Hi guys, hope you all will like my ff. Thank u so much for ur comments I didn’t expect it at was really a surprise for me. I thought my ff will be rejected whn I saw it published i was at cloud 9. It was literally a shock for me. Sorry guys for wasting ur here starts my ff
Recap:- Anika and Shivaay accidental consummation…Om and Svethlana’s engagement…….soumya leaves OM…prinku and ranveer go on a date….

(This episode will be continuation of Ishqbaaz (original)and also ignore grammar mistakes)

Tej is now a changed man he loves Jhanvi very much , But his past Svethlana is still behind him .He still belives svethlana but not more than jhanvi ,Due to his past Om has no close connection with Tej. Om don’t know the fact that Tej don’t love svethlana but loves Jhanvi. So in order to save his parents relation is going to take a tragic step)

Episode 1

Shivaay: Anika did you call OM?

Anika: yes,but he is not picking my phone

Shivaay :(in mind where the hell did Om go?)
Anika u try again I will try to call Badepapa

(while both r busy with phone . Jhanvi and Tej enter )

Jhanvi: why everyone is looking so worried Tej?

Tej : don’t know I will ask shivaay.
(Shivaay gets surprised seeing Tej. He could n’t believe in his own eyes)

Shivaay : Bade papa u here then who is getting engaged to svethlana?

Tej (in shock):what svethlana’s engagement?with me?

Shivaay: If its not with you then with whom its with?
(Suddenly Anika say Om, Everyone look towards the main door ,Everyone’s was shocked to see Om dressed in Suit )

(Shivaay, Jhanvi and Anila rushed to Om & covered him with questions)

Om: Relax Guys, one of u ask thn I will answer one

Shivaay: Om, Why r u dressed like this?

Om: Why can’t I dress like this shivaay?

Anika: No, Om he meant that u usually don’t wear this types of clothes that’s why he asked like this

Om: That’s because everyday is not my engagement na?

Everyone together: What?
(Om in a high tone shouted svethlana.
Everyone’s gets surprised to see svethlana wearing the same colour dress as Om.She comes near Om and Stands with him)

Om: Meet my Would-be- wife Ms.Svethlana

(Jhanvi was boiling with anger she went near Om and gave him a tight slap on Face ,she cried and went from there Tej went behind her )

Om with any gulit in his face makes Svethlana wear the ring and she also makes him wear ring
Everyone was shocked to see Om like this he had completely changed. He didn’t even said anything to his brothers nor went to his mother to console her.

Everyone went back to their respective rooms

(Shivaay silently goes to Om’s room ,But u know Anika she saw Shivaay going to Om’s room she slowly peeped into the room and was shocked to see Om and shivaay laughing. Accidentally her leg hits a table and vase falls from it .Om and Shivaay was shocked to see Anika)

Anika: It happened accidentally sorry for this
(She was trying to escape from there but shivaay pulled her towards Om’s room .She was shocked buy shivaay’s sudden action)

Anika: Shivaay pls leave my hand. Its paining…

Shivaay: I will leave first tell me what was u doing here?

Anika: Me

Shivaay: No me

Anika: Ok I will tell .I was just following u

Shivaay: y?
Anika: Because I felt something fishy

Shivaay: Ohh u felt something fishy or something else.….(with a pause)….(after pause)…..I think we should tell her truth.

Om: Yeah ,she is my bhabi na she have the right to hear the truth

Shivaay: Before ur bhabi she is my wife so I will tell her truth

(Shivaay just realized wat he said just now & a small smile appeared in his face)

(Anika was shocked to hear that Shivaay mention her as his wife she started to blush shivaay notices this)
Om tell Anika the truth about his and Svethlana’s engagement.He also said to Anika that its all a plan just to remove Svethlana completely from Tej and Jhanvi’s life. By proving in front of Tej that Svethlana is greedy)

(Anika had tears in her eyes after hearing the truth .She found that Om can go till any end to save this family from breakingjust as Shivaay
She was again surprised to find herself that she blushes whenever she thinks of shivaay and have a question mark in her mind about shivaay)

Shivaay: Om wanted me to include u in our plan but I felt that u will overact and would destroy the plan

Anika: (Anika who was in deep thoughts came back when she heard shivaay’s comment)
Bagad Billa what u think of urself ,UR telling I don’t know to act. Your telling me as if u know to act. Oh I forgot bagad billa will be bagad billa always. (she teases Shivaay)

Shivaay and Anika again argue everyone rushes to Om’s room and is surprised to see Anika and shivaay. Om also gets shocked seeing family members so started with his acting
Om pushes Shivaay and Anika towards door and then closes the door .Shivaay and Anika realizes that they are in between the family members in order to escape from question they continued their fight and came to their room.

Both of them started to laugh badly suddenly Shivaay realized how he saw Tia smiling seeing Om’s and Shevthlana’s engagement.He stops his laughing and says about this to Anika…..(shivaay already had some doubts on Tia after seeing this he felt that his doubt is true there is indeed a conncetion between tia and svethlana)

They both plan something which is muted…………….

Precap:- Shivaay and Anika gets intimate under medicine’s effect…..Soumya leaves OM after Rudy blames her for the happenings …………….Priyanka gets kidnapped by a stanger………

Sorry guys I gave you all fake hope ,but don’t very next episode precap will surely take place I promise you .I wanted to reveal truth behind Om and svethlana’s engagement I really wanted to add shivaay and anika’s consummation but could n’t as ff became tooo long so I decided to add it in next episode .soory once again next time I will not disappoint u .PINKY PROMISE

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