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Shivaay: ishq ke kale ishqbaaz khelte hai

Anika: iss mai michmichi bei machte hai aur raite bei phelthe hai…

Rudra: Ishqbaaz who class hoti hai jaha har ladki ko kabhi rudy kehna padta hai

Om: Ishq sirf ek sauda hai jisme dil dekar dard sehna padta hai

Sorry pls, ignore spelling mistake I’m not so gud in translation….

Hey guyz I’m exicted for DIL BOLE OBEROI that’s y I decided to add this as today’s Dialogue

If you forgot story of last episode or didn’t read don’t worry here’s the link:

Episode 5


Ranveer Shifts to OM………Om is trapped…….Soumya and Rudra have a superb nyt………Shivika searches for Om and finds him Unconscious

Episode 6

Prinku: Did u see any ghost? Why r u staring at me?

(She told this to ranveer looking into his eyes)

Shivaay: Prinku can I talk to Ranveer for some time…we need to discuss something important. So can we?

Prinku: Sure Mr.Oberoi..

Shivaay: Ranveer can u come out….

(Ranveer looks down due to his guilt)


10 years before ………..

At a school

A boy of class 10 is continuously staring at girl who is sitting in playground chatting with her friends ….Boy is lost in his world…A ball comes and hits in his head but still he didn’t respond….He was completely lost in her beauty …..Bell rings…everyone started to move to their class…Boy was lazy as he saw the girl still sitting there and chatting, his friends dragged him inside to his class but he was resisting it as he wanted that girl to be his forever…..Final bell rang boy rushed out of his class and found the girl coming chatting with her friend…she moved towards a car and opens it door and sits in it and goes…boy also goes near a car and sits in it & goes back to his home after school

Boy entered the mansion & was shocked to his father hanging from fan…he lost his balance and trembled….. There was a complete silence in his home…
It was broken by the sudden entry of his sisters and mother….sisters were shocked to see their brother shivering with fear…They rushed to him and was shocked to find their father hanging in fan….They started to cry…..Boy was in shock itself ….he was completely shattered…Suddenly TV on started to work (power was gone now only it came back)


Oberoi industries have emerged as 1 no company in the country….& Also they have also brought all the shares of two companies also one of them is Kapoor industires & other is Khuranna’s…. isn’t shocking…..Mr.Kapoor & Mr.Malhothra conformed this news today they also have signed the agreement…Wishing Oberoi’s great success …..This is Shilpa Singh signing off….

Mother switched off the TV as she couldn’t believe wat is happening around her(Tears were there is her eyes)

(Sisters were none other than our Rotilana & boy was none other than Ranveer)…

Romi( who was just 14 years old):Papa….(She started to cry)

Tia & Svethlana were trying to console Romi but they were not able to control their tears they also started to cry Ranveer was still in schock he couldn’t digest the fact that his father, who loved him very much is hanging in front of him without life ….His legs was not able to satnd still he collapsed in floor. Tia rushed to him and tried to console him but he had gone to coma (He was alive but didn’t respond to any sound or actions)

Suddenly there was a knock in the Door, Mrs .Kapoor rushed to open the door and was shocked to see police standing infront of their door…

Police: We r here to arrest Mr.Kapoor? Where is he?

Mrs.kapoor had tears in her eyes, she didn’t reply

Police: Constables search the house

(They pushed Mrs.Kapoor, she was about to fall when Tia & Svetlana caught hold of her)

Constables called Main officer and asked him to come inside he was shocked to see that Mr.Kapoor suicided….He called and informed higher authorities…

After sometime his last rituals was done by Svetlana…..She was crying so badly …..Ranveer was still in coma….Mr.Kapoor was holding Tia, Romi and Ranveer closely to her, While Svetlana lighted the body…They all were crying…After all rituals they went back to mansion & was shocked to see all their stuffs kept outside the house and door is closed ….One of the staff of Oberoi’s came to them and gave them a notice which asked them to vacate house within hours …Now they were completely in road, they had no home, no money, etc…

They had to spend their nights in roads.This was when Nafratbaaz was formed they took oath to destroy OM
(In my ff Tej was responsible for the suicide of Mr.Kapoor…He had forced him to sign the agreement…He threatened him using his family…due to his love for his family…Mr. Kapoor signed in the papers)

(Ranveer took more than two years to come back from his shock, He completed his studies ….Svetlana joined Oberoi industry as Tej’s secretary (just to take revenge)…..Tia & Romi worked hard to earn their daily bread ….Tia fell in love with Robin & married him they both started a company which was in Kapoor’s name….Romi cheated people by making them believe that she is goodness (same as serial).Ranveer who now was ok ,completed his studies & joined Police Training…Everyone was happy with their lifes ,but none of them forgot about their revenge……..

