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This is Maria again …..Hope u all are liking my ff …Before starting my ff I had a question in my mind whether to explain Shivaay & Anika’s consummation scene ….. but then I felt no need because My cousin reading this ff…..what she will think about me still I tried to write hope you all like this ….
Hoping for best ….fingers crossed…….so Here Goes my ff

Recap: Shivaay finds himself near Anika without shirt…….Rudra finds Soumya missing……Jhanvi is stressed as Prinku didn’t reach OM…….Om makes Svetlana drunk………..

Episode 3

Shivaay and Anika’s kiss become wilder Due to lack of oxygen both break their kiss. Anika started to breath heavily as Shivaay was coming closer to her she closed her eyes .Shivaay suddenly hugged her Anika also reciprocated the hug. Shivaay kept arranging her hair and kissed her back while still being on that hug. He broke the hug and kissed her forehead, eyes, neck .He again kissed her with this time while his hand made its way to her waist clutching it tightly. Anika felt a graze in the most impressible place of her-body-her waist. Shivaay slowly started to undress her so de she. Their body finally met. Shivaay completely entered her….Her eyes had tears …..Shivaay wiped her tears …….. They consummate their marriage………


Oberoi Mansion

Jhanvi: Mummyji Prinku didn’t reach till now…I’m scared she never does like this….something wrong happened ….she is not taking the phone also…..

Dadi: Don’t worry Jhanvi …she may have gone to her friend’s house maybe

Jhanvi: Then she could have informed na she didn’t inform also……She never goes like this…

Dadi: Did you ask to Om? Prinku must have told to him

Jhanvi: No Mummyji…… I won’t talk to him even after seeing what he did yesterday….never (There was tears in her eyes)

Dadi: Omkara must have done it with some reasons?

Jhanvi: To hurt his mother that’s his reason…….even though he knew I hate Svetlana he got engaged to her…………( She started to cry and Dadi was consoling her)

In a Unknown Location.

Sun rays where falling in a girls face….She slowly opened her eyes …..She looked around and was shocked to see a boy sleeping near her ….She got scared …….and took a sheet and covered herself …..Due to her sudden action boy also woke up ….He was smirking ….But she wasn’t able to see this because she was facing other side (girl was crying)

Boy (Wearing His shirt): Anyway this should happen even after marriage then y are u crying Priyanka?

Priyanka: Y?…. Y did u do this to me …….

(Boy is none other than Ranveer)

Ranveer: I told to you na that u have more and more surprises coming for you…This is one of them….

Prinku: How can u fall so low?

Ranveer: Y are becoming angry ….Anyways this should have happened even after our marriage it happened early there’s no problem in it…

Prinku: U also have a sister na? Will u simply sit when this happens to ur sister?

Ranveer: Yes, I’m a brother, whose sister went to coma after being hit by ur car? Did u forget that so easily Ms.Oberoi…..This is one of ur punishments…U will have to suffer ur whole life for committing that mistake…

(Tears were falling from Prinku’s eyes)

Ranveer tell her to get ready soon as he will drop her in OM…..Prinku sits down crying badly….Ranveer comes there pulls her and asks her get read in 2 mins.She arranges her dress and goes and sits in the jeep. There was total silence, both were not talking to each other, but Ranveer had a smirk in his face…They drove to OM

Ranveer: Ms.Oberoi, U have reached ur home?

(Priyanka who was lost in her thoughts comes out of her thoughts and started moving towards OM wiping her tears)

Jhanvi and Dadi saw Prinku entering the main door

Jhanvi: Stop right there…….First tell me where did u go yesterday??

Dadi: Let her enter then we will ask Jhanvi….Come inside Prinku (Prinku enters and stands near Dadi)

Jhanvi: I need answer to my question? Where were you?

Prinku: Woh Mom, I had to complete my Project so I went to my friend’s home

Jhanvi: Then why u did not inform? How many times I called you?

