Hey guyzz this is Maria…………There’s a bad news for my readers…I will be take a short break till April 8th as my exams are coming…Some of the episodes will be posted when I get time …But I’m planning to take a break, so this week is my last week before break after this week I will continue after 8th..On April 8th summary will be posted so that u can get continuation….Pls do pray for me for my exams, it’s a crucial time for me….I will be missing all u guyzz…so here continues my ff…..


Jo cheeje andar se tooti hui ho unhe bahar se to nahi joda ja sakta

If you forgot story of last episode or didn’t read don’t worry here’s the link:
Episode 9

Recap: Villan is revealed (Rumya’s life)… Anika meets Gauri…….A shock for Shivaay…..Prinku is drugged by someone in the family…

Episode 10

Prinku is shown sleeping a person enters her room & calls Prinku…Prinku opens her eyes ….looks at the person…she smiles seeing the person…

Person: Prinku did u take the medicines?

Prinku nodded yes

Person: Good

Prinku: y I’m not able to remember my past….

Person: Its just a matter of time after that u will remember everything

Prinku: Ok Bhabhi

(Person Is revealed to be Soumya..she had a smirk in her face)

Soumya: Make sure that u eat the medicines everyday…It will help u …

Prinku nodded yes

Soumya: Now I think I should leave

Prinku ate the medicine which Soumya had given to her

(Sorry guyxx Soumya is turning negative (not really))

Prinku had just now taken a high dose of drug…but she doesn’t know about it…She believes Soumya so much (Just as Anika believed in Tia during her memory loss)
Prinku falls due to her weakness (she is been taking drugs since her suicide attempt, so she is weak) Ranveer comes there to check her… He finds her unconscious…and blood was coming from her nose….He rushes to her…he calls her name, but there was no response…he carries her to hospital…..


Rudy and Soumya are sitting beside Om…Om is in deep slumber…whereas Rudy and Soumya are hugging each other and sleeping in couch..
Om wakes up to find this beautiful scene …He found Rumya cute…Rudy slowly opens his eyes…He finds Soumya sleeping …He slowly removes hair strands from her face…He keeps on looking at her…He didn’t notice Om staring at them…Om made a fake cough which brought Rudy from dream world and also broke Soumya ’s sleep… She finds herself near her she started to blush…

Soumya: Om bro r u 5n now?

Om: I’m fine …I think I have become an termite in heaven

Rudy: Termite?

Om: I think I have disturbed ur privacy….

Rudy: It’s ok bahiya…We do in our room (Rudy just realized what he said now and bites his tongue …He shout”Ouch”)

Om started to laugh…Soumya was blushing….but she was also doing Rudy’s first aid

They both were lost at each other’s eyes

(Om remembered something similar which happened in his past…He was lost)

Shivaay entered Om’s room (in hospital) with Anika

(but none of them saw shivika , as they were lost in their own thoughts)

Shivaay: Anika …Wat happened to them?

Anika: How will I know …I was with u na…

Anika: I think they r in their own dream world…Come on lets break it…

Shivika: Om!!!!!!!!!!!! (loudly)Om came out of his thoughts even Rumya got scared hearing their shout…

Om: Shivaay tum…When did u come?

Shivaay: Almost 2 mins before

Om: Then y u didn’t call me….

Shivaay : I was doing that only na…

Om: Y so loud….I think my eardrums….had an earthquake…(rubbing his ears)

Shivaay : How many times I called u but u was lost….Thinking about Gauri ?

Om: where did this Gauri came from?

Anika: Who is this Gauri & what is her connection with Om?

Shivaay: Long Story…I will tell it to u when u don’t get sleeps in night

Anika: Oh really

Shivaay: Dekh ….While ur pregnant u will not get sleep sometimes…and will ask me to cook or any other demands will be there during that time I will say this….

Omru: Pregnant?

Shivaay: yep…Anika is pregnant….We came to take the reports…

Omru: Wah shivaay …u r so fast…

Shivika blushes…

Shivaay: I will collect the reports and come Anika u wait here?( he escapes from there)

Om: Congrats Bhabhi…I became Uncle so early….

Rudy: Early? …Look at ur age Om….Its the age to have ur own baby and now ur saying that u became uncle…so early (he giggles)
Look at me I’m just 24 …at this age I became uncle…I know it does not suit me …but I will manage…

Om: Hey ur saying as if I’m 30… I’m younger than Shivaay…He is the one who’s old not me…

Anika (faking anger): Now from where did Shivaay come in this fight…He is not old…He is handsome…sweet,caring…

Om: Rudy ….When we told about Shivaay someone got cut

Rudy: Haa Om…We were just joking…But I think someone took it seriously…Is Shivaay bahiya really that old?

Anika: Rudy…..( she was going to run behind Rudy)

Rudy: Bhabi don’t run ….My niece it there….

Om: Bhabi u sit take rest…we were just making fun of u…

Anika: Where did this Shivaay go, he went to doctor or gone to make reports?

Om: He will come don’t worry…

Shivaay entered the room ( he was facing down)

Om: What happened Shivaay? Y r u facing down? What did doctor say?

