Playful love Story episode 9


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episode 9:

bihaan(pointing towards sanskar):PAPA

swara eyes widens and looks at sanskar shockingly.

bihaan runs to sanskar.sanskar and all the students hell shocked. bihaan jumps on sanskar waist hold his hand around sanskar neck and kisses all over his face.All widen their eyes seeing the screen.swara runs towards them.

bihaan(excited):papa papa

sanskar(while widening his eyes):who the hell r u ? first leave me

bihaan jumps down and smiles widely in extreme shock.

sanskar waves his hand infront of bihaan.

sanskar(confused):Hello who the hell r u (shouted) Excuse me

swara comes stands infront of bihaan and look at sanskar.

sanskar:swara what happened? did u know him

swara(fumbles): haaa haaa i know him.His name is bihaan. He is my friend.

sanskar face expression changes : FRIEND

Thapki(teasing): what happened……. san..skar? ….why she…… could not ….have boy as fri….end.

sanskar angry look to her.He turns to swara.

swara:sanskar i am sorry for him.

sanskar(low voice): u come home i will see u (smirks)

swara freezed there.

sanskar(murmurs): These both r really mean to be friends.Both have same habits always jumps on my waist.

Thapki hears this & laughs.sanskar glanced at her.She stops.

swara takes bihaan their seat.He is not able to came out of this shock.

swara:Bihaan Bihaan(goes near his ear & shouted) Bihaan.

Bihaan jerks & smiles widely.

bihaan(happy): swara i could not believe that u and that boy what is his name (remembers)ha ha sanskar. u both are looking like my parents.

Swara(shocked): what ?

Bihaan: ha swara sanskar looks like my father VARUN.

swara : But how can this happen i am really confused.

bihaan: me too i am also very confused. i could not believe my eyes.

Before swara could speak the principle came started his introduction about college, professer & calls all student one by one to introdue about themself.
Now its lunch break the college provided food to their seat itself.
Swahaan talks friendly & soon became best friends.
Then the seniors welcomes the freshers.They gives various performance.All the freshers enjoyed a lot.The lecherous also dance and sings.In all time Teju eyes thasan.
Both was talking & laughing togther.
Teju eyes thapki evily.
The college got over at
haan bid bye to swara.He moves towards the parking let.He sees sanskar taking his car & thapki bids bye fo sanskar and left by her car.

bihaan shocked to see swara gets in sanskar car.

Bihaan(to himself): y swara is going with sanskar ? i have to ask swara (smiles) but i am very happy for both.I will them fall for each other.

sanskar is driveing the car& swara was beside him. swara looking outside.

sanskar: swara how was the college? Did u liked it ?

swara turns to him(smiles):ya sanskar I like this college. i enjoyed a lot.i told u know Bihaan my friend.

sanskar looks little bit angry hearing his name

swara: He is funny.He tells so many
jokes.I was laughing like a hell.He is such a nice guy.

suddenly sanskar phone rings.
He picks the call.


dp: sanskar where u now

sanskar : near the college.what happened

Dp(tensed): sanskar i mistakingly gives wrong files to u. u come fast to office.Now the time is 3.30. I don’t know want to do. within half an hour the clients will is very important project to our company.

sanskar: don’t worry dad i will come in 10 min

dp: beta it will take half an to reach office from college.

sanskar: dad i will handle it.bye

He disconnected the call.

swara(worried):what happened

Sanskar:swara put ur seat belt tightly.

swara(confused): for what

sanskar(loud voice):i said put ur seat belt.

swara blinks at him.

swara(fear): i don’t know to put seatbelt

sanskar came close to her & take the belt his hot breath touches her face.
she closed her eyes to feel it.He put her seatbelt & parts away.Swara opens her eyes.

sanskar:swara whats time now

swara: 3.30

sanskar:k get ready

swara innocently blinks at him.
sanskar started the car with high pitched sound.He drive the car in 100km speed.swara could not keepup with this speed & shouted ‘aaaaaaaaaaaa sanskar y r u going like this’
He doesn’t care what she is saying.

sanskar stoped the car with jerk.
sanskar: swara whats is time now

swara: 3.40

Both gets down & sanskar runs to office swara runs behind him.
He sees dp & goes to him.

Sanskar: dad what happened

dp : only 20 mins over what we will do? we have to do prepare the presentation.

swara: papa yesterday itself sanskar the presentation na

dp: no swara i gave him a wrong file.that file is completly opposite in this project.

sanskar: don’t worry dad

dp gives the file

Sanskar came out of the cabin.
swara &dp followed him.

He stood on table: atention pls Guys i will tell u about project u have finish the presentation. i will divide u all into four groups.i will divide the presentation part into four equally.i will give it to each group u have to finish it within ten mins.Which group finishes first will get special bonus in salary of this month.okay

sanskar divides the groups & tells the preasentation part to all groups within 2 mins.He also started working. After 20 mins.The clients came sanskar and the staff finishes the presentation.
sanskar gives a wonderful presentation.
The clients agrees for this project.dp thanked sanskar.

sanskar:dad this is also my office u don’t worry i am there na

both hugs and swara see them their love & bond.swara gets more impressed by sanskar.

swara(to herself): i love u sanskar not from today from childhood when ever u come to pune for ur vacation i will play with u & fight with u.when u went back to mumbai i misses u very much that cute silly fights & ur concern make me love u more.(smiles) I love u sanskar & always loves u.

she sees sanskar coming towards her.

sanskar: come lets go home its already six.

swara: ha sanskar.
Both went to mm.

In mm
Ap & laksh planing something.They heard a horn sound.Laksh thumbs up to ap.

ap: k laksh go & hid somewhere.

laksh hids under the stairs.

swasan entered.

ap: hi swara how ur day did u enjoyed ?

swara(touches her feet): yaa maa i enjoyed a lot.

sanskar: mom i am hungryi want eat.

ap: sanskar i did not prepare anything

sanskar: mom plz do something to eat

swara: ya maa i was also very hungry.

ap: swara i am to my college friend repection.

sanskar: what? for ur collegemate now only repection.

Ap(bites her tonuge): haa i know my friend ragini’s thrid wedding with her dr. neil kanna.

swara(confused): maa these two name somewhere.. ha in “itna karo na mujhe pyaar” serial.

ap(thinks) : omg swara is very brilliant in serial.anu do something .

ap: no she is that ragini.she is my friend ragini .

sanskar: mom i am dam hungry pls make something

swara: don’t worry sanskar i will make something

sanskar: ha swara go na

she was about to go.
ap stops her.

ap : swara stop Only for two members u r going to cook

swara: maa but laksh and paa

ap(in one go): laksh went to his friend and he have dinner there itself.U papa is coming with me.u both stop aruging with me.U both have dinner in resturent.

swasan(shock): dinner

ap : ha dinner u both go and enjoy
(pushes them out) its my order.

sanskar:but mom

ap: shut up sanskar

swasan unwantedly went resturent but not swara.She was in cloud nine.Her heart is jumping in happiness.

screen freezes on the swara’s happy face.


precap: swasan liplock.

SORRY GUYS I WAS BUSY IN MY EXAM PLS FORGIVE ME.On Monday i will give romantic & masti epi surely.

Hope u guys enjoyed the episode.guys pls do comments.
its my humble request.

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