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Hi guys ur Nive here with 10epi.thanku guys for u wonderful.One more important thing that MY NAME IS NIVEDHA.I AM FROM TAMILNADU.”GUYS I AM NOT THAT NIVE WHO WROTE ‘the way u r’&’ lovr beyond ages’.I AM NEW HERE.THISY 1ST FF.

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episode 10:

swasan(shock): dinner

ap : ha dinner u both go and enjoy
(pushes them out) its my order.

sanskar:but mom

ap: shut up sanskar u both have to no more arguments.

swasan unwantedly accepted to go resturent but not swara.She was in cloud nine.Her heart is jumping in happiness.

sanskar: okey but we have to fresh

ap: ha k k

swasan went to their room and sanskar wears white t-shirt & black blazer with dark bule jeans.He waits for in the garden.He was checking something in his phone.At that time swara came.sanskar did not know that she came.His eyes only on phone.

swara: sanskar lets go

sanskar suddenly look at swara.His heart skipped seeing her.He opens his mouths ‘O’?.she is wearing a yellow colour full hand netted anarkali with same yellow long skrit instead of pant.Only her chest covered expect her chest were covered by netted cloth. Near her waist there is a cut on waist part of her dress which show her bare waist.Her light make up.She left her hair open.A smile on her face makes her beaitifull.Suddenly noticed the mangalsutra around her neck & a pinch of sindoor in her fore head.

swara: sanskar come lets go(wave her hand infront of him)
sanskar came to his senses.

sanskar: haa why so suddenly u r wearing ? (pointing towards her neck)

swara (looks her neck): not suddenly always used to wear mangalsutra i never removed this from our marriage.I used cover this by shawl so that no one will know that i am married.

sanskar simply smiles: comes lets go.

swara realized that her dori did not tied.
she tries to tied but unable to do that.
she struggles with dori.Sanskar noticed her struggle.He came close to her back & take her dori from her hand.He started tieing the dori.His hand touches her back.She blushed lightly.She bent down her head.She holds her dress tightly.He ties her dori.
Both seat on car and went to restaurant.


swasan reached there.sanskar parked the car.Both comes in.
Manager sees sanskar.

Manager(happy): Hey sanskar beta

swasan turns and sees him.Sanskar hugs him.Swara stood there in confusion.

sanskar(smiles): Hi uncle How r u ?

Manager: i am fine beta.How is my buddy.

sanskar: Dad is pakka fine.(yes,he is dp’s friend)

Manager:That’s good.What r u doing here

He looked at swara(guys he did not know swasan marriage) & looked at sanskar gives teasing smile.

Manager(whispered in sanskar ear)(teasing): sanskar is she ur lover(ponits towards swara)

sanskar looked swara.He thinks something.

sanskar(whispers): ha uncle she is my lover.We came a date.

Manager(teasing):my asanskari beta is dating with his girl friend haa.

sanskar(whispered): haa uncle (realized) Uncle am l asanskari.(pouts)

manager cuckuled : okey okey. sorry beta

sanskar(whispered): its k.plz don’t tell dad haa.Uncle can u book a special table for us.

manager giggles(whispers): k k i will not tell to ur dad k. Do you love her or just.

sanskar looks at swara (whishper): ha uncle i love her

Manager(happy):I am very for u both.

sanskar(puppy face): uncle give the table fast na.

manager: k sanskar there u go

Manager shows the table to swasan.
Manager thumbs up to sanskar.Sanskar smiles.

swara(confused): sanskar what u were talking ? y he is showing thumbs up?

sanskar(smiles): nothing swara. What u want have?

swara recalls something

@ pune

Sumi : sanskar what u want for lunch ?

Little sanskar(cutely): sumi maa (sanskar used to call) i want Pulao plz can u do it for me.

sumi laughs : k beta i will make it.

FB end

swara(smiles): Pulao

sanskar(smiles): thats my favorite.

He called the waiter & ordered 2 plates of pulao.Both waited for pulao.

swara sees her phone & shocked(thinks): oh gosh its 7:30(pouts face) ” Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” serial will come.
God i will miss today’s epi. Tommorow morning also college is there.How can i watch the epi.

sanskar look at her pout face.

sanskar: what happened swara?

swara: vo sanskar tells him everything.

He burst out into laugh

swara(pouts over):sanskar y r u laughing huh

sanskar(controls his laugh): sorry sorry

swara(pouts):its ok.

sanskar: k i have idea.

swara(excited): what sanskar ?

sanskar shows his phone.

sanskar(attitude): watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein full episodes online on HOSTAR. Download the app now.HOTSTAR GO SOLO.

