Playful love story (episode 2)

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episode 2

annapurna thought was distrubed. sumi came with swara and make her sit beside sanskar.He filled sindor and made wear mangalsustra. All having happy tears.

ap: sumi i want swara to be here with u.

sumi: but ap

ap: no arguments ok

sumi:as ur wish

ap and durga prasad(ap’s husband) called swara kissed her forehead and gifted a bangle made her wear
swara smiled.

swara: thanks aunty and uncle

ap: no swara u should call us ma nd papa

swara(innocently): if i called u and uncle as ma and papa then what will sanskar call u both

everyone laughed except sanskar
who glanced at her angryly

sankar: mom i don’t like her she doesn’t have a brain also.

everyone laughed except sanskar and swara . sanskar in pouts face and swara give a death glanced at him.

they smiled and sanskar family left to mumbai.

(guys swara and sanskar are friend not best friends. sanskar is silent and he will talk much.swara having elder brother named adarsh 16 years old)

6years leap

In this 6years swara accepted sanskar as her husband when she knows about what is mean by marriage.

It is a Beautiful morning.
A beautiful girl is doing arti.she is wearing traditional salwar.
a another girl run and hug her.

girl: what happened piya

piya: SWARA we have passed in 12th

swara:?? what I passed in 12th !
(guys swara was a failure student in school)

piya:s swara we have pass but low marks

swara: low or high mark everything is pass only na.

swara shouted: maa baba bhai pari bhabhi i have passed my 12th

all come there and all congrats her
suddenly sumi call

sumi: hello ap how r u……… i am fine ap………. what …… sanskar……..congrats……swara also passed in exams………..thats great idea……..i will talk to swara……k bye.
(…. this is refer ap talks)

swara: what happened

sumi: swara your husband also passed 12th

swara blushed and turns her face

sumi(teasing) : oh ho my swara is blushing ha and laughed.

shekar: ha its k my swara

swara( hugs shekar) i love u baba

sumi: and swara very important news that SANSKAR accqired STATE FIRST

swara ‘s blushes gone way and SHOCKED

Screen freezes…


Please comment guys. i hope u all liked this episode.this ff is a full of love story.

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