Playful love story (episode 3)

hi guys ! swara did not even sees sanskar in this 6years.

episode 3 :

sumi: sanskar is state first in 12th

swara shocked and opens her mouth o

seeing her everyone burstout into laughing

piya(while laughing): oh my god sanskar is state first but you ha ha
what a pair yaar ha ha ( piya is sister swara’s bhabi pari.)

swara chases and beat her

swara:pari bhabhi see her

pari(fake angry): piyaa don’t tease her

sumi: acha swara ur sasu ma wants u to stay in her house so you r going to mumbai next weak.

swara(tensed):no maa i want to study
i will not leave my studies

piya(laughing);what swara….ha ha…..u want to study.ha ha….. oh …my god..ha..ha

swara pouts cutely

everyone burst into laugh

sumi:swara u r going mumbai to study in mumbai so ap wants u to stay in her house not anything else(teasing)
don’t imagine over k

swara:maaaaa i can study here na

sumi:ur sasu ma wants to take care of u please swara plz for me . this is my
bf ‘s wish.

swara(smiles):k ma for u and hugs her

swara(broke the hug):ma which college.


next week

swara’s family bid farewell for swara in the airport and swara went to mumbai.


At mumbai university,

A guy came out of his car and walked inside.
The 2 girls starts flirt with him.

girl 1:hey look at him how hot he is! i think he is going join this college??

girl2: ya kavya i am also new here he will surely fall for me

kavya: shut up kavita i am beautiful than u so he will fall for me.

kavita: hey u duffer he is mine.

kavya: ? how dare u call me duffer and moreover he is mine
by saying this she pulls kavita’s hair

kavita:hey he is mine go away
she pulls kavya’s hair.

they started pulling eachothers hair
and fights for him rolling on the floor.

the guy sees them: crazy girls

the guy gets admission in college then he went to his home.


swara landed in mumbai airport

a guy comes to airport and went towards swara


swara shocked.

swara(happy):LAKSH(hugs him)

laksh(broke hug)swaru how do u find me

swara: because i loves u laksh (guys confused right)

laksh:come swaru lets go home.

swara : haa laksh mom will be waiting.

laksh and swara went home.


annapurna and durga prasad welcomes swara and mesmerized seeing her

ap(kissed her forehead):swara beta how r u how was my sumi

swara(smiles):mom i am fine & maa is also fine. how r u mom

ap(tears):u came na i am very happy.

dp:annapurna don’t emotional ur make up is spoiling

ap and swara laughs . laksh came there.

laksh: swaru come with me i want tell u so many things

ap pulls laksh’s ear

ap: laksh i told 100times u should respect elders .

laksh: aaaaaaaaaa ma

ap:u r only 15 YEARS OLD. Call her bhabhi

(yes laksh is sanskar’s younger brother and swara loves him as her son from childhood)

laksh:k ma swara bhabhi….. (ap leaves her hand)

ap:that ‘s good boy(smiles)

swara: mom its ok he can call me whatever he wants

laksh:i loves u very much bhabi

laksh leaves

ap:swara u go take rest for some times

swara:k maa

ap took swara to her room.

swara gets freshen up and she is wearing a blue colour salwar.

swara comes downstairs.she starts searching for sanakar.but suddenly she hears a sound of water from backside of the mansion.she went to backside and see a swimming pool.

A guy(the same guy) swimming in the pool with shorts.He is swimming inside the pool .

swara tries to see him but suddenly she shouted aaaaaa

swara falls in the pool.


guys i hope u all like this episode.
plzzzzzz comment me. If anyone having doubt you can ask me.

Credit to: Nive


  1. Neha

    Wow…eagerly waiting for next pary…sanskar entry and swasan meet wow….plz make it long one next

  2. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…. Nice but pls dont make sanky hate swara…. First hate and then love…. No pls…. I want a cute love story….

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