Shivaay didn’t say anything…he just looked at Anika…& started to walk towards her…He went her her and hugged her

Anika: What happened Shivaay?

Shivaay didn’t tell anything

Rudy : What did the doctor say?

Soumya: Bhaiya tell something?

Shivaay: Anika is…..not pregnant…

Anika was taken back…The dreams she saw about her baby was crushed….She runs out of the hospital…Shivaay runs behind her…

(Tia & Svetlana looks at them from far…they smirk )


Shivaay enters Doctor’s room..

Shivaay: Good morning Doctor…

Doctor: Oh yes Mr Shivaay

Shivaay: reports? Is it 5n

Doctor: Sorry to tell u Mr oberoi ..Ur wife is not pregnant…

Shivaay: Wat? But yesterday u told…

Doctor: Yesterday itself I told u that I’m not sure about the reports…Reports suggest that ur wife will not be able to conceive

Shivaay: wat?

(Shivaay’s eyes were filled with tears)

He takes the reports and goes out of the room…Tia and Svetlana entered the room…

Doctor: I did wat u asked for now pls leave my family…


Tia and Svetlana enters Doctors home. They keep knife in his Wife’s and son’s neck….

Doctor: Who r u? What do u want?

Tia: It does not matter who we r it just matters what we want

Doc: What u want?

Svetlana: I want Mrs Oberoi’s reports to be negative

Doc: I will do it pls leave my family

Sevtlana: Once it is done we will release them


Tia: Well ….Sure it will be done…Ur work is over..

Doctor leaves from his cabin thanking Tia…

Tia: now see Shivaay…How Tia Kapoor will destroy ur life…

( Author’s not: anika was given Abortion medicines by Svetlana in her food…Now no baby is there..It’s so sad…But soon good news will be there)

(Svetlana and Tia laughs)


Ranveer brings Prinku to hospital…

Ranveer: Doc don’t know wat happened to her…pls do something

Doc: Nurse….Take her to emergency room

Prinku is treated in emergency room…Ranveer is standing outside

(Oberoi’s were not informed as everyone was busy thinking about Om…Only Jhanvi remembered about Prinku she used to visit Prinku daily…but today she went to hospital to meet Om)

Doc comes out of the room

Ranveer: How is she?

Doc: She is critical….Continuous consumption of heavy dose drugs have affected her neuron systems…She is really weak..

Ranveer: Drugs??

Doc: When we did test large amount of drug content was found in her body…These drugs r not easily available in India…Thus her chances of survival is low…

Ranveer: What r u saying doc? She does not use drugs…then how will drugs be there in her body

Doc: If someone have forced her to eat …It is also possible…some of the cases which I attended had similar problem…but drugs were her case drug is so strong…Pls excuse me…

Saying this Doc goes from there…

Ranveer thinks about the moments which he spent with her their eye lock , their date, camp scenes, etc….(Ranveer had hatred toward Oberoi’s but he can’t see anyone hurt ….he was just like his father ,who can’t see anyone hurt, but his sisters were just like his mom)

Ranveer eyes had tears he remembers all the tortures which he did to her…He always had a feeling that Prinku is different from others, but his hatred didn’t allow him to believe this…(Accident everything was just a drama to destroy OM, but he didn’t Knew that he has fallen for Prinku)

(Author’s note:- I know it so fast but still there’s a shortage in time so I decided to reveal Ranveer’s love..Sorry guyzz)

Doc came out again

Doc: U can meet her Mr Ranveer

Ranveer rushed to her ….

Ranveer: I’m sorry Prinku ur going through this because of me…I’m really sorry for that….I was behind my revenge I didn’t see ur innocence nor truth…I know I was Blind…U r the one who opened my eyes…Then y ur not opening ur eyes now Prinku…I really want u in m life…

Today I have discovered a very important truth in my life ..I Love u Priyanaka….Pls open r eyes(Tears from his eyes falls in her hand she slowly opens her eyes…


Anika is running through the road … Shivaay is running after her…Her eyes were filled with tears..Shivaay also had the same…Anika stops seeing a Auto…she stops the Auto & gets inside…

Anika: Bhaiya temple…

Shivaay who was running called Anika’s name but she didn’t respond..

Shivaay slowly started to walk towards his car…He goes to OM thinking Anika went to there…He reaches OM but does not find her…


Anika started to move towards the ideal …She started to cry…Asking y u did this to me…She was crying so badly…A Girl is shown entering the temple with Puja utensils…Her face is covered with duppata….She comes and stand behind. Anika got a feeling that someone close is standing near her….She turned to find Gauri standing behind Her..

Anika: Gauri u? Y r u hear

Gauri looked at her in surprise as she don’t know u

Gauri: Who r u?

Anika: Yesterday Om ‘s accident….U helped…

Gauri: Now who is this Om?

Sorry guyxx I know this a bit bore but still from next epidsode will be best..

Revealtion from tomorrow it will be available…Pls do somment and suggest.Rumya’s scenes were not proper….I know its bcoming bore but from next episode there will twists coming up

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