Playful love story (episode 7)


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episode 7:

sanskar: acha mom i am going to college. THAPU also coming with me.

ap smiles:THAPU also same college.

sanskar smiles : yes mom but unfortunately not my class.Because she is taking fashion.k bye THAPU will be waiting.

dp: oh thats very good THAPU is there with u.

laksh:THAPU di is smart.

swara feels jealous.

swara(irrutted):Who is THAPU??

sanskar smiles : she is my best friend from kindergarden.My soulmate.

swara expression changes into sad.

a stammered voice from door.All looked at the door.A beautiful girl is standing.

sanskar(smiles widely):THAPU

He goes & hugs her

swara was hell jealous & very angry.
she brokes the hug.

Thapu(stammered): Sanskar….do..n’t…call….Thapu
she pouts

sanskar(smiles): sorry thapu(bites his tongue) i mean THAPKI(yes she is our thapki)

(she turns towards swara) who is she sanskar.

ap: my d..

sanskar holds his aps hand.she look at him.He shook his head not tell.
swara notices this.

Ap: my friend sumi’s daughter.she is also ur college only.

Thapu:oh (forward her hands) I…am…Tha..pki.

swara(forwards her hand):I am swara Bose.y r u stammering thapki

Thapki smiled.

Thapki: swara..i am… stammer

swara look at shocking because she is stammer.

sanskar: Girls lets go to college it already 8 k thapki u go & wait we will get our bag from room.

swasan went.

Thapki: CHACHI
(yes she is ap sister sulekha’s daughter)
swara… is very beautiful.sanskar is very lucky to have swara as a wife.

laksh: how do u know di

ap(smirked): i only call her here for a plan.

laksh:for what maa

ap: to make swara as possessive.

laksh:wow mom nice idea but how u got idea.

ap:all credit goes to u laksh

laksh(confused):what i did

Flash back saying by ap

Laksh: swaru u don’t worry bhai will also be possessive.

suddenly i got idea about POSSESSIVE.
At that sanskar takes thapki i messaged thapki to come to home & share my plan.At that surpraisingly sanskar takes thapki name.

ap: swara don’t know thapki is sanskar’s SISTER.did u see swara’s face laksh she is very jealous.

thapki: chachi.. u r really… dra…maaz

trio burst out into laugh.


swasan arraging their bag.

swara:sanskar y laksh says like that my teeth is very strong

sanskar:he is indirectly saying u bies my neck

swara:then u r lucky to have me.

sanskar stopped his work and turn towards her.He Walk towards her with a smirk.
She steps back.Finally she hit the wall.
He comes close to her

swara(panics):sanskar we r getting late.

sanskar:shhh (places his finger on her lips)(whispers in her ears) laksh saying u r very wild.Husbands like wild wifes iam very to have wild wife.

swara blinks at him.He steps back take his bag & went down.swara smiles and went down.Trio thapki,swasan went college.Laksh went to school.

swasantha entered the college.swara mesmerized to see the college.It was beautiful beyond her expectation.Her head is up & staring the buildings & garden.

(stammers=….)Thapki:swara…..did u.. liked… the coll..ege.

swara smiles: no thapki i loved it

thapki: ha swara if..u have any pro..blem ask me ..i am there…for u

swara:thank u soo much thapki (hugs her)

sanskar: thapki see there our old friends also there.come lets see them.

Thapki: k


sanskar:swara u go to class we will talk to them.

thapki: but sans..kar

sanskar: thapu

swara(cutely):its ok thakpi

swara pouts.thasan went.

swara is walking on corrider angrily murmuring alone.
swara(murmuring):How can he leave me alone.How can he go with that thapki. Thapki is sweet girl but my husband is there know dumboo

suddenly she hit with a guy.she was about to fell but he hold by waist.
He stares her cutely.He makes her stands properly.He continously staring her.

swara(angry):Hello who r u men?

screen freezes on the guy’s face.


any GUESS who is he?

Hope u guys enjoyed the episode.guys pls do comments.
its my humble request.

Credit to: Nive

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  1. Arunika

    Just guessing the guy’s name… it Bihaan?

  2. Awesome

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  5. G.Chandu

    nice..!! Is he bihan??!!

  6. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Waiting for next one… Update soon…
    I think the guy is bihaan….

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  8. Such a sweet one luvd it

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    Is that what means f laksh saying? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Hee hee lols..
    Jealousy is in air now.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think he is bihaan. ๐Ÿ™‚ I dnt wnt druv in this lvly ff. :-/
    & nw by also cud be a plan f our ap. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Next epi asap. Plzzzz.
    Keep writing
    Be hpy always
    Lv u.

  10. Nive dr…. As I said, amazing. .. Carry on….

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  13. Vaikha

    Oohhhhh… Im loving ur ff.. Its tooooooo good.. Now comes someone who is gonna make sanskar jealous.. He needs its tooo.. Waitinggggg for all nok jhoks.. Such a cute ff.. Plsss..plssss update regularly dear.. Dont make us wait for so long….

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    awesome…guy must be bihaan

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