Playful love Story episode 15

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Episode 15:

Next day
Swasan, ap & dp r having bf.swasan siting beside.swara & ap were continutously talking.Dp & sanskaar gets irrutated.

Ap(licking her hand): woowwww paneer butter masala was just awesome.Its my favourite

swara: ya me too maa today kavita kaki done very well its really yummy

sanskar(irrutated): excuse me my mummy & my dummy mrs stop ur yummy talks & just fill ur tummy. can u both shut up for sometimes my ear is bleeding.

swara(angry): how dare u call me dummy ?

sanskar(smiles teasing): i have more dare to call u dummy my wifeeeyyyy!!!!!

swara(angry): ek min sanskar(smiles naughtyly)u have call me mrs.swara dummy maheshwari becoz u know sanskar my husband is such duffer definately he is dummy(laughs)

sanskar glances at her angerily.

sanskar(irrutated): hello my idiot can u shut ur mouth for sometimes (whispers)Monkey

swara(angry): i heared it donkey

Swasan continue their nok jhok.ap & dp were closing their ears with crying expression.Dp touches his ear & his ear started bleeding.Ap sees blood in his hand from ear.

ap: Why blood

Dp gives looks to her like he will start cry.
ap touches her ears & it too started bleeding.

ap(shows blood): same blood(pouts sadly)

Laksh comes down wearing uniform & bag.He was smiling widely & blushing.
He sees swasan fighting.

laksh(smiles widely): hi!!!!!!!! guys fighting in the morning

all looked at him amazement.

laksh(confused): y r u all looking at me
(to anu) mom i am going school its already late i didn’t want breakfast
(touches anu feet) mom bless me

anu widens her mouth in shock.Dp & swasan burst out laugh.Anu too joins them.All r laughing with tears & holding their stomach.swara laughs keeping her head on sanskar shoulder.Laksh looks on confusely.

swara(while): ha ha…laksh…….today sunday my bachaa haaa haa ha ha

laksh realized hit his head playfully & blushing hard.All did not notice but but sanskar sees him blushing & suspects something but said nothing.

sanskar(laughs): lucky see ur become like ur bhabhi who used to go school even in sundays always studies studies how sincere (winks) hai na swaraaa

swara pouts angerily & starts beating him.

swara(while beating him): u idoit stupid duffer

sanskar(teasingly): wow swara u know this much words in english

swara(shouts): uuuuuuuuuuuu

ap(holds her ears): bas bas karo u both y r u always fighting with eachother.swara u r shouting like speaker(swara pouts & sanskar looks on) can’t u shut ur mouth for sometimes swara

swara(innocently): how will swara eat without opening her mouth.

sanskar(teases): ya mom she is right.U only used to say that open ur mouth & eat.She is respecting ur commands but u r scolding u r very dangerous mother in law

swasan laughs.ap, dp & laksh gets shock to see sanskar supporting swara. swasan about to give to hifi.But realises their ego & taken back.whole family giggles seeing them.

sanskar(naughty): laksh what is that girl name

laksh(shocked): what (stammers) girl name i did not understand bhai(turns & glups)

swara(confused): ha sanskar y r u asking like that to laksh

sanskar: voh nothing

laksh(covering): bhai y r u asking this question me and girls huh(sighs) bhai u know na i don’t like girls expect swaru mom & sunny

swara(confused): who is sunny

sanskar started coughing.Ap,dp & laksh controls their laugh.Swara sees everyone & pouts.

swara: what happened i am just asking who is sunny

laksh(whispers in sanskar ears): bhai she is very innocent she even did not know who is sunny also i don’t know how r handling her

sanskar sees him angerily with narrowed eyes.

ap(adjusting her thorot): swara u don’t know sunny

swara: ya mom

sanskar(teasing): ho mom how u know sunny(lifts his eyebrow)

ap waves her hand to beat him.

ap: shut up my sanskari son

lakah(naughty): sunny is a heroine sanskar’s favourite.

sanskar sees him extreme angry

swara:oh k sanskar shall we go to bihaan house

ap(confused): who is bihaan?

sanskar: mom my friend & swara’s best friend(pitch him)aaaaa swara mom He staying near thapu flat

ap( smiles): thats good k take this paneer butter masala it is thapu’s favourite she loves to eat that

swara smile fadeaway hearing thapu.
sanskar sees swara’s face & smiles.

sanskar(teasing): ya mom its My Thapu’s favourite dish how can i deny for (loud) my Thapu

swara(pouts): sanskar shall we go

sanskar & ap cuckles.swasan left.

