Playful love story (episode 5)

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episode 5:
swasan room
swara and sanskar look at each other after ap left.swara unknowingly put the bedsheet in floor.

sudden sanskar whistled at her


sanskar agained whistled at swara looked at her like ‘look at urself’.swara realized she wore only towel.she shocked.and looked at sanskar.He looked her from top to bottom and smirked. she panics seeing him.He start walk towards her.she picked her dress and run to the washroom.sanskar laughed look at her act.

swara started talking to herself while looking at the mirror.
swara: oh my god i am really nervous how i am going spead tonight.If he do something with me tonight.(start biting nails and panics) Moreover today we kissed.(she remembered that short liplock and blushed)but i feel happy when he came close to me.(touched her lip and smiled) Because i lo…
sudden she heard knock sound.she opened the door and shows her head only to him.

swara:what do u want

sanskar:how long will u take

swara:hello girls have more work in washroom

sanskar(innoently):what work

swara:vo vo its girls matter.

sanskar:bolo na

she closed the door very harshly on his face.


she smiled at his childesh act?.she changed her dress and came out.she is wearing simple white salwar.

sanskar:oh thank god she came out
He rushed to the washroom.she smiled at him.
He came out wearing black shorts and white t-shirt.

swara mesmerized seeing him.He came towards her.He waved his hand infront of her.she came to her sense.
He rised his eyebrew at her like ‘what’.



swara(realized):vo vo vo


swara:vo u look handsome

sanskar(smirked) ohh really.
He came towards.

swara bites her lower lip and walks backwards.Finally she hit the wall.
He came very close to her.
His hot breath touches her neck.She is breathing heavily.He whispered hear her ear .

sanskar(in husky voice): even u look beautiful(smirked)

He caressed her cheek romantically.

swara(stammered): pls..leave…me

sanskar: y r u breathing heavily


sanskar(atitude):ooohh u want me to leave u?

swara nodded her head fastly.

sanskar:haaa haa i leave u (husky voice)but y u put soo much lipstick on ur lips (his thumb touches her lips) and kajal on ur eyes(touches near her eyes)and finally this perfume(he takes a breath to smell the fragrance of the perfume). WHY?(smirked)??

swara avoids eye contact with him.

sanskar made her look into his eye. Both had a passionate eyelock.

“”ahem ahem””,someone from door

both parts and composed themselves.
both get embrassed.

sanskar: dad

dp:vo vo sanskar take this file

sanskar:haan dad

dp:This is Multinational national company check this file and give a presentation in office tomorrow evening 4 sharp k

sanskar smiles : ha dad.

dp left.

sanskar close the door and opens the file started to read

swara: sanskar can i ask u something

sanskar while looking at file: haan bolo

swara:R u working in papa’s office

sanskar looked at swara and came to her .


swara widen her eyes

swara:what at this age?????

sanskar:hello my dear wifey i am 18 remember that.

He again took his file and started reading.
swara arranged her stuff in the wardrobe.

After sometimes

sanskar:haa finished

swara:so soon within half an hour u ur presentation.


He go towards the bed

swara:where will u sleep

sanskar:what question is this of course bed only.

swara(sad): oh k i will sleep on the couch.

she turns to the couch

sanskar:swara wait u also sleep on the bed.

swara turns happily
suddenly she realized what had said

swara shocked: “also”


swara:i thought u will sleep on the couch

sanskar chuckled: hello Mrs.sanskar maheshwari i am not a serial hero to sleep on couch.

swara: but u look like hero(giggles)

sanskar lips are curved widely.
she sleep covers herself on rightside of the bed.sanskar switched off the light and sleep on other side.

Mid morning,
sanskar jerked and opens his eye sue to sudden sound.He see swara is sitting beside sanskar.and shouting something continously mad , smiling face, laughing

swara (while widening her eye and smi):Hey sanskar don’t touch me if u touch i will bite u Hey sanskar don’t touch me if u touch me i will bite u

sanskar places his hand on her shoulder.

swara throwed his hands from her shoulder.she looked at him

swara(angry):Hey sanskar doesn’t touch me if u touch me i will bite u

sanskar widens his eyes in afraid

sanskar(stammered):swara….. what… happened… to… u
He slowly shakes her

swara(shout and laugh like mad):Hey sankar don’t touch me if u touch i will bite u

sanskar stand up and shakes her fastly

swara jumped on sanskar hip.sanskar catch her in his hand.His hand is on swara around her back.Her both legs r around his waist.swara holds his hair for grip.
swara bites his neck hardly.

sanskar:swara aaaa what r doing aaaa

swara bites more harder and he groans
contiously.she leaves him

swara(laughing like mad):i said naaa if u touch me i will bite u if u touch me i will bite
suddenly she fainted
He slowly patted her cheeks.
she opens her eyes

sanskar:swara r u k

swara:ya fine

she looked herself and him.she shocked.she removed her hand from his hair.

swara(widen her eyes):y r u lifting me like this

sanskar:hello first u only jumped on me.

swara:what i told ?

sanskar:u don’t remember any thing.

swara:what happened i was sleeping but u only lifted

sanskar:what me

swara:haa first leave me first.

He leaves her suddenly.

sanskar:y r u behaving like that

swara(realized):did i murmured

sanskar: no murmured shouted like hell
(changed his voice like her)”Hey sanskar don’t touch if u touch i will bite u.”
what is this swara

swara(bite her tongue):from childhood this probelm is there.After our marriage.

sanskar:whatever but u bite my neck.see this(shows her)

swara(teared eye):sorry sanskar i don’t mean to do that

sanskar melts: its ok now sleep

swara nodded her head and start sleep.
sanskar sleep beside her.

Next morning,
It was beautifull morning.swasan sleeping peacefully hugging eachother.swara’ head is on sanskar’s chest.
sanskar jerked and opens his eye while laying on the bed.
but swara sleeping peacefully.

sanskar gently placed swara on bed. He off the alarm.

sanskar:swara get up(pats her cheek)

swara(in sleep ):what my sanku dear

sanakar(to himself):sanku werid
to swara:swara get up its 7

swara(in sleep unknowingly):sanku cutey morning kiss

sanskat: what kiss swara first get up

swara(in sleep):first kiss sanku


swara(in sleep):first kiiissss

sanskar take a breath and kisses her cheek.she jerked from her sleep.
she looked at him shocking touches her cheeks .


Hope u guys enjoyed the episode.guys pls do comments.
its my humble request.

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