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Episode 21:

Professor started the lesson.
Swara(in mind): oh oh the class is really boring.(looks at Soniya who is sleeping) huh she is sleeping but I am not getting sleep also( looks at Sanskar who is seriously listening in the 1st bench) oh my God my hubby is looking cute while listening(pouts) I have to confront him about the kiss.ha idea ? I will write a sorry letter to him.

Swara write something in paper and throw it on Sanskar but unfortunately Sanskar bends down it lands on professor’s hairless head,baldness(vayukai)
Swara widens her eyes and bite her tongue.All the students start laughing ? Professor got angry and take the paper and read it “S?RRY” is written..
Swara gets afraid.

Professor(angry): who is the hell?? who throwed paper at me??? If you don’t get up by yourself then I will give punishment to the whole class

Swara slowly get up while closing her eyes tight.Sanskar sees her standing his eyes widens in shock

Sanskar(In mind ): Swara?? Oh no… Trupati sir is very strict He will give tough punishment

Professor(looks at from top t toe): oh You are the one who throwed paper you are coming to study or doing nonsense nowadays girls comes to college for flirting …..(shouts)hey Look I am tirupati I have certain rules you should follow that….

Swara eyes become wet.Sanskar got angry ? seeing this. Sanskar stands confusing all.Swara looked him.

Sanskar(take breaths): sir I am the one who throwed paper at you(Swara looked at him shockingly)

Professor: you??? Did you did that???( suspects)Or you are supporting her

Sanskar(determined): no sir I am the one who did that

Swara(shocked) : no no sir he is lying I only did

Sanskar(stares angrily at her): no I did that

Trupati(fists his head): Aaaaaa it’s like pulling my hair out

Sanskar: you could not do that sir

All started laughing ?. Swara laughs slightly in wet eyes Sanskar smiles seeing her.

Tirupati(boils in anger): both of you come with me

Principle room
Swasan were standing looking down. Principle is walking left to right with red peak nose and a anger…professor tirupati is sitting smirkingly

Swara(whispers): Sanskar Sanskar( hits his shoulder with her)
Sanskar looked at her questionly….

Swara(whispers): Sanskar you go I am one who did that why you should get punishment here go from here

Sanskar(nodded in negative): no I will not if you want you go

Principle(coughs): what is happening???

Swara(inhaled):hmmm fog is happening sir

Sanskar(slaps her head) : cup karo that’s my perfume

Swara rubs her head while pouting angrily …

Principle: stop it Sanskar and Swara I thought Sanskar is very obedient but you

Sanskar : exactly sir i also thought tirupati sir is good in teaching but he

Tirupati: stop it Sanskar sir please dismiss both of them (smirkingly)

Swasan gets shock. Sanskar holds Swara’s hand Swara looked at him

Sanskar : principle sir I want talk to you alone

Principle(nodded): Mr tirupati go out( he left)

Swara(pleaded): I am sorry sir I am the one who did this if you please dismiss me. Please don’t dismiss him

Sanskar and principle burst out into laugh ?

Swara(confuse):why are you both laughing ???

Principle: Swara I am duragaprasad college friend.. I know you are this boy’s wife(slaps Sanskar shoulder)

Sanskar(shouts in pain): ouch uncle it’s paining(seats on chair)

Swara (sighs) : thank God (to Sanskar) you Idiot you should have tell this earlier(to principle) eventhough I am sorry I should not do that

Principle(Smiles): nahi nahi beta
If his head is like play ground children will play in that only

Sanskar : uncle what we should with that Mr tirupati

Principle : slience that tirupati is coming

Tirupati comes inside

Principle (to Swasan): You both shut u I am not going to leave you all I am giving suspension to you both for one day get lost..(winks at Swasan)

Swasan left
In park
Swasan walking With their bags in complete slience

Swara (broke the slience): Sanskar
Sanskar : hmmm(while looking phone)
Swara : Sanskar why we came here we should go home na
Sanskar(still looking phone): I don’t want to know this to mom that’s why
Swara(looks down): hmmm
( looked at Sanskar) Sanskar
Look at me

Sanskar looked at her questionly

Swara(rolled her eyes): Sanskar why do you said like that??

Sanskar(simply): like that what??

