Hey guyzz, Hope u liked episode 1 .But I felt bad as in precap I mentioned Shivaay & Anika’s consummation scene but I was not able to write as I wanted to complete the mystery behind Om and Svetlana’s engagement. But I this episode I will try my best not to disappoint my readers. So here goes my ff

If you haven’t read my first episode don’t worry here’s the link:
Episode 1

Episode 2

Rudra who didn’t know about trio’s plan was sitting near swimming pool putting his legs in water .He was in deep thoughts .He was completely shattered after seeing Om getting engaged to Svetlana. He felt someone’s presence near him .He looked up…. (person was none other than Soumya)
Soumya sat and near him

Soumya: Why are crying Rudy?

Rudy: Rudy who was just sobbing now started to cry?

(Soumya was not able see her Rudy cry she tried to console him but he was not ready at all. He was remembering all past what happened after revelation of his and Somu’s Marriage

Even though Tej loved Jhanvi he holded Jhanvi responsible for what had happened and Jhanvi had decided to leave OM but was later decided not to leave. But Rudy knew that if anything more happens then he will lose his mother for ever)

Rudy came out of his thoughts

Soumya: Rudy what’s the problem?

Rudy: You’re the problem. Because of you my mom was going to leave OM
just because of ur carelessness .

Soumya: But what did I do Rudra?

Rudra: Really Soumya u don’t know what is the reason?(pause)
Why did you tell to shivaay bhaiya that marriage means to u and also keeping mangalsootra with u when we don’t value our marriage . (he pushed soumya towards him)
Look soumya when we don’t value our marriage why did u keep mangalsootra with u because of ur carelessness anika bhabhi saw that and also someone shoot that video. If you was not there in my life this problems wouldn’t have arisen. It’s only because of you. Why don’t u leave me alone and go away so that I will get some peace in my life.

(Telling this Rudy goes from there .Tears started to flow from Soumya. She haven’t see her dumbbell Rudy like this, she slowly wiped her tears and went to her room)

She went near her closet and took all her dress from it and started to pack her bag. Anika entered the room calling Soumya’s name and was shocked to see her packing her bag with tear drops in her eyes

Anika: Soumya why are u packing ur bag?

Soumya( she wanted to cry but controlled herself): I’m going back to my home.

Anika: y?

Soumya: My mom’s not well ,so I need to go fast

(Anika felt Soumya is hiding something, because Soumya never talked in harsh voice )

Anika: But, why im getting a feeling that ur telling lies?

Soumya: Sorry didi I can’t tell the real reason to u. I need to go

(Soumya took her bag and started to moved towards the door)

Anika: Soumya …………. Stop……….

Soumya didn’t wanted to hear Anika as she felt she will fall weak .She went to Dadi and took her blessings .Dadi was confused by Soumya’s sudden action .She asked her the same question where r u going . she gave the same reason. She walked towards main entrance .Looked back at the confused face of Dadi and Anika , she had tears while leaving the mansion .she looked towards Rudy’s room and left the mansion.

Anika’s phone rang……….

Person: Anika did you do what I asked you to do?

Anika: No, Shivaay from where will I get those medicines?

(caller is none other than The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi)

Shivay :- Ok, fine Khanna will now bring a packet . just do as what we discussed yesterday.

Anika: what if the drinks get exchanged?

Shivaay: Nothing will happen just do as I said.

Anika : Ok


Priyanka and Friends are coming out of college after class. Prinku says bye to her friend and slowly started moving towards her car suddenly a jeep comes from nowhere a stops infront of her. She gets Scared. Masked person in jeep drags Prinku into the jeep .Prinku started to shout for help. Masked person covered her mouth with his hands.She bites in his hands. Masked person shouts .Prinku finds the sound familiar.

Prinku (took a log from jeep and asked ): who are u and y did u drag me into this jeep?

(Masked person stopped jeep in a side he slowly removed his mask .prinku became more scared .Yes ur guess is correct its ACP Ranveer.)

ACP: Did u get the answer for both ur answers .now just keep quiet and sit

Prinku : Why are u torturing me? I said sorry for what i did with ur sister.
I regret for what I did, but pls leave me alone pls……. I was an accident I didn’t do it purposefully.

ACP: It may be just an accident for u but for me its my sisters life .U will get the punishment for what u did .U will have to marry me.

Priyanka: What? Never I will never marry you………

Ranveer : Do you want ur Om bhaiya to be in jail ? If yes don’t marry me…..
Don’t worry u have time but today will be our first date …if u agree or not

(Priyanka was in shock, Ranveer parked the jeep near a river and pulled Priyanka from the jeep .They walked almost half an hour and finally reached a place which was fully decorated with roses and other flowers & in middle there was a table and a candle light dinner setup……Priyanka looked at ranveer in surprise)

Ranveer: How is my decoration? Its beautiful na?

