Playful love Story episode 14 [special episode]


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episode 14:

laksh(smiles): special cheif of this house.

Swara: oh but y is this that so she could not come daily

laksh(laughs): it is not SHE It’s HE

swara: oh he.How he will

ap(watering mouth):it will be yummy.If U eat food made by him u will lick HIS HAND

Swara(shocked): what????

ap(realized): chi chi U will lick UR HAND

swara(relief): oh.

laksh(teasing): mom but she can lick

swara confused.Ap beats him playfully.

laksh(pouts): aaaa mom

Ap(smiles): my son laksh always talks like stupid don’t mind ha.

laksh(smiles naughtily): u know what swaru my dramaaz mom used give cheek kissess to the cheif.sooo u can also give(winks?)

ap holds laksh ear.Laksh shouts in pain.At that Dp came.

Laksh(act like crying): papa papa save me from Anuu..?

Dp holds another ear.swara started laughing.

Dp(hold more tight): laksh don’t u dare to tease my sweetheart. I will only call her anu samjhi

Ap leaves lux ear.Ap glances angrily at dp.Dp leaves lux & gulped seeing his anu.Ap holds dp ear.Swara suprised to see ap’s act.Swalak burst out into laughs.

Dp(shouted):aaaaaaa anu aa plz leave me i will give u sorry and saree(smiles)

Ap(leaves): k ji i am leaving u but u have to give me saree for sure

Dp(shows teeth): k my darling(monoluge) if anyone ask her if she want her husband or saree.she will surely choose saree(sighs)

swara(shakes dp): papa where u were? i am aking 1 question y u came so early

Dp:vo vo i always come early on saturdays to eat dinner.(wispers to swalak)U know swara ur anu maa will cook very horrbily.So we were waiting from last week for this.

Lux(whispers): haa swaru dad is day mom prepared carrot halwa but that is not carrot halwa she did salt halwa(cuckuled)

swara tries to control her laugh.

ap(confused): excuse me what r u trio discusing haa.Swara u come don’t be friend with them.They both r liers.u know what swara i will make carrot halwa very well.

swalak& dp burst out into laughs.

ap(pouts like child):why r u all laughing and u swara

Swara(control her laugh): no maa nothing.(to dp)papa do u know who the special cheif i am asking maa from long back she is not telling atleast u tell na(pout)

“Its me my darling”a voice behind.swara turns & get shock widens her mouth

swara(stammers): sss.sans.kar u(widens her mouth “O”?

sanskar(smiles) : ya its me

He comes close to her & close her mouth with his finger

sanskar(teasingly whispers):sweetheart colse ur mouth or else any mosquito will enter ur mouth.(smirks)

swara(unbelievable): what u r the special cook

swara burst out laugh.

sanskar(cold voice): is this is comedy for u

swara(controls laugh): nahi nahi In ur childhood if u see the cooker itself u get afraid but u r cook.
Who afraid for cooker now cook

Laksh(laughs): swaru darling u r saying the truth i could not believe that.

ap: haa she is telling the truth.(smiles naughtyly at sanskar)u know what swara when sanskar 7years(winks at sanskar) one day the cooker whistle…
Sanskar cutted her.

sanskar(pleads): mom mom y r u telling these things to her plz don’t tell her plz

swara(smiles winingly): sanskar chup maa u tell

sanskar(pleads): no mom plz

ap(smiles naughtyly):sorry my son my dil wants to know swara hearing the cooker whistle sound sanskar

sanskar closes swara ear.swara tries to free herself from him.

swara(shouts): sanskar leave my ears

She pushes his hands.Swara while fighting with his hands”maa u can continue.”

ap: sanakar passess urine in his pant itself(laughs)

All burst into laugh expect sanskar.Especialily swara laughs holding their stomach.Sanskar stares angerily at her.

Sanskar(angry): All laugh today i am not going to cook

apdplak(chores shout): What????? plz forgive us

But Swara still laughing hard.sanskar signs them that swara still laughing.apdplak stares at her.Swara stops seeing them.

sanskar: Excuse me Mrs.swara afraid maheshwari this is not that much funny.

swara(confused): What mrs swara afraid maheshwari

sanskar(teases): If u call me afraid u will be Mrs.afraid only na

swara makes face.

