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This is Maria again with my ff .Lets begin my FF with one of my favourite dialogue I got this Idea just now I will be writing my favourite dialogues from ISHQBAAZ in my every ff from today….

Today’s Dialogue:

Such me dhal jaate hai kisse,
Dil se jud jaane ke baad,
Ishq pe hoga yakeen,
Ishq ho jaane ke baad….

If you forgot story of last episode or didn’t read don’t worry here’s the link
Episode 3

Recap:- Om makes Svetlana drunk………Shivaay shows Pinky Tia drinking wine……Rudra misses Soumya…….Prinku feels dizzy…..

Episode 4

Shivika are having an eyelock. Rudy enters their room, his sudden entry breaks their eyelock .They feel embarrassed .They still try to avoid eye contact.

Rudy: Sorry, Bhaiya and Bhabhi…..Bhabhi did Soumya said anything to you?

Anika: y?

Rudy: Bhabhi she went to her home without telling me…(his face showed guilty)

Anika: She said that her mother is not well, maybe because of this reason she went.

Rudy: No bhabhi she left because of me..

Shivaay: Y will she go because of u?

Rudy: Its because of me ,I was not able to see om’s life getting destroyed ,I was frustrated I scolded Soumya a lot and also asked her to leave….She went because of me( Anika & Shivaay tries to console Rudy)

Rudra: I even called her so many times but she is not taking.

Rudra was missing his Somu….He wanted to tell her sorry, but now its too late .He confessed his feelings to Shivaay and Anika, both were happy by his decision. They both asked Rudy to confess his feelings to Soumya, they even asked Rudy go to Soumya’s home and propose her .He became excited and decided to confess his feeling .In happiness he hugged them and went from there thinking the ways to propose Soumya…

After Rudy went again Anika and shivaay started to ignore each other. Anika’s love bites were visible so Shivaay covered her with dupatta.

They have a romantic movement which is destroyed by Om. Om notices Anika and shivaay blushing but he ignoresit. Om tells them about his plans .They together said” DIL BOLE OBEROI”

All of a sudden Om started to smile. Shivika were confused to see him.

Shivika: What happened Om… why are u laughing like this?

Om: Shivaay there is something in your neck?

Shivika : where?

Shivaay turned his head to see what it is at the same time Anika also comes forward to see what it is…. Their heads bang ….They together shouted “ouch”

Om again started to giggle

Anika was again coming to see what it is at this time shivaay also turns his head

Shivaay: Anika wait…. Let me check.

Anika (embarrassed): yes Shivaay…

Shivaay now found the reason for which Om was giggling (love bite was the reason)

Anika & shivaay feels embarrassed .They again started to blush Anika became red as a tomato …

Om: Ok guyzz…I have to leave otherwise they will doubt if they see us together
(Om leaves)

Shivaay turn towards Anika

Shivaay: Anika I don’t remember what happened yesterday I was not conscious that time

Anika: Even I don’t remember what happened, my head is still paining

Shivaay: r u ok Anika……(with concern)

Anika: yes (shivaay made her sit in Bed)

Shivaay: Anika I wanted to tell you something ………..

(Suddenly there is an knock in the door)

Shivaay opened the door. It was Pinky and Dadi.

Pinky: Prinku is not opening the door…….Jhanvi called her many times but still she is not opening the door

(Hearing this Shivaay rushed towards Prinku’s room)

Shivaay: Prinku open the Door( there was no respose)

Anika : Priyanka……………Priyanka……(no respone)

(Om & Rudra was not at home. Om as per plan went with Svetlana for a date .Rudy went to Soumya’s house)

Anika: Shivaay …. U break the door …..There’s no other way…

Pinky: No its not possible how much money will be lost

Shivaay: Mom ur worrying about money when we all r worried for Prinku

Shivaay: Anika call Khanna ask him to come fast…..

(Khanna reaches the mansion ….Both of them breaks the door…….Shivaay was shocked to see Prinku)

Prinku was lying unconscious in her bed …Shivaay and Jhanvi rushed to her and tried to wake her up but there was no response ….Anika immediately called a doctor)

Doctor: Don’t worry Mr.Oberoi she is fine….Its just because of stress….

Jhanvi: Stress?