Prinku: Mom there’s some problem with my phone sometimes it rings and sometimes it will not

Jhanvi: Y are sweating Prinku?

Prinku: Its nothing Mom, I was walking that’s why….

Jhanvi: Ok, now u go don’t repeat this again

Prinku nodded her head and went to her room. She closed the door and started to cry……….


It’s Morning but still Shivaay and Anika was not ready to wake up they were in full hangover….

Sun rays were falling in Shivaay’s face .It forced him to wake from his sleep. Shivaay slowly removed blanket from his body and stretched his body .He felt pain in his body and also his head was paining , He slowly moved out of his bed and stood in front of the mirror for adjusting hair…….Suddenly he noticed something ……He looked at himself and was shocked to find that he was half nude ……..He got another 500 volt current when he saw a girl sleeping in his bed through mirror reflection (how that u all can imagine) her face and body was covered with blanket but her toes were visible…… Shivaay’s eyes became wider…… He slowly went near his bed ……. He slowly removed blanket from girl’s face he was shocked to find Anika……….

Shivaay accidentally said Anika in a visible voice hearing his sound Anika woke up. She also woke up by holding her head ….soon she found that she is not wearing clothes …….she was going to shout but Shivaay closed her mouth with his hands and requested her not to shout ….He slowly takes his hands from her mouth as they were in an awkward condition. Anika covered herself with Blanket and rushed towards Washroom ……Shivaay didn’t know what to do but he had a smile in his face .Anika also had a smile in her face……she looked herself in mirror a found love bites all over her body she started to blush ….Shivaay also goes an stand in front of his room mirror he also finds love bites in his neck, etc. Both of them were blushing……….

Near Swimming pool

Rudy was sitting near swimming pool , thinking to say sorry to Soumya for what he said to her yesterday….He saw Dadi coming …….but a worker comes and asks to Dadi whether to shift Rudy’s stuffs back to his room..

Dadi: Yes, Do it as fast as u can. As there is Puja in evening so everyone will be busy

Worker: Ok, Mam ( he leaves)

Rudy: But Dadi….Soumya is there in that room na..

Dadi: Soumya didn’t tell to you? Her mother is not well so she went back to her home

Rudra: When?

Dadi: Yesterday & today I got call from Pankhuri (soumya’s Mom) that Soumya will not come back as Soumya got admission in a college nearby

Rudra: then Y u didn’t inform me Dadi?

Dadi: Why should I inform u? Its their personal matter

Rudra: But Soumya is my wi………(he does not complete the sentence and goes from there)

(Dadi had a small smile in her face…….after finding that Rudra love Soumya)


Shivaay is still standing in front of the mirror when Anika comes out of Washroom .Anika try to avoid eye contact with Shivaay ,Shivaay also tried to do so (but in my ff I will not allow this so) Anika slips Shivaay hold her in correct time they have a eyelock …..


Om is busy with his work….Svetlana enters the room calling Om Baby

Svetlana: Baby……..You will be tired while doing this …let me help you in reducing ur stress

(She takes paint from Om’s pallete and applies it in his face in a seducing way…Om gets angry by her action but still he tries to respond to it in a positive manner)

Om: Baby….I think you are also having stress let me help you.

(Om takes paint in his hands and pulls Svetlana towards him by her waist he comes close to her to kiss her in neck)

(Svetlana really wanted to whether Om is acting, She made plan with Tia to expose Om but this action of Om made her believe that Om is not acting so she suddenly pushed Om so that he doesn’t kiss her)

Om understood her intensions so he moved closer to her but she pushed Om and escaped from there …. Om had a victorious smile in his face

Screen freezes in 4 parts
1 Shivika eyelock
2 Prinku crying
3 Tensed face of Rudra
4 Om’s smirking face

Precap:- Om makes Svetlana drunk………Shivaay shows Pinky Tia drinking wine……Rudra misses Soumya…….Prinku feels dizzy…..

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