Playful love story (episode 6)


Hi guys!!!!!again Nive here.very very Thank u guys for ur support especially SREE,CHANU,AMEERA & LASEENA.

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episode 6:
swara(in sleep):first kiiissss

sanskar take a breath and kisses her cheek.she jerked from her sleep.
she looked at him shocking touches her cheeks .swara widen her eyes. and looks at him.
sanskar remembers last night moves little far due to fear.He touches his neck where swara bite.

swara(shocked):sanskar what is this

sanskar(afriad):are r alright swara

swara:sanskar y did u kiss me

sanskar(shocked):swara u only asked me.

swara:(looked him) no sanskar i did not ask and haa how will i ask u.y did u kiss me sanskar without my concern how dare u sanskar (tears)

sanskar: swara i am sorry

swara(tears): what sorry huh?

sanskar holds his ear:sorry

swara(wipes her tears):its ok sanskar. I will forgive.

she hugs him.

swara (monoluge):oh my god swara what a plan? I thought he will find me i am acting.I already wake up the alarm rings.I just play a prank him.
she giggles.

sanskar broke the hug.

sanskar(confused):y r u giggling

swara: arey nothing
she picked her dress and about to enter washroom

she looked him like what

sanskar:i need to talk very important issue

swara: ha tell sanskar

sanskar:vo That don’t tell anyone in college that we r married


sanakar:i don’t want to anyone about ur name MISS.SWARA BOSE
not Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.

swara sadly nodded and went washroom.Later both ready to go to college.Swara wore a dark rose salwar with matching ornaments and french flat.Sanskar wore a light pink t-shirt and white jeans.swara mesmerized seeing him.Both went downstairs.Swasan see
a lady from stairs that lady back is shown wearing green top till her knees and black jeans.The lady serving food laksh & Ap.
The lady turns.

swara sees her & get shock.Swara faints because of shock & about to fell down but sanskar holds her.He made her head lie on his lap.

sanskar: swara swara(pats cheek)

The lady to them with water.She sprikles the water in her face.
swara opens her eyes slowly.
she see the lady again in shock slowly get up sanskar lap widen her eyes and mouth.

Lady:what happened swara

Swara:MAA (yes that is AP)
U will wear this type of dress

Sanskar,Dp & laksh burst into laugh

Ap:swara….I am sometimes wear to this type of dress only.

Laksh(laughing): but swaru y u fanit?

sanskar(laughing):lucky don’t that question to swara ask that question to mom.(teasing)she only make my wife faint by showing her face

ap holds sanskars ear.

sanskar:aaaaaaaaaaa mom aaaa its pain aaaa

ap: u r teasing ur mom

sanskar:u r my sweet mom na leave me plz sweety sweety its paining

ap: oh i am sweety(leaves his ears) thank u my son

swara admiring their bond and mesmerized to see sanskar.

dp holds sanskars ear

sanskar:aaaaaa dad want happen to u

dp(teasing): who the hell r u to call my wife sweety u don’t dare to call my wife sweety understood moreover i only have the full full rights on her.

ap blushes

sanskar(smiles): k Mr.Maheshwari Mrs.Maheshwari is all yours plz leave me.

dp leaves his ears.

Dp(pats his cheek); thats my boy

ap blushes
sanskar put his hands around the ap shoulder.

sanskar(teasing): i could see someone is blushing

ap hits him playfully.swara enjoying their bond.

swara: maa u r really lucky to have a very possessive husband.

ap & sanskar smiles.

Laksh(teasing):swaru u don’t worry sanskar bhai also will be possessive husband

swara blushes and ap smiles.


laksh(point his finger towards sanskar):see see possessive.

sanskar:stop ur drama

ap:stop it boys come lets have breakfast.

All seated in dining table,start eating theirp breakfast.

Dp: sanskar what is that in ur neck

sanskar who was eating recalls swara bite him on his neck & spit the food and started coughing.Ap pats his head.swara continously eating her food to escape from dp quesition.

ap(concern):sanskar drink the water.
sanakar drinks the water sliently.

Dp:sanskar r u alright

sanskar:haa haa dad

Dp:K what happened to ur neck.

Ap:what happened sanskar.

she touches his neck.she presses it.


ap:what is this sanskar how it happened? how u got bite here?

swara started to eat fastly.Laksh notices her and smiles.

Laksh: (teases)Bhabhi i think u have very strong teeth(giggles)

ap(confused): what do u mean laksh.
she realised what he is trying to say

ap giggles

laksh:mom one thing i know bhai is very lucky to have bhabhi.

swara smiles innocently.she don’t understand what he is actual saying.

sanskar: laksh talk like child u r not adult.Talk only good things

swara: y r u always scolding laksh? He is praising only me what is ur problem

Laksh & ap burst into laugh

sanskar: u r impossible i am supporting for u but u(he shook his head)

swara pouts angryly

sanskar: acha mom i am going to college. THAPU also coming with me.

ap smiles:THAPU also same college.

sanskar smiles : yes mom k bye THAPU will be waiting.

dp: oh thats very good THAPU is there with u.

laksh:THAPU di is smart.

swara feels jealous.

swara(irruted):Who is THAPU??


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Credit to: Nive

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  1. Omg.. already one is making me laugh like mad at her ff.. nw anothr nive has also com to make me crazy.. thnk u for this chapie.. whole chapie ws entertaining.. loved it.. hahehe whole family is dramabazz.. swasan scenes ws awsm.. waiting for nxt part.. jealousy is gonna b in air in college

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  3. Wow….awesome epi…eagerly waiting for ur next updates…..

  4. Awesome….:-) plz make it long one

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  6. Tamanna

    Hey it’s awesome…. Give more swasan scenes….
    Waiting for next one… Update soon

  7. Vaikha

    Good one dear..but missed swasan cute nok jhoks.. Waiting for next upate.. Good going dear..

  8. nice and plz post ur another ff love beyond age

  9. Hii nive..
    I ws waiting 4 dis epi.. Cnt u update this ff daily?? Plzz.. I rly cnt this ff sooo much.. Its rly vry cute. :-* :* thnkx 4 include my name in upper cmnt. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Omg… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ swara!!Such a drama queen na. Awww my poor sanky gt afraid bz f her.. Sankys family is sooo sweet. Lv their bonding. AP in western clothes.! Its shd be rly nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hey i rly ddnt understand what lucky said!!? =_= @[email protected] Its confusing me.. Cn u plz tell wt da meaning f dat?
    & who is thapu????
    Keep writing dr..
    Lv it vry much..
    Next part asap plz…
    Be hpy always ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Keep smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

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