Sanskar : acha mom what can i do tonight dinner

apdplak(chorely shouted):Chicken Briyani?

swara(shocked): Maa u will eat non veg but

ap(watering mouth): ya swara l could not live without briyani.I love briyani.

sanskar: mom its already can u help me in cutting veg

ap looked laksh.Laksh signs at ap to see swara.Ap nodded & smiles.

ap(acts): nahi sanskar i will not help u becoz ‘Yeh hai mohabbatein’ serial will come.(acts like thinking) ha swara (to swara) swara u help him na

swara (in mind) swara think cleverly u r going watch romanic serial or u r going to romance(giggles & smiles like mad) vah swara 2nd one is awesome

ap(shakes her): swara where u lost.

swara(smiles): nothing maa.(to sanskar) sanskar come i will help u

sanskar: its k swara i watch ur favourite serial

swara: sanskar who said that my favourite seril.I don’t like this serial.Its really boring.

aplak widens their mouth & eyes in shock.places their both hand on their cheek.Both looked at eachother & see up to get flashback.

ap: swara u will yeh hai mohabbatein serial

swara(excited): of course maa that is my favourite serial ever.Its just awesome & interesting too.If i miss 1 epi also i will become upset.

laksh: i too like that serial.

FB end

aplak is still in shock.Dp is seat on sofa.
Swasan left to kitchen.

In kitchen

sanskar instructed swara to cut onions & tomatoes.Then started his work.Suddenly swara shouts aaaaaaaaaa

sanskar(shocked): swara what happened

sanskar sees her right palm deeply cut with knife.Swara started crying loudly like kid.(guys she is still a child. only 17 years old)
sanskar(teared eyes): swara u wait i will come

He runs to his room.Apdplak comes to kitchen hearing swara crying.All r shocked + worried.Sanskar came back with first aid box.He nursed her right palm & tied the white bandage.Swara is still crying.

ap(worried): swara r u k its all becoz of me i only ask u to cut vegs.

sanskar(curses himself): no its not ur fault.Its all becoz me(teared eye)i should not allow her to cut vegs.

ap(concern):its k sanskar.(to swara) swara r u k na plz don’t cry(teared eyes)swara don’t cry then i will also start cry(pouts) then my makeup will be spoiled.

swara laughs little while crying but still she is crying.ap hugs her.

ap: swara come & 1st stop crying

swara(sobbing): i wanna be here.

sanskar thinks something to divert her mind & he got idea

sanskar: nahi mom let her be here. i wanna teach swara how to make briyani so plz(sign her that he will take care)

apdplak left.

sanskar(cutely): Are you ok baby?

swara nods sadly.

sanskar: so 1st stop crying (wipes her tears) R u ready to know how make brinyani

swara stops crying.she nodded sadly with a smiles.She sliently listens to him with excitement.

sanskar(while preparing):1st we have already Soak basmati rice for at least 20 to 30 minutes.Marinate chicken using ingredients under marination. Set this aside. That also i done.Now we have turn on the flame…

He take the ligher & about to turn on the flame but stoped by swara.

swara shouted:no no don’t turn on 1 min


swara runs to the door & stand.

swara(cutely with pout): now turn on.

sanskar(confused):Y r u standing there? what happened to u?

swara(sadly with pout): i saw in news that gasstove will brust.

sanskar laughed little.Swara pouts more.

swara(annoy with pout): y r u laughing ? is this a joke?

sanskar(nods his head in no): no.okk now if i turned on the flame i will die..

swara runs to him & placed her hand on his mouth.Both had a passionate eyelock.

Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin (x2)

Tere bin, tere bin..

(Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa
Ga Ma Pa San Ni San Ni San Ni
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Dha Ni San Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa
Ga Ma Pa San Ni San Ni San Ni
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma
Ga Re Pa Ma Ga)

[swara(angry): don’t u dare to talk like that samjhi

sanskar noded with smile on his lips & takes her hand from his mouth.He goes behind her & hugs her from back.swara shocked.

swara(shock):sanskar what r…

sanskar(cutted her): sshhhh

sanskar put her hair on one side.He takes her left hand in his hand & takes lighter.He placed his chin on her shoulder.]

Bawre piya lagge na jiya
Dekho mera man jalta diya
Jalta diya bhujhe na piya
Bhujhe na piya jalta diya

Hmm Mm..

[He placed his chin on her shoulder.He takes swara hands & about to turn on the flame.Swara closed her eyes tightly].

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin

(Pa Pa Pa…)

[Sanskar sees this & smiles.He kiss her nape.swara opened her eyes.He takes her hand & turned on the flame.]

