Playful love Story episode 12

Hi guys ur Nive here.THANK U SO MUCH GUYS FOR UR LOVELY COMMENTS.guys sanskar turned 18 last month.Swara is 17.

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Episode 11

episode 12:

@ bihaan’s flat balcony

bihaan : swara see this photo my parents shona varun(shows the photo to her)

swara shocked to see the photo & wide her eyes.

In the photo frame swasan photo is there.

swara(shocked): i could not believe my eyes this is impossible how this happen

bihaan(smiles): first i also reacted like this only but truth is this only.I think is a reborn

scene shift
Sanskar driving the car & recall the yesterday night.


swara(while breathing heavily): I LOVE U

sanskar did not hear what she told.

sanskar(shouted): kya

swara(loudly): i love you i love u sanskar but i am afraid.

sanskar looks at her shockly.
swara laughed loudly.

swara(while laughing): look at ur face ha ha ha u believe it ha ha ha ha april fool my cute foolish husband.

sanskar(confused): swara what happened to u? u r not in ur senes its already late come lets go home.

swara(pouts): no no(shook her head in no) i will not come u r very bad from childhood.U always irritates me.(hold her hand across below her chest.)My mumma told me that not to go with bad boys.(childish tone).I will not come thats final u know na i am sturborn.(pouts more)

sanskar chuckled : i know ur very sturborn and i know how to handle u also

swara(laugh): how? how u will handle me ? u will lose mr.Maheshwari.I am really very sturborn.

while saying this she sit on the road.& winks at Sanskar. He thinks something & smiles naughtyly.

sanskar(smiles naughtyly): k mrs maheshwari now wait & watch.

Swara looked him innocently.Sanskaar lifted her in his arm.Swara starts beat him with hands & shouting at him to leave.she strugles to free herself from his grip.He did not bother her strugles.He simply carries her to car.
He places her on car carefully.

swara(shouting like baby): nahi nahi i will not come with u. u cheated me u could not win u really bad (cries loudly) let me go from near.(sanskar took her dupatta) what r u doing?? hey u idi…

Before she could complete sanskar tied her mouth with her dupatta.

sanskar(while tieing): first stop blabbering.keep quiet until we go home.Don’t even try to free urself.K

swara keeps quiet & Noded..He driving the car to MM. All while swara staring sanskar angerily Yet cutely..Sanskar notices her & smiles.

sanskar(smiles): u look so cute.

He continous driving.

@ MM

sanskar stopped the car.Again he lifted swara in his arm & went inside

swara struggling to free from his grip.He makes her stand.

sanskar(angrily): swara what happened to suddenly? Did u drink alcohol?

swara(crying?): sanku what r u saying am i looking like a dranker.

sanskar(to himself): Oh my god this girl na (to her) i am sorry plz stop crying swara

swara(still crying?):1st Plz me to get forgive

sanskar(show teeth): swaru darling my beauty cutey sweety charmy wifey Plz forgive ur sanku Baby(hold his ear)

swara(wipes tears like child): ok i will forgive u.

sanskar(strictly): k now u go & change ur dress.U have drenched in rain.U will get cold.Go fast

swara(pouts):No i won’t change.U r really bad guy.I will not respect to ur words

sanskar thinks something & smiles naughtyly.

sanskar(smiles naughtyly): its ok swara.(teasing) i will change ur dress

swara(shocked): no no i will change(pouts) myself.

sanskar(smirks): that’s good Mrs.Bosee opps Maheshwari.K i will go & change come 1st.(went to washroom)

swara went near wardrobe & started messing the wardrobe while searching for dress.She found a gift packet.On top of the PIYA name is written.She open the packet.Inside that again a packet with letter.She takes the letter.

Swara(childishly): How this packet come to my bag ? That piya might have kept.(reads the letter) A gift from ur lovely friend piya.This gift is for ur 18th birthday.I know that i won’t be there with u that day.So i kept this in ur bag.OPEN THIS AT UR TURNED 18.It will useful for u.ALL THE BEST.

swara(cutely): huh i don’t have that much patience.

swara opens the packet & found a short sheeveless gown till above her knee.

