Playful love story episode 17


Hello swasan fans!!!! Suno Suno ur Nive is came back with a epi. thanku for ur comments.

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Episode 17:
“Shona”a familiar voice.I turned.My face started glowing brightly and unknowingly a wide smile spread over my lips.”shona where you lost? Someone is calling u near the stage.I think she is your friend.I think next is you” my varun said.yes He is my varun.I loved him I love him and I will love him.I didn’t tell him that I love him.Till now we are Best friends and support to eachother.He is my family and all.I stayed in college hostal till I am studying in college it is varun’s order.A month before I finished my college.I came back to my house that is varun’s.once I said that house is varun’s varun reply that it is our house.I think he also loving me.i think think.Suddenly my name was called out from the stage.

Host: Here is next awaited gold medalist student Miss Shona can we have Miss Shona to stage.

My eyes welled up with tears hearing a loud applause for her.i turned towards varun.He wiped my tears and gesture to go up to the stage.I noded like a kid.I nearly run up to the stage.My principal came near me to wear the pedal.I stops him that I want to speak. principal signs to speak.

Me: I miss shona is standing here in front of u all is just because of a man who is my friend who leave his studies for me(teared eye) who gives a education for me.His name is Mr.Varun prakesh.I want him to make me wear the pedal.

All give a round of applause to welcome him to stage.Varun got tears in his eye.He came towards the stage looking at me with teared eyes.We both had a eye lock until he reach the stage.He makes me wear the pedal.All claps.I turned to Mike to speak more

Me:(looking at him):He is Mr.Varun prakesh.He worked in road side hotal for my studies. Now he was owner of a small restaurant named Moon.It’s not luck It’s hard work what he put in it.I am there today becoz of him.Thank u so much.

Me and Varun went down.all gives applause.After few minutes my college started the party like farewell to the graduates.some are dancing on the stage.some are cheering for the dancers.I saw Varun is uncomfortable with tuxedo.He is feeling suffocating with tuxedo.Because he did not wear this type dress.He makes different faces in irritation due to dress.I laughed at him.He too smiled seeing me laughing.suddenly My friend dragged to meet someone.i saw varun.He said to go.Maya and her gang don’t like me.As I was all rounder.Maya poured a juice on the floor.I see this from a far distance.Varun stepped on the juice.He fall on the floor.I rushed to him.All r laughing seeing him.I made him stand properly.I gave death anger glance to all.All kept quiet.One of the flirty Sahil Mehra”‘tubelight guy”.I said in loud voice,Yes He is tubelight because they glow britter He is not 0watts light like u.”.Sahil”” huh whatever shona but why r u supporting him too much.I have 1more question y don’t you have surname but he has a surname.What he is to u”” I “”He is my friend”” Maya “” oh shona who will believe that u both r friend tell me.A familyness girl who is orphan is living with a stanger man”” I slapped her harder. I dragged Varun and went out.I started the car i ride it in very speed aftersometimes the car hit the tree somewhere with jerk.we both came out. i looked at him His eyes were deep red and tears.Seeing this my eyes well up.We both had a painful.we hugged each other and cried out our heart.It starts raining.””I LOVE U””i said.He broke the hug in shock and looked me shockingly.I repeat it once again””I LOVE U Varun””

His eyes well up once again but it is new which is filled with love.He takes me in arms and rotates in two rounds.”I Love u shonaaaa I love uuu” He said laughing like baby.I too laughed and put my hand around his neck.He put me down.He sit on his knees & cried closing his eyes with palm.i was shocked.I too sit on knees & remove his hand & hugs him.I cupped his face”” varun y r u crying? Plz don’t cry then I will also cry””He immediately wiped his tears”” no shona don’t cry I am alright I just get emotions that’s it”” we smiled at each other. “aacchhhh aacchhhh” I coughed twice.” Oh shona it’s raining Na that’s y how can I forgot that u catch cold easily go and sit in the car.”I sit in the car but the cold was heavy.I started shivering.Varun get to somewhere.After sometimes he came & take in arms.He started going.I found a small hut.He went inside the hut.They were already fire is there and bed made of leaves.i know who have done it.I looked at varun questionly.He nods his head with smile.He put me down on the leaf bed.I showed my hand and foot to the fire.He sit beside me.Suddenly a thunderstorm came,I hugged him tightly out of fear.He too hugged me back.I feels something different in this hug.I felt Something is heating inside of me.I pulled him more into hug.He nuzzle his face in my neck.waterdrop fall from his hair to my neck I felt shivering.We both started breathing heavily.Finally we broke the hug.He stares at me in a desired eyes.I lowered my eyes in shyness.He lifted my chin up.He kissed my lips.I too raesponded with equal passion.We both parted away.I opens his coat and throw it away.I don’t know what I am doing.
“Shona” he looked at me shockingly.I felt little embarrassed.He sensed my embarrassment.He kissed my forehead.He quickly remove his shirt.He takes me in his embrace and giving wet kissed on my neck.His hands travel to my barewaist.He squeezes my waist.I moaned his name.He again placed his lips on me.This time he is very wild.He bite my lips.I moaned more and more.He started undressing me.He opens the string of my blouse.I started breathing heavily.Finally he removed all barriers between us.We love to eachother and heeling the pain.Raindrops are falling on us.It gives more intense to us.The fire between is slightly become smooth.We both become one.


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  1. Mica

    what..what..what !!!1 huh! see..even in a hut they can do only romance..gooosshhh!
    rain always waking up our romantic sense..ahem naughty they are..
    you both not marry yeeettt!!!!!!

  2. Awasome….plz upload nxt part quickly …..

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    Nice dear

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    Nice epi…dr!!
    Where hw u been nive.. I ws waiting 4 dis ff 4m soo long..
    plz dnt take dis much gaps…
    Oh god!!
    Their romance!! Blushing
    Soo dats hw bihan cms 2 wrld!! 😉 😉 😛

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

  9. SNY

    Awesome epi…
    Nxt one soon and tc akka….

  10. Scooby

    Im feeling shy.. haha im small kid.. awesome dr.. hw ru?? Tc..

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