Bawre piya lagge na jiya
Dekho mera man jalta diya
Jalta diya bhujhe na piya
Bhujhe na piya jalta diya

Hmm mm..

[Swara smiles seeing the the flame.He kisses once again her nape.Swara closed her eyes & started breaths heavily.Sanskar started kiss from down to up of the nape.]

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin..

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin..

(Pa Pa Pa…)

“sanskar beta” a voice from door.
Swasan departs in embarrassment.swara blushing hard.sanskar brushes his hair in shy.

sanskar(smiles): ha ramu kaka

ramu kaka(smiles): beta u asked coconut milk here it is

Ramu kaka went out very fast.

sanskar looked at swara who was blushing.

swara(diverts the topic): k k u continue

sanskar(smiles): k we have to Add oil to a cooking pot and now the oil gets heat .Add the dry spices and saute till they begin to sizzle(while saut ing).Then Add onions and fry till they turn golden. Add ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw smell goes off.(takes a breath)Add chicken and fry till the color slightly changes to pale.Add chopped tomatoes, yogurt, red chili powder, corinader leaves and mint.Cook till the mixture turns thick and dry.

swara(excited): sanskar it smells awesome(giggles)

sanskar too smiles seeing swara.

sanskar(smiles): swara By now the chicken should be almost cooked soft.Add the rest of the masala powder and fry till we get a nice smell.Mix together water or thin coconut milk and salt in a separate bowl. Check the salt , it must be slightly salty. swara taste it & check

sanskar puts a drop on his hand.Swara licks it.(becoz swara right hand is injured)

swara(smiles): mmmmm perfect

sanskar(smiles): Since salt is already added to marination, use little only. Pour this to a the chicken pot, bring it to a boil.Drain off the rice completely and add it to the pot or cooker.Cook till the water very little is left. We have to Cover the pot with lid. Turn on the flame at low flame
we have to cook until the rice is done. If rice is under cooked, we can also sprinkle little water and cook further.Let the pressure go down. Fluff up the rice with a fork. Or transfer it immediately to a wide utensil to prevent turning mushy.If desired you can drizzle one spoon of ghee, coriander leaves(sprinkles).Now briyani is ready.we can Serve briyani with onion raita.

swara(takes a breath): it smells so nice i wanna eat

“sanskar come fast” said by 3 hunger bears that is ap,dp& laksh from hall

swasan came to hall.Following them kaka comes with briyani & raita.The 3hunger bears already seated in dining table & waiting for their briyani.
swasan came & sit beside to eachother.

ap(hunger+ water mouthing): sanskar how long will u take to do briyani.I am dieing. ramu kaka plz serve fast

swara smiles at her sasu maa’s childishness.Swara thinks something & smiles like mad.

swara(acts): aaaaaa my hand ( looked at ap with fake teared eyes) maa it is very tough to eat with this hand

ap thinks something.

ap(smiles): sanskar feed swara na

sanskar(shocked): y should me mom u feed na

ap: sanskar 1st answer my questions.Who cooked the briyani.

sanskar(annoy): what kind of question is this mom

ap(strict): answer me 1st who cooked the briyani

sanskar: me

ap: who is her husband

sanskar: me

ap: who has to take care of her

sanskar: me

ap: Then who has to feed her

sanskar(unknowingly): me( realized) mom this cheating u confused me.

swara(fake tears): its me maa i don’t want briyani go i am going (cry loud)

sanskar(worried): swara don’t cry acha i will feed u

swara is jumping in her mind.swara sliently sit.sanskar feeds her briyani with his hands.All prasied sanskar.

dp(while): vah vah sanskar briyani is just awesome

ap(kisses sanskar cheek): superb my son its really very yummy.I am eating 3rd plate.

laksh: bhai its just awesome swara is really very lucky(winks at swara)

sanskar stares him angerily.swara blushes.All eat the briyani with joy & all chitchat with eachother.Finally all went to their rooms.Sanskar finshes eating now only becoz of feeding swara.sanskar went to kitchen to wash his hands.Someone pulls him.He shocked to see the person.It is none other than His swara.

sanskar(confused): what r u doing here

swara pulls him by collar & kisses on his cheek.

sanskar shocked looked at swara.

swara(smiles shyly): briyani is very nice(kisses on other cheek) this is for feeding me(giggles)

she runs from there shyingly.Sanskar sees the way she runs.He brushes his hair with his palm hand while bushing.

screen freezes


Shona-Varun ka love story

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