Hi I’m Maria,
This is my first fan fiction. I was a silent reader who don’t comment in a fan fiction but usually enjoyed every fan fiction of SHIVAY and ANIKA.I think I’m ur time .so here’s starts my fan fiction…….

(This fan fiction will be based on current track but there will be a major deviation)


SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI: A young arrogant business man, who loves his family more than anything especially his brother’s and his sister, but this arrogant man’s attitude towards life changes when he met her( Anika).He slowly stopped believing in blood,khandhan,etc.

(Their marriage took place as the same way in serial. It was a forced one but they are happy inside but don’t know to show it).
DADI: she likes anika very much .(same as serial)

PINKY SINGH OBEROI: Wife of Shakthi Oberoi and mother of shivaay .
She don’t like Anika, as she is a middle class girl.

TIA KAPOOR: A girl who wants to take revenge from Oberoi’s for killing her Father,But no one knows her reality .Pinky wanted Tia as her Daughter in law .But did not happen(same reason in serial).

OMKARA & RUDRA SINGH OBERIO: Cousin Bro’s of Shivaay but they themselves consider as brothers(They are same as serial.Rudy’s marriage truth is reveled &also omkara and svethlana’s engagement also will be taking place)

PRIYANKA SINGH OBERIO: shivaay’s cousin sister .Sister of Omkara & Rudra.
(Prinku’s love story will be also there in my Fan fiction)

RANVEER RATHORE: is an ACP (same a serial his sister is in coma because of prinku and he want revenge)

SOUMYA TENDULKAR: she is sweet cute girl (same as serial accidentally married Rudra)

TEJ SINGH OBEROI: Father of Omkara,Rudra & Prinku

JHANVI SINGH OBEROI : Mother of Omkara,Rudra & Prinku (she didn’t try to suicide as in serial)

SHAKTHI SINGH OBERI: Father of Shivaay

SVETHLANA & ROMI: Sisters of Tia,they alo want to destroy OM

Shivaay and Anika accidental consummation………Omkara and Svethlana’s engaged………..Soumya leaves Oberio mansion…….

After reading Character sketch and Promo don’t think that its same like serial it has more SHIVIKA AND PRIVEER SCENEs with twists. I’m only concentrating in their story because DIL BOLE OBEROI is coming which shows RUMYA AND OMKARA AND GAURI’S love story .SHIVIKA have ISHQBAAZ but still I like them very much and ALSO PRIVEER………….

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    1. Maria

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