Playful love story (episode 4)

episode 4:

swara falls inside the pool and shouted aaaaaaa

the guy sees her falling and search her inside the pool.

Under the pool

The guy went near swara and swara sees him .He is handsome and dashing. They had a cute eyelock. They both mesmerized seeing each others inside the pool.Unknowingly both came closer.They looked eachother very deep.
They lips were a inch away. They lips touches unknowingly.they soon came up due to lack of oxygen under the pool.

top of the pool

Both breathing heaviliy.

guy: y r u fall in the pool idiot? u don’t have brain.

swara: hey hello i fall by
u know whom u r talking with give some respect

guy:ya i know MRS SWARA sanskar maheshwari.u got married when u r 12years old. ur parents name is shekar and sumi .A average student .A traditional and homely girl.And ur dil of this house.

swara shocked and surprise before she could say anything.Ap and laksh comes there hearing swara’s shout.

Ap:what happened? y r u inside the pool?

swara and the guy came out of the pool .They both were fully wet. swara shocked and tensed . seeing both together.

laksh giggles

laksh(teasing): maa i think we should not come here now because BHAI is romancing with her .

guy:shut up lucky

ap giggles

swara(confused):maa by mistake i fall in the pool. who he is(pointing towards the guy)

laksh(laughing):swaru he is my dearest bhai and ur sweetest husband SANSKAR.

swara immetiatly looked at sanskar in shock

sanskar: yes i am sanskar maheshwari.but y r u here(wink at her)

swara keeps staring sanskar.she did not listen what he said

ap(fake angry):sanskarr this is also her home.


ap(laughs):its k my boy don’t make that face.(to swara) swara swara……….

ap keeps her hand on her shoulder.
swara jerked

swara(stammered):ha…. maa ….bolo

ap:swara what happens

swara(blushes lightly) : no nothing maa

ap(smilies):acha swara from tommorrow on words ur going to college k

swara(smiles):thank u maa

ap(fake angry):heyyyy u dil how dare u to said that?

swara eyes become wet.
ap sees her eyes and hugs her.

ap(while hugging):swara don’t cry.i was just kidding.i am ur maa na so no sorry and thank u

swara(broke hug):k

ap:from onwards i have 2 sons and 1 daughter.

laksh:swaru my mom is very dramaaz

swara laughed nd ap beat him lovely.
sanskar is staring at her(unknowingly)

laksh(teasing): bhai stop staring her. she will not go away from u.?

swara blushed?

sanskar:?hey lucky ke baccha

he started chasing lucky around the pool He catches him and beat him.

swara: maa can i change my dress because i am fully wet it freezing.

ap(smiles):ha beta go and change

swara left and sanskar comes to ap

sanskar: mom y did u like her

ap: because she is special for me

sanskar(pouts)?:she came na u will forget me

ap(beat him lovely):sanskar

sanskar(laugh): kk don’t be angry

ap and sanskar left

swara room

swara is standing near the dressing table wearing only a towel.

suddenly sanskar came inside her room.
sanskar looks at swara without blinking.
sanskar and swara equally shocked.

swara(shouted): aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Immetiatly swara covers herself with bed sheet and sanskar turns back.

sanskar:oh i am sorry.

swara(shouted):how dare u to enter my room

sanskar turns immetiatly

sanskar(attitude):hey hello this is not ur room .This is MY ROOM.

swara(shocked):what but maa told that this my room.

sanskar(shocked):what mom said

swara(confused): ya maa only told me

swara sees something and shouted aaaaaaaaa and hugs sanskar. Due to unbalance both falls on the bed.

ap comes there

ap sees them and looking down in sky

ap(teasing while looking down):ahem ahem before romancing close door 1st( guys sanskar is shirtless and swara in towel)

swasan embarrassed. immetiatly swara covers herself with bedsheet.

sanakar:mom nothing like that.

ap(teasing):ha ha beta i believed (giggles)

ap(sad): ha but swara did u shout

swara: maa actually and tells her everything.

ap started laughing .sanskar & swara look at each other confused.

sanskar(confused) mom y r u laughing and tell her that this my room

ap: sanskar i know this is ur room but now onwards this is URS and SWARA’s ROOM.

swasan is shocked: WHAT ??????????

ap: kya ? what happened ?

sanskar: mom how will i share my room with a girl.

swara:ya maa how will i

ap cutted her

ap: swara u both r married. u both r husband and wife.

sanskar:mom i will stay with this brainless girl

swara glances at him angrily

ap(angry): sanskar….. stop ur non sense she is my dil and moreover
she is ur wife.

swara:maa how

again ap cutted her

ap(holds swara hands):swara… u trust me na please accept .this is ur sasu maa’s wish please.

swara melts : k maa only for u

sanskar(angry): but maa i will not accept for this and moreover this my life. I want some freedom freedom

ap cries like a child

ap(crying): sanskar ….. i am …ur mother…i bear u … my womb….. for 10months……. i am ur mother ……i have full on u.. i loves u alot ….but ….u..u

sanskar(melts):no i loves u very much mom don’t cry please it hurts. mom this ROOM is OUR ROOM

swara: ya maa don’t cry

ap:k betas l am happy u both go and sleep its late.

ap gets out and cleared the tears in cheeks and smiled at laksh and shows THUMBS UP to him.?

both burstout into laughing

ap:laksh plan success.

and tells him everything

again burst out into laugh

laksh(laughing): wow …mom..what a acting…ur a no1 actor mom.

screen freezes on ap ‘s face.

hi guys i hope u all like this episode. PLEASE COMMENT guys.

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