After 10 mins sanskar came out while rubing his wet hair with towel.Swara came & stand infront of him.He did not notice her.

swara(husky voice): sanakaar

sanskar looked at her shocked + lost + stunned+ mesmerized+ widen his eyes + mouth open.
Swara is the same short frock gifted by piya.

swara(waves hand in front of him): sanskar where r u (giggles)

sanskar(fumbles): wo wo y r u this kind of dress

swara(smirks): am i looking s*xy(move towards)

sanskar(moves back): wo wo ya ur looking s*xy

swara(smriked): oh really (move forwards)

sanskar gulps & moves backward.Suddenly he hit on bed & fell on bed.swara comes top of him.
she leaned towards him. Suddenly “LUNGI DANCE LUNGI DANCE” His phone ringtone.Both r still in the same position.

swara(litly dancing): Superb ringtone sanku mama

sanskar(confused): mama???

swara(husky voice): ha sanku cutey (pulls his cheek)

sanskar(smiles): k 1st get up from me

Swara(sturbornly): na

Before he could say the phone again start ringing “LUNGI DANCE LUNGI DANCE”
swara angrily get up from him.Sanskar sighs.Swara gets his phone & attend the call.

phone conversation

swara(angrily): hello who the hell is call now

customer care(girl voice: Hello mam we r from customer care

swara(pouts): customer care means

customer care(smiles): Taking care of customers For e.g. This phone is belomgs to Mr.sanskar na so He is our customer.

swara(angrily): hey hello excuse who the hell r u to taking of my husband?
Don’t u dare to care about him.

sanskar burst out into laugh by hold his stomach

customer care( fear); vo mam u r mistaken

swara(angrily): whatever

customer care(fear): mam can plz give the phone to Mr.sanskar.

swara(angrily): hey u 1st talk to me & y r u calling my husband. I will kill u his mine only mine 1st cut the call.

She angrily throwed the phone on bed.
Sanskar stops laughing seeing her angrily.swara comes to sanskar & again laid top of him.She unbuttoned his shirt and throw it on the corner.Sanskar shocked &widen his eyes.She bite his neck hardly.

sanskaar(scream):aaaaaaaaaaa swara

swara(angerily): y r u laughing like mad ? what i said is true u r only mine

Both had a eyelock.

sanskar(straight to her eyes): Do u love me?

swara(straight to his eyes): yes i love u sanskar (tears) but i am afraid of losing
u becoz i know u did not love or like me (suddenly hold her head) aaaaaaa

sanskar(worried): what happened swara

swara(dizzy): i wanna sleep(closes her eyes& hug him & sleep

sanskar sees sometime & about to get up from her grip.She pulled him back.

swara(murmured): plz sanskar don’t leave me.(tightens her grip on him)

sanskar hugs her back tightly.He kisses her forehead.

sanskar(to himself): who said swara that i don’t love u.I used to irritate u becoz i love u.I used to scold u becoz i love u.I used to plead to be that i did not like u becoz i want to ur love on me.I LOVE U SWARA.(smiles) but u r still kid swara u have to grow baby (chuckled)


@ bihaan flat

sanskar reached the flat.He get & started seraching someone

@ balcony

Swara in confused + shocked about shovar. Bihaan sees sanskar & gets happy.

Bihaan(happy): sanskar

swara(confused):what sanskar where is he

Bihaan point towards sanskar.Swara sees him gets angry.She strom to down.Bihaan gets shock & follow her.On the way bihaan slips and about to fell down but at the nick of the time someone holds him.He sees the person it was thapki & mesmerized.Both had a lovely eyelock.Both composed thwmself.

Bihaan: thapki.. what r u doing here

Thapki: Vo bihaan …i am..staying here… only. flat no.25.

bihaan(happy): oh really i am also staying flat no 28.

Both smiles & had a eyelock which is broken by shout from down.Both runs down.

swara comes & sees sanskar.She goes near him & placed her hand on his shoulder.Sanskar turns &gets shocked.
swara staring him angrily.

swara(angry):r u spying me sanskar i asked u wheather i will go to bihaan home or not but even u r spying(tears) u didn’t have trust on me.

sanskar(shocked): swara ur misunderstood.I came here to meet thapki.

thahaan comes there.

thapki: haa …swara my flat is also here only.

swara(crying): i am sorry sanskar plz forgive me

sanskar: no i will not forgive(smirks in mind)

Bihaan looked them confusingly.

swara holds sanskar hand: plz i am sorry

sanskar: no swara u don’t have trust on me (

sanskar goes out.Swara notices a lorry coming towards sanskar.


she runs to him & pulls him at the nick time.Due to unbalance both fell down & both rolls rolls rolls

screen freezes


surely Shona-Varun ka love story

guys thanks for beautiful comments.Guys please do comments.

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