Bihaan flat

Thapki came to bihaan flat & rings the calling bell but already its open.she went inside the room.The room is full of mess.Clothes were lying here & there.Thapki shocked to see the condition of the room.Suddenly bihaan came out from washroom with towel & soap is covered his body hearing sound from outside.Thapki sees Bihaan & shouta aaaaaaaaaaa.Bihaan too started shouting aaaaaaa.she covers her eyes with hand & turns.

bihaan(shouted): u u what r u doing here

thapki: vo..vo … i came. .. here to give
. u

bihaan(shocked): break fast for me

thapki(blushed):vo..u r my …friend i will not… see my ….friend… suffering alone.

bihaan smiles with narrowed eyes

bihaan: soo i am ur friend

thapki nods blushingly & moves to go out but one cloth on the floor makes her on bihaan.Due to unbalance both fells down.Thapki was top of bihaan.
Both had a passionate eyelock.Both were lost in eachother.Eyelock was distrubed my a knock.Thapki gets up & blushed & runs to open the door.Bihaan blushingly went washroom.
Thapki opens the door & sees swasan.

swara: thapki u here u already come ha
(sees soap on thapki’s dress) thapki what is this how soap came here

Thapki(shocked): vo vo..

Bihaan comes: hi guys u all came

sanskar(smiles): hi bihaan

Both hugs.Four sits & started chit chating.

swara: bihaan u continue shovar love story.

Bihaan : ha swara

Flash back

varun: shona My dadi parvati is staying near with my bade papa family we will go their.

shona: u have dadi.

varun: ha my papa & real mother were went out of their house due to some problem

shona: real mother means

varun(tears) :ya My mother is death.When i was born.Then my papa married to choti maa.My choti maa used to beat me & not let me study also.My papa also used to support her only.My step brother also used to hate me.Today was kali ushav in kolkata so we all r came here & all this were happened

shona(wipes his tears): varun don’t worry everything will be fine(smiles & kiss his cheek) All is well.

varun: u what from 7years i am working in own my house i love to go to school but i didn’t went to school

shona(shocked): what varun u don’t go to school. I used to go to school regularly.U know i love school a lot my aim is to become a doctor(giggles)

Varun smiles seeing her.Later he calls her parvati & informs everything.Dadi comes & picks them goes to home.

@Prakash mansion
shovar came there.Both were treated badly.Mr.Amal prakesh(varun’s badi pa)
ordered them to work in his mansion orelse he will throw them out.Both shocked & accepted.He eyes shona with bad intension.

shona is crying hard in the dark given for shovar.Varun comes finishes his work & gets shock seeing her state.He rushed to her.

varun(cupping her face): shona kya ho ha y r u crying

shona suddenly hugs him.Varun hugs her back.He caresses her back gently(guys don’t think wrong there are still kids he he?)

varun(teared eyes):what happened shona

shona(sobbing): varun i wanna go to school.I am dream is to become doctor i want to build a big hospital for poors

varun(wipes her tears): i am there na ur dreams will come true.Thats my promise

shona: sachi

varun(smiles): muchi

Next day,Varun resqusted his badipapa to send swara to school & said he will do all work house.Amal prakesh accepted. 6 months have passed. Shona was going to government school.shovar become very close.One night all r to their relative wedding except shovar &amal prakesh did not go.Amal sends to buys vegetables from far shop.He called maid & ask her to prepare tea & tells shona to bring tea to his room.
@ Amal prakesh room

shona bring tea and gets shocked to him drinking & smoking.He turns & looks lustly towards the little innocent soul.

screen freezes


shovar romance special & maha epi

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