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episode 11:

suddenly thunder sound comes.
Swara hugs sanskar immediatly & closed her eyes tightly in fear.Her hand around her waist & her head on his chest.Sankar hugs her back.He slowly placed his hand to her bare waist through the cut on waist part of her dress which show her bare waist.swara drenched body touches sanskar’s one.They freezed there for long time.
Both slowly looks each other.They had intense eyelock.swara came towards his lips. They lips were a inch apart.
Swara slowly take her duppata & covered her & his head.Now both were under the swara’s duppata.Swara placed soft wet lips on his.Sanskar gets shock.Swara kissed him passionately & hungrily.Sanskar too start responding with equal passion & hungry.swara’s lower lip is inside his mouth.sanskar’s upper lip is inside her mouth.sanskar pulls swara more on him.Both broke the kiss.Both were breathing heavily.

swara(while breathing heavily): I LOVE U

sanskar did not hear what she told.

sanskar(shouted): kya

swara(loudly): i love you i love u sanskar but i am afraid.

sanskar looks at her shockly.

Next morning
(guys i will reveal it later what happened that night because its suspense?)

@ swasan room
swara sleeping peacefully in the bed.
swara slowly opens her eyes.

swara pov

Oh gosh my head aaaaaaaaa its paining like hell.God!!!!!!!
I feel a hot breath on my nape and a hand around my waist.I turned behind i see him my cute husband very close.. i shouted aaaaaaaaa suddenly sanskar get up from jerk. sanskar rubbing his eyes.she sees her dress again shouted aaaaaaaaaa
pov end

sanskar(sleepy tone):what happened y r u continously shouting like hell

swara(shocked) : y r u shirtless & i am (stammers)in this dress

swara wearing a short sheeveless gown till above her knee.

sanskar smirks which unnoticed by swara.He comes close to her.

sanskar(husky voice): swara u don’t remember any thing yestersday

swara(stammers): what happened

sanskar(blushing): how can i say swara

swara(shocked): y r u blushing ( shouted) what happened tell me

sanskar(naughtly): swara u and me become one.Yesterday night is very wonderful.U know ur just awesome.

sanskar smirks.
swara started crying covering herself with blanket.

swara(sobbing): why do you do this to me y

sanskar: hello what i did u its all because of u.

swara started crying loudly.Sanskar gets worried seeing her.He sits beside her & hold her hand in his.

sanskar(worried): swara stop crying i am sorry i lied u there is nothing happened between us.(hold his ear) i am sorry.

swara starts beating him with her hand.

swara(beating him): u idiot duffer how dare u to lie me

sanskar laughs & hold her hand to stop her.She continously beating him.

swara: why r u laughing idiot

sanskar(smiles naughtly): u r looking s*xy in this dress(winks at her)

swara(angry): Uuuuuuu

swara pushed sanskar on bed & sits above him.She hold his hair and rotate his head.

sanskar(shocked): aaaaaaaaaa swara

” ahem ahem ” a voice from door.

Swasan shocked & departs from eachother.Both realized their position & gets embarrased.
Swara runs to the washroom due to shy.

sanskar(adjust his throat): what happened MOM u here(yes it is ap)

Ap giggles: nothing.but Sanskar its 8.30 its getting late to go to college laksh already went to school beta

sanskar: oh ma i forget tell u today is holiday.From now onwards all saturdays holiday.

Ap(smiles): oh k beta(teasing) continue ur work(giggles)

ap left.

Ap & Dp room
Ap comes & on the music .she started dancing like madly.

Music:(tamil song)

Aaluma Doluma Aisalagadi Maaluma
Therichu Galeejunu Graaki Vitta Saaluma
Arikalu Karikalu Kothu Vitta Kalakkalu
Palichunu Palapalakuthu Mittai Mela Localu

ap started singing while dancing

Dammukuna Dubukkuna Dolaka Dhaan Gumukkuna
Gumukkuna Dumangoli Eppadi Pona Enakenna
Karikuna Murikina Thotaiyathaan Erakuna
Irukina Sarakina Ondiyaantha Unukina

Aaluma Doluma

ap(happy): i think my plan success omg wow(she continue dancing & singing)

Aaluma Doluma
Aaluma Doluma Aisalagadi Maaluma
Therichu Galeejunu Graaki Vitta Saaluma
Arikalu Karikalu Kothu Vitta Kalakkalu
Palichunu Palapalakuthu Mittai Mela Localu

“annapurna” a voice from behind.

Ap turns & shocked.

Ap(stammers): jii u here(yes its dp)

Dp(shocked): y r u dancing like this.What special ha please tell me i will also join with u(winks at her)

Ap(blushed): no ji Not anything special i just

Dp(smiles): waise u danced very beautifully(stares her)

Ap(blushing): k u go its getting late.

Ap runs downstairs.