Raveer brought a fake story so that she can trap Omkara and Prinku in it,But to

His surprise Prinku took all responsibility on her name…Om was saved by her action….he continue with his plan whereas his sisters continued with their plan to destroy OM)


(Girl in flashback would be revealed later, U may guess but it’s a twist)

Ranveer was in his own dream world, Shivaay called him two to three times but he didn’t respond, when he again called this time he responded

Ranveer: Yes, Mr.Oberoi

Shivaay: Can u do me a favour?

(Shivaay asking favour that’s impossible, but u know Shivaay he can do anything for his family)

Ranveer (back on his revenge mode): Favour& u?

Shivaay: I want my sister to recollect her memory, If u help it would be gud as she only remembers u……

Ranveer (in mind): I think I should use this opportunity. Mr Oberoi himself is asking y don’t I use this opportunity to destroy their peace (he smirks)

Ranveer: Yes ,Mr Oberoi …..I will help but I have certain conditions


I will not sleep in Prinku’s room


None of u should destroy my privacy…


Nor should interfere in my life…

Shivaay: Done……

Ranveer: So soon, I think u should discuss about this to ur family members…so that u won’t regret in future……(he smirks)

Shivaay: My decision is final in his home

Ranveer: Ok ,Mr Oberoi see u soon…….( He goes from there wearing his goggles)

(Anika heard their conversation from behind)

Anika: Shivaay.. I think …u should tell others about it

Shivaay: Its not required Anika, I’m sure that they will support me….

Shivaay: (looking at watch) Anika did u see Om ….He is missing from yesterday…Don’t know where he went …(pause)(Thinking)

Shivika: No……….Om

(They rushed outside of Om)

Anika: Why this Om is not picking the phone…How many times I called him but he is not answering……..

Shivaay: Keep dialling…I it connects give it to me

Anika: Hmmm

Shivaay: Anika….Which hotel did Om mention that he will go on a date with Svetlana?

Anika: It starts with Titanic…..

Shivaay: wat??

Anika: I heard like that….He told something


Anika: Did u decide something? Which hotel? What dress will u wear?

Om: Why should I decide this much….Its not my real Date na ….

Anika: But still Om we need to make sure that Svetlana believes in us

Om: Ok bhabhi….I think I should go to Titanium..

Anika: wat? Titanic? How romantic?…

Om (laughing}: Bhabhi it Titanium, not Titanic….If get a chance to go to get inside Titanic …..why will I take Svetlana …When I have a beautiful bhabhi like u…..

Anika : What a joke…

(Both of them started to laugh…Om then left with Svetlana)

Flashback ends

Anika: Hotel Titanium

Sivaay: Are u sure?


Shivaay: Lets first go there then we will go to art gallery..

Anika: hmm…Go fast….

Shivaay & Anika reach the hotel, They went and enquired about Om’s room…Receptionist told them the room’s no….Anika & Shivaay reached the room…they opened the door….they had a shocked expression in their face….

Shivika:Om……….(they rushed to Om)

They were shocked to see Svetlana near Om both were in an awkward condition

Shivaay tried to wakeup Om while Anika tried to wakeup Svetlana..

Anika: Svetlana wake up……….

(Svetlana slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to see Om near her)

Svetlana(holding her head):Why I’m I here…& Om?(she cries)

(Om slowly opens his eyes & was shocked to see Anika & Shivaay)

Om:U two here?

Shivaay: We should be asking this two u both?

Om: both?