Swara(sighs stressfully): Sanskar I am talking about why you said that you have throw that paper

Sanskar : what should I ? It’s not your fault Swara.If the teacher is perfect then only will be obedient..He is just blabbering something to him if he teaches well you would have listen to him nor you will throw paper at me

Swara: you know when I throwed paper at you

Sanskar(holds her shoulder): ya I know as I am seeing all from the starting time through the mirror it was my fault I initially bends to tease you but it goes wrong that’s why (realises what he said) no no Swara I am sorry (interrupted)

Swara(wipes her tears): you did it initially you know what I am the looser here (angry) Mr Maheshwari I never forgive you get lost.(angrily goes from there)

Sanskar(In mind): hey Sanskar what did you did man? I know I did wrong I should only confront her..
Swara goes blabbering something Suddenly One man hits Swara’s shoulder initially. Sanskar notices him seeing Swara lustly and angrily go towards him

Sanskar(to that man): hello excuse me( he turns) you only mister

Man: what???

Sanskar punches his nose and it started bleeding

Man(screams): Aaaaaa blood

Sanskar(dangerous tone): don’t you dare to look at my girl remember that ( punches again)
And any other girl also

The man runs from there.sanskar turns finds Swara standing there.

Swara(angry): why did you punch him?? Sanskar what he did he mistakenly hit me that’s it for that and all you will get angry

Sanskar(irritated): Swara please stop it actually…. (interrupted)

Swara: no Sanskar I don’t need any explanation

Swara walks away from and her leg got twisted.She was about to fall and Sanskar sees this rashes to hold her but hold her carefully in his arms…sanskar stands there shocked…swara slowly opens her eyes and wides her eyes in shock…

Swara(open mouth): Bahubali

Man(laughs): no no darling I am prabhas

Swara(smiles like Idiot ): oh… I… I wo.. actually… Oh my God oh my God I couldn’t believe my eyes

Prabhas(smiles): cool down cool down darling(holds her shoulder supportively)

Sanskar holds his fists ? due to jealous and angry(Murmurs):who the hell he is??? I could not see his dare he to hold my Swara??? And now this

Prabhas :so what is your sweet name ?
Swara: Swara Swara Maheshwari
(confused) you in Mumbai

Prabhas: oh that is darling you know what nive is die heart fan of me I am just giving guest performence…

Swara smiles

Prabhas : you looks beautiful when you smile sister I think your life partner is very lucky(winks)

Swara blushes

Prabhas: is there anyone

Sanskar: hi I am Sanskar maheshwari ( holds Swara by waist) I am her husband
(Swara struggles to get free but Sanskar tightens his grip)

Prabhas(chuckles): oh so you are that lucky man

Swara shows teeth.

Sanskar(bit jealous): OK if you finish you can go I want to talk to my wife(stresses the word)

Prabhas(smilingly): OK OK darling I am going

Swara hits Sanskar with elbow and Sanskar angrily stares at her.
Swara goes towards prabhas

Swara(smiles): one minecan I ask you something?(prabhas nodded)why are you calling me darling??

Prabhas(smiles): that’s my habit.All my fans are my darlings

Prabhas was about to go

Swara: prabhas can you tell me why kattappa killed Bahubali????

Prabhas(pats her cheek): you will get to know darling bye (to Sanskar) you are really lucky man( winks at Swara while hugging Sanskar)

Swara blushes and prabhas left.
Sanskar looked at Swara who having angry face now…

Sanskar: Swara

Swara : Sanskar please don’t start again I hate you I hate you

Sanskar(naughtily smiles ): when did you love me to hate me

Swara (sighs angrily):hell with you Mr Maheshwari

She angrily goes from here.Sanskar smiles sheepishly…

One little girl gives one rose? to her with a dairy milk. One old lady gives one rose ? with a sorry note. A dog comes with a rose ? on it’s mouth and placed on her feet

Swara turns and looked at Sanskar who is having a guitar in his hand and giving 100 watts smiles.She turns her face angrily.