Swasan room,

swara came out of washroom wearing pink color salwar.Sanskar sees her & mesmerized .she is standing infront of mirror.She see him staring blankly through the mirror.Both eyes met.They had a cute+passion eyelock.Swara broke the eyelock & turn towards him.

swara(nerves): sanskar yesterday night what happened i don’t remember any thing plz tell me na

sanskar turns & control his laugh.

sanskar: no swara nothing had happened.

swara(pleading): no u r lieing

sanskar(smiles): k baba yes i lied u but yesterday one thing happened

swara(questioning): what was that

sanskar(naughtly): no swara i will not tell u so soon

swara(pleading): sanskar plz tell na

sanskar: no means no

swara(pouts): k

sanskar cukuled.

swara(nervous): sanskar vo my friend bihaan

sanskar(remembers): haa haa that idiot

swara(pouts): he is not idiot he is very sweet person

sanskar(murmurs): For her Except me all of them are sweet person but i am only idiot

swara: sanskar what happened

sanskar(shows teeth): nothing u continue.

swara(smiles): vo bihaan invinted me to his house.Sanskar shall i go

sanskar(shocked): what!!!!

swara(pleading): plz plz sanskar for me(makes puppy face)

sanskar(melts): k u can go & come i will drop u

swara: no need bihaan said that he pick me.k bye

sanskar(waves hand): bye

swara left down.

a horn sound appeared & sanskar runs to balcony.He sees swara getting into bihaan’s car.They both left.Sanskar thinks something.He calls thapki & says something.He runs & take his car keys.He comes down by stairs.
Ap sees him in hurry.

ap: sanskar where r u going ur breakfast(shouted) sanskar have ur breakfast go.

sanskar did not give any attention to her.

ap(confused): what happened to him He is behaving werid.

Bihaan flat
Both swahaan stepped in.The room was very dirty , mess up & some clothes are lying down.swara sees this & get shocked.

swara(bit angry): what is this? y cannot keep ur flat clean

bihaan: i am sorry swara

swara: its me let me clean first

swara started cleaning his flat.
Bihaan sees her with teared eyes.She sees him

swara(shocked):bihaan what happened r u crying

bihaan(wipes his tear): no no swara.If my mother is there now she will also do the same like u.Thank u swara to become my friend.

swara(smiles): its k bihaan k lets clean together.

bihaan nods & both started cleaning the flat.After finished cleaning.

swara: bihaan ur mom really look me and sanskar i can this possible

bihaan(smiles): 1 min

He goes inside & comes with a photo frame.

bihaan : swara see this photo my parents shona varun(shows the photo to her)

swara shocked to see the photo & wide her eyes.

In the photo frame swasan photo is there.

scene shifts to laksh school,
Laksh is talking with his friend.Suddenly teachers came.
All the students stand and greeted her.

Student(chorus):Good morning mam

teacher(smiles); good morning students today one new comer had came

a girl comes inside wearing uniform with a ponytail.Laksh sees her & mesmerized.

teachers: students she is RAGINI.

screen freezes


Shona-Varun ka love story

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  1. Awesome…plz revel suspense soon

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    Awesome nive…. Semma song…. Anda song ku ap dance…. Chanceless…. Very nice superb…. ?

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  3. hi nive,
    thanx 4 uploding dr.
    this epi is awsome like always.
    he he swasan r so hillarius. so cute.
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    keep it up. i think dis is da best super cute ff in tu. rly!!!

    waiting 4 ur nxt update. eaglary waiting 2 read varun and shonas lv story.
    plz uplode nxt epi asap.

    keep writing
    be happy always.

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    Woww!!! Superb episode thangachi!!! Nd ap’s performance for aaluma doluma was hilarious????!! Reveal the suspense part soon?!!! And I’m eagerly waiting for raglak scenes?!! Luv u dear!! Keep rocking Kutty sissy!!

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    eagerly waiting the night suspense, shona-varun love story….

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  12. Sooo beautiful chappy dear… loved it…??… m imagining Swara n Bihaan as mother son…. it’s soo funny yar… m laughing likr anything… ??

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  14. Really amazing sweet and cute

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  15. Nice epi…swasan scenes are awesome…super song….eagerly waiting for ur next updates…pls update soon….

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      1. Yes nive …

  16. Vaikha

    Superb one dear.. But feeling like playful live story of swasan will b missing in upcoming episodes. Dint know y but i feel so.. By introducing mire pairs will tgeir nok jhoks and cuteness disappear.. Then pls dont do this to us.. Love this ff and hope it will be deep romantic track of swasan in their teenage

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    Loved it… want knw abt night suspense..
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    Omg… it ws awesome nivi.. hahhege enala siripu thanga mudiyala. Becoz aaluma dolum ennoda fav song adhuku ap adura maadhuri nenachen.. hahehe semma comedy.. aprm may b swara ws under drug effect, and she behaved like that in rain??? Thn lucky nd rags pair im waiting for thm too… totally it ws jolie whistle epi nivi..

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  21. Wow… awesome? episode.
    Shone and Varun love story .?
    Laksh mesmerized ?seeing ragni’s? one glimpse . Can’t wait next part soon ??

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