Doctor: It can be because for her illness or any personal matter only she can tell ….But remember don’t give her any stress now let her sleep ….

(Doctor tells something to shivaay which is muted)

Shivaay: Thank u doctor (Doctor Leaves from there)

(Jhanvi sits near Prinku and takes care of her)

(Prinku regains conscious but she looked at everyone in surprise as if they are stangers)

Prinku: Who r u? Why are u staring at me? Where am I?

Jhanvi: Prinku why are u behaving like this beta…

Prinku: Don’t touch me stay away…..She runs from there..

(Jhanvi was shocked seeing her daughter like this, started to cry …)

Jhanvi: Mummyji …..Priyanka………

Dadi: Don’t cry puttar everything will be 5n


Prinku was running like mad …..Anika & Shivaay was running behind her.

Suddenly prinku bumped into a person .Person is none other than our Ranveer. Ranveer had a smirk in his face .But to his surprise Prinku was unconscious in his arms. Anika & Shivaay was surprised to see him holding Prinku. Anika slowly went Near him and took Prinku to her room with help of servants…

Shivaay: Why u came here Acp? (in a irritated voice)

Acp: (smiling ) Well Mr. Oberoi I’m here to meet Ms Priyanka singh Oberoi

Shivaay: y?

Acp: Its just to take her statement on a case

Shivaay: She is not well…..

Acp: But just now only I saw her

Shivaay: didn’t u c how she became unconscious….

Acp: I will wait till she gains conscious

Shivaay: There’s no use in waiting ….. Prinku does not remember anything about her past ( he said in an irritated voice)

Acp: What?

( Ranveer is having dual feeling in his heart
1 Prinku does not remember anything? Is it true or not
2 He feels sorry for her)

Acp: Ok, Mr. Oberoi some other day I will come to meet her. I wish her to get well soon

(While going he turned back and looked towards OM)


Prinku gained conscious but she had no memory of her past….
She only remembered Ranveer (Everyone was at shock when she said ranveer’s name while she was unconscious )

But they didn’t knew that ACP was the Ranveer who she mentioned …..

Everyone was sad seeing her condition……..


Omkara and Svethlana are having a date …….. They do a romantic dance ( on aaj phir tumpe pyaar) Om hates the closes of Svetlana but still he controls his anger) Om add some powder in svetlana’s drink ……Om comes closer to her ….as if he is going to kiss her ….Om gives her drink he also takes a drink and says cheers …. Om fakes drinking…..Svetlana completes whole glass …. Om again makes her drink….She is completely under the effect of alcohol. Om keeps his mobile in side and records Svetlana’s confession …. He gets happy seeing her confession ….. Om books a room and drops Svetlana in that room and leaves for OM….


All are sad after seeing Prinku’s condition. Om entered

Jhanvi rushed to Om and hugged him, they have a mother-son moment.
Dadi tells Om about Prinku’s condition & also mentions about Ranveer

Om understood who is Ranveer , he left Mansion without telling anyone where he is going.

After Sometimes

Tia is drunk (as today is her Robin’s B’day)

She enters the mansion silently

Tia sees everyone depressed .She was not even able to walk properly so she decided not to go in front of Oberoi’s.

Shivaay who went to his room to take his phone finds Tia drunk.
He already had doubt on Tia so he decided to expose her. He slowly moved towards Prinku’s room. He called Anika and said about his plan.

He went to pinky

Shivaay: Mom, I feel Tia is not well….she was not able to walk properly..

Pinky: Then y r u standing here ..go to her her…my heera bahu is not well and u r wasting time by standing here with wastes(eyeing ANIKA)

Shivaay: Mom, Pls go and check her there’s nobody near Prinku so I will stay here

Pinky: Don’t worry Shivaay.. I will take care of my heera bahu …

Shivaay and Anika look at eachother and smile

PRECAP: Prinku calling Ranveer as her husband……Shivika expose Tia…….Om wakes up and finds Svetlana near him………..Soumya returns to OM as rudy’s wife

Hope u all liked .If any improvements are needed then just comment I while try to improve myself .THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MY ff WILL NOT BE THERE AS I HAVE EXAM ON MONDAY …. Pls do pray for me

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