Priyanka: Why you are doing these?

Ranveer: Don’t worry priyanka?
( in mind :- Its just a sample more surprises are remaining, Which u will never forget in ur life? Ms.Oberoi)

AT Oberoi Mansion

Khanna comes with a packet and gives it to Anika .

Khanna: Mam, sir asked me to give it to u

Anika: Thanku

Khanna leaves from there

Anika comes to her room with the packet, she closes all the doors and also put the curtains

She opened the packet and was shocked Anika got 440 volt current & she felt dizzy. She sat in couch, she again opened the packet and again was shocked.

(She called Shivaay in his phone……..Shivaay was surprised to see her call)

Shivaay: Hello Anika, hope u liked my plan?

Anika : What the wuck? Shivaay this was ur plan I never expected this from u

Shivaay: What happened Anika?

Anika: oh really Shivaay u don’t know .I will now send u a pic ,tell me what is it?

Shivaay : OK send

Shivaay got a message, he opened the message and was shocked he also got a 440 volt current.( some of U might have guessed what is it in the packet)

Shivaay : What con**m? ………….What the wuck?

Anika: I did not expect this from u

Shivaay : Anika just listen I didn’t send that……… Anika……anika….

(Anika already cutted the call, Shivaay was restless at office so he rushed to home while going home he buys correct medicines( actually Khanna changed the packet as wanted to prank but being scared of shivaay he does not tell)

Shivaay entered the mansion and was surprised to see full mansion decorated.

Shivaay calls out Anika’s name but she is nowhere to be seen he slowly moves toward steps but is stopped but Dadi and pinky

Dadi: stop Billu, A puja is going to take place I want both of u to be with me during the puja

Shivaay: sure Dadi

(Saying this Dadi goes from there pinky stops shivaay and ask him to come with tia for puja)

Shivaay didn’t tell anything he just went towards his room

Shivaay entered the room calling Anika but he was surprised to see Rudy and Om with her
Om and Rudra together called shivaay naughty boy.(yeah guyzz anika told about con**m comedy to om and rudra .They were also surprised but still hey didn’t leave any chance to tease Shivaay

Shivaay: packets got exchanged in shop that’s y

Rudra: Om did u hear someone giving clarification….

Om: Yeah Rudy that also without we asking about it

Shivaay: Shut up both of you. Leave it we will now discuss about our plan

Anika: Make sure that Tia and Svetlana takes the glass correctly

OmRu: Sure Bhabhi

(Omru & Anika goes to Kitchen they make juice for all of them)

Anika marks two glasses with sketch and add medicine in it she ask OmRu to take the juice for family, but due to water content outside the glass colour of sketch faded .But no one notices this while serving Pinky forcefully takes tray from Omru’s hand .She serves Juice to everyone . Dadi asks Anika also to take Anika also takes from the tray
.Everyone drank their drinks except Omru as they felt some mistake have happened . (As expected instead of Tia and Svetlana, Anika and Shivaay drank that drink)

At Shivaay’s Room

Shivaay & Anika are fully under medicine’s effect

Anika: shivaay……….

Shivaay: Anika……………..
(Anika & shivaay called each other’s name at same time and started to laugh)

(Omru was discussing something and they were shocked to see Shivaay and anika laughing like mad people)

Omru together: This means ……………………..shivaay bhaiya and anika bhabhi drank that juice

Om: Oh shit Rudra, we need to do something otherwise big problem will arise…

(Shivaay & Anika was laughing and sometimes they cried finally OmRU decided to go from there as they were getting mad b seeing them)

Shivaay: Anika I need to tell something to you its serious….

(Anika expression changes from funny to serious mode)

Anika : Shivaay even I want to tell something to you …………and started to laugh

But Shivaay was in serious mode only ..He again called Anika ….When she was again going to laugh Shivaay just kissed her…….she was in shock ….. after sometimes he broke the kiss

Shivaay: I love you Anika .I want u to become my small billu’s and billli’s mom.

And my bagad billi .Anika will u be this Billu’s Billi?

Anika (Who shocked by Shivaay confession): Yes, Mr. Bagad Billu

Shivaay In happiness kissed anika (you know where it will be yeah its in lips) anika also reciprocates the kiss slowly its wild ………

Precap: shivaay finds himself near Anika without shirt…….Rudra finds Soumya missing……Jhanvi is stressed as Prinku didn’t reach OM…….Om makes Svetlana drunk………..

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