Om turns to see who it was & was shocked to see Svetlana crying

Om: Svetlana u? But u was not conscious yesterday then y are u here….You were in other room

Svetlana:I didn’t except this from u Om, U took advantage to my unconsciousness & even I will shame to tell …

Om: What r u talking about?
Shivaay: See ur condition Om….What will we say after seeing this..

Om looked down to find that he was half naked…. & Svetlana was covered with bed sheet..

Om: I don’t remember wat happened yesterday….

Svetlana: U don’t remember anything how can u say like that….

Om: I said na I don’t remember anything…

Shivaay sees something in Om’s neck It seemed like some injection was injected in Om through there. But Shivaay does not tell this as he didn’t wanted to create any issue in hotel

Anika: I think we shouldn’t create an issue in here…Let’s move to OM…
Anika helped Svetlana while Shivaay helped Om…They changed their dress and drove to OM


Shivaay: We will discuss about it in evening (He said this to Om, Svetlana& Anika)

Suddenly a person replied from back

Person: About what? Mr.Oberoi..

Om was boiling with anger as his sister was in this condition due to Ranveer)

Shivaay: It’s our personal matter

Ranveer: Now I also belong to ur Family isn’t true Mrs.Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

Anika & Shivaay looked at eachother

Anika nodded Yes..

Om looked at shivaay and Anika In shock

Om: Ranveer….Family? what is this new drama?

Ranveer: It’s not Drama Mr.Omkara its life…The bitter truth of life….Ask to ur sister….Who am I for her…

Om(shouted at his top voice): Stop it…………Get out of my house

Ranveer: If Mr.Shivaay ask me to go then I will

Om looked at shivaay

Shivaay: Why u need to go u can stay here…& Om is also not having any problem in it….Yes na Om

Om looked at Shivaay in full anger but he knew that his brother has done it with some intensions thus he nodded yes..

Ranveer: If u people have no problem then can I tell my workers to keep my luggage in my room..

Shivaay: Yep….

Ranveer called his workers and asked them to keep luggage in his room. Romi also was disguised as a worker…She also goes with the workers to keep the luggage

Romi & other workers were going to Ranveer’s room this was when Rumya was coming down …accidently Soumya & Romi banged into each other…They said Sorry to each other & went but Soumya felt something fishy she felt that one of the workers was Romi, when she said about this to Rudy …
Rudy said that its just her suspicion .They came & stood beside Shivika…Omwas surprised to see Rumya…& soumya was wearing mangal sootra..
They said Om about their marriage…
Svetlana excused herself & went to her room…

At Svetlana’s room

Tia was in video call

Tia:Didi how was ur plan did it work?

Svetlana: yep, Now Om is completely in our custody….Thanks to Ranveer…He only brought Om to hotel…

(How it will be revealed in next episode (due to shortage of time))


Rudra: Shivaay bhaiya, I and soumya have planned for a date so we r moving

Shivaay: Take care of urself and soumya also

Anika: soumya take care of my devar and ur self

Rudra: Didi actually husband takes care of wife ,but u are asking somu to take care of me y?

Anika: In both of u whose the husband?

Rudra: me

Anika: Whose drinks Protein shake?

Rudra(laughing): me

Anika who is duffer?

Rudra: me…

(He realized wat he said and started to scratch his hair, whereas Anika ,Shivaay& somu was laughing)

Rudra: Shall we go Somu?

Soumya: Yes, Mr Protein shake

Rudra: Soumya…..(in a hard but cute sound)

They laughed & went for their date

(explanation in next episode)

Shivaay asked Om to go to his Room to rest…

Om was tryingto remember wat happened yesterday whwereas shivaay was thinking about ijection mark in Om’s neck..

Anika was sad seeing Om’s and shivaay’s condition

All Flashbacks are revealed ………..Soumya & Rudy’s date ……Prinku kisses Ranveer….Anika and shivaay dance romantically…………Om traps Svetlana …

Hey guys Im really sorry for updating late….Priveer scenes are coming in next episode whereas Nafratbaaz will be exposed soon….If any improvements are needed do comment. There was a shortage in Time so I couldn’t explain certain scenes but In next episode how Om reached Hotel will be revealed .
Pls note that Raveer will not be villain in my ff..It will take Time changes everything…
Thanku once again 4 all ur support and prayers……..

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