raised it to Shivaay

Anika: I love u Billuji…(she asked Shivaay to open it)

Shivaay took the box in his hand …Anika slowly stood..

Shivaay opened the box ..BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shivaay was shocked ny sudden action..


Shivaay opened the box….A dummy Snake came out of the box….It directly hitted shivaay’s nose…

Shivaay was shocked by the action so he shouted Mummy…

.Which made Anika laugh


Now Mr Shivaay was in full form he ran behind Anika….Anika was also not behind ….She was running like was express bur Shivaay caught hold of her..

Shivaay: U wanted to do fun ryt…

Anika nodded Yes then Nodded no

Shivaay took her in his hands…

Shivaay: Now u will see what real fun is…

Anika look towards him…He throws her into the pool & He also jumped into Pool

(Anika and Shivaay came out of pool as same as like serial)

Shivaay was holding Anika very closely they could hear each other’s heart beat

Shivaay: Aur masti karni hai( do u want more fun)

(This time Anika nodded no)

Shivaay: I f u don’t want then don’t do but I want more…

(He takes her to bed…He slowly make her lie in the bed…He goes near the music player and turns it on …)

He then comes near Anika

Shivaay: Shall we dance?

Anika: sure

They dance romantically …..After dance Shivaay carries her to her ….They have a romantic nyt in Valentine’s Day


Om was tensed as his phone is missing& is disturbed by the presence of Ranveer

Suddenly Om’s Phone started to ring…He looks from wherethis sound is coming….He finds his Phone near the painting which he made for Gauri (Yeh quyzz Om’s love will be entering)

He checks the video & finds it (He have a sign of relief) but he also gets sad seeing Gauri’s drawing…( Om’s past will be revealed soon)

He then thinks plans to expose Svetlana.

He calls her & asks her to come to his room tomorrow morning

(He thinks now lets see who is trapped)


Ranveer entered the room only to find Prinku struggling to tie her Back lace…he turns his face in the opposite direction….

(Prinku’s right hand was injured ….while she was running her hand banged with a nail, which led to a cut which was deep it was dressed by Anika)

Ranveer found Prinku still struggling …He went near her…Her back was facing him…He took ends from Prinku’s hand…His hands felt her body….He tied the lace …When he tightened the lace. Due to force Prinku Banged into him…Which he didn’t expect …He loses his balance ….Prinku was now in top of Ranveer they both were in bed…….In order to avoid awkward situation ,Prinku tried to stand still, But again she slipped because of her duppata..But this time due to sudden action…her lips touched his cheeks( It had brought some effects in him)

Screen divides into four parts

1 Rudy & Soumya Dancing

2 Shivaay & Anika’ cuddling & sleeping

3 Om looking at Gauri’s drawing

4 Prinku in top of Ranveer

Om’s love entry……..Anika finds truth about her life…… Soumya faints…….Raveer shocked Prinku rocked…….

Hey guyzz hope u all liked my ff… Pls do comment so that I can improve….Om’s past will be revealed but should I explain about his love life with Gauri…
Soumya & rudy’s scenes should I write….These are some of the questions in my mind ………..Priveer scenes will increased and will be more hotter..

If any suggestion u can message me personally or comment

Please do support ignore grammar mistakes……

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