Sanskar started playing the guitar( Swara looks at him) he singing
“”matargashti khuli saDak mein
takDi taDak bhaDak mein
ole gire sulagte se
sulagte se saDak mein
chhatri na thi bagal mein
aaya hi na akal mein
ke bhaagein hum ya bheegein hum akaD mein 
to socha phir 
geela hua hai jo sukhana ho ho ho,
chaahe janaana ya mardaana ho ho ho
phainka naya paasa
phir de gayi jhaansa
ainveyi mujhe phaansa
teri aisi ki ho taisi zindagi..
phainka naya paasa
phir de gayi jhaansa
ainveyi mujhe phaansa
chirkut zindagi you know!”””
{{{fun on the open road,
in solid show off,
burning hailstones rained,
burning hailstones on the road..
I had no umbrella with me,
I wasn’t getting
whether to run, or get drenched, in my airs.
then I thought,
I’ll have to dry what has become wet.
whether it’s for ladies or gents.
(it) threw a new dice
bluffed me again,
entrapped me for nothing,
you go to hell, O life!
it tried a new trick
bluffed me again,
entrapped me for nothing,
this tattered life, you know!}}}

Sanskar says sorry through eyes while making puppy ? face..but Swara is swara she gives “a this is not enough” look and turns back smiles blushingly
Sanskar sings while going back of her like puppy

“””tu hi hai wo
jis se khela tha main kho-kho khela kho kho
tu hai laila, shirin, sohni, juliet
sun lo mujh ko DhoonDho na jungle mele mein
whatsapp pe hoon ha ha ha ha ha ha..”””

{{{you are that,
with whom I used to play kho kho,
you are Laila, Shirin, Sohni, Juliet,
listen, don’t look for me in the jungle or fair,
I am on Whatsapp..}}}
Swara sees some girls playing football.she go towards them and started playing..sanskar came infront of her.swara hit the ball at Sanskar.He catches it and continue singing

“”na tera na mera zamaana ho ho ho..
na ye zanaana, na mardana ho ho ho ho..
pakad paana”””

{{{the world is neither your nor mine,
it’s neither feminine, nor masculine,
to catch it.. }}}

Swara looked at Sanskar with a cute angry pout while her hands are crossed over her chest. Sanskar sings while cartoons men like chota bheem, mickey mouse,Donald duck dances behind him..


“””tu hi hai wo
jisne khainchi meri dhoti dhoti khainchi
o tu DhoonDhe kahaan banday
na main kaaba, kaashi
main TwiTTer pe hoon
DP meri dekho
hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo””

{{{You are that
who pulled my loincloth,
o, where do you search, O believer,
I am neither kaaba, nor kaashi, 
I am on Twitter,
See my DP,
O O O..}}}

“””sun re sun beliya
dil ne dhokha diya
aankhen mileen tumse naazneen
mere hosh-o-havaas kho gaye
ho dil ka bhanvar bole sun saathiya
chhup na dupaTTe mein tu o chhaliya
Prem pujaari ke,
dil ka bayaan hota raha
rota raha priye
to phir Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng…”””

{{{listen O beloved,
the heart has ditched me,
my eyes met yours, O tender one,
I lost my senses,
the whirlpool in the heart says, listen O companion,
don’t hide in your scarf, O trickster,
O, the heart of love’s worshipper
kept saying,
it kept crying, O beloved.
so, Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng…}}}

Swara goes from there followed by Sanskar.
Sanskar (stops her holding her wrist) :Swara (holds his ears in one hand while sitting in his knees) I am sorry baba please forgive me(puppy eyes)

Swara turns her face slightly smilingly..

Sanskar called her: Swara

Swara looked at his hand there is chocolate ice-cream ?
Swara eyes shines…

Sanskar: now will you forgive me

Swara(smiles sheepishly): Sanskar I forgived you a long back ago I am teasing you and ha
Don’t think I forgived for the ice cream (take the ice cream)

Sanskar smiles widely admiring his love eating ice cream cutely like a child.

??Screen freezes??

Author note ?
Hi guys I know I am late and sorry for not updating soon…I am really busy with my personal life.. I don’t have laptop and all I only write in phone… My family did not know about my writing and all.. I am writing these stories for my immense happiness I get happiness when I make someone happy…I suffered so much in life..But the one thing gives happiness that is telly updates it gives me alot of friends like you…
Thanks guys for making me. I thought to discontinue my ff but for you all I am continuing….
With loads of love…
Your Nive

Please do comments girls…….

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