Both burst out into laughs.Sanskar mesmerized to see swara laughing whole heartedly.swara stops because of his gaze on her.Both had a eyelock.When the order came their broke their eyelock.
Both started eating.

sanskar slowly take his spoon.He smell the pulao & breaths out.He eats a spoon.He eats that spoon slowly.He takes another spoon & eat.He took 3rd spoon.Then looked at swara & shocked & widens his eyes & mouth.

sanskar(shock): where is the pulao in ur plate

swara(innocently): i ate it sanskar y

sanskar(unbelievable): what u ate it fully. In this much short time. U r really bheem in mahabarat.

sanskar laughs & swara pouts angrily

sanskar : Did u want anything more

swara(pouts): i don’t want anything

sanskar smirks: ok I thought to order our favourite RASMALAI for us.(swara mouth starts watering)but u r unfortunate that u don’t want anything now.Its k i will order for myself.Waiter.

swara pouts.Waiter comes.

waiter: yes sir

sanskar: only 1 cup of..(swara closed his mouth with her hands)

sanskar looks at her winningly.

swara: 2 cups of rasmalai

waiter(smiles): k madam

He left.

swara takes her hand back.Sanskar laughed like hell.swara mesmerized seeing him.

‘ Excuse me ‘ a two voice from beside table.
swasan looked at them.

A woman wearing a full hand gown.She has red colour hair which had open.She is wearing a black cooling glass.
Beside the woman a man like 50.
He has white hair & heavy beard.
He is wearing black & white suit.He is having stick on one hand.He is also wearing cooling glass.

sanskar: who r u?

woman(in british woman tone): We r mr & mrs is right my hubby

man(adjust his thorot): ya mo..(woman steps on his leg ) aaaa darling.

woman signs something to him.
Man nodded.

sanskar(confused): i have seen u both somewhere

old man : NO BHAI(bites his tongue)[yes he is laksh who posing as old man]

sanskar(shocked): what bhai

Woman (whispers to man): LAKSH u r spoiling her plan & don’t u know to act like a old man.

Old Man(whispers back):SORRY MOM(yes it is ap who is posing as that woman) lets continue.

sanskar: Uncle & anuty whats ur problem plz answer.

swara: ha anuty why uncle is says sanskar as bhai

woman(ap): bhai means

swara: brother

Man(laksh): oh i told bye bye(he waves like bye) not that bhai.
u have mistaken me

swasan(confused): oh

ap: we r from USA we came to see husband & wife bond in india.So we came see to u both.

swasan: how do u know that we r married.

She points towards her mangalsutra.
swara bites her tongue.sanskar glanced at her.swara signs sorry.

ap: i sees most of married women wearing this.

Rasmalai came to their table.
Laksh eyes the rasmalai with water filled mouth.ap noticed that & pinched laksh.

old man(Laksh):aaaaaaa

swara: what happened uncle

old man(laksh gazes ap angrily):nothing daughter

women(ap): Robert honey i have idea that they can feed each other the rasmalai.

old man(laksh):ya its great idea

swasan shocked.

sanskar: but anuty

ap(in her voice): just shup up. No more argumentits my order

sanskar(confused): u r talking like my mother.

ap(adjust her voice): no no u taken me wrong.

laksh laughs because he could not control.
His beard wig slightly removed.
ap looked at him shocked.He couldnot realize.swasan did not noticed this.
ap again pinches him on his hand & signs him to adjust his wig.
He adjusted in panic.
ap reliefs.

ap: k now u both start feed eachother.

swasan feed eachother.

ap to laksh: Honey plz take some photo

laksh: ha sure my darling.

laksh: clicks various pics.

After sometimes,
Both ap and laksh left.They met the same waiter who came to serve rasmalai.ap gives money to him.
He left.Ap (to herself): sorry swara i have to do this to confess ur feelings.I have mixed alcohol in ur rasmalai.

swara feels dizzy: sanskar lets go home.My head is paining.

sanskar(worried): k come lets go

Sanskar driving the car.suddenly she giggles seeing ice creams stall.

swara(playfully): sanskar stop the car

He stopped the car & looks at her.

swara(cutely): sanskar i want kulfi(pointing towards the stall)

sanskar(shocked): what ? at this time Its gone be 10.

swara(pleading): plz i want it i want it(pouts)

sanskar(angry): just shut up u r not kiddo to plead.Y r u behaving strange.

swara started crying like baby.

swara(angry + crying):sanskar i want it. u r very bad.(cried loud like baby).

sanskar(cursed himself):I am sorry (hold his ears with puppy face) Sorry plz don’t cry.

swara laughed seeing him.

swara: i will forgive u if u give my kulfi.

sanskar(strict): No i will not if u eat then get cold.

swara(pouts angrily): If u don’t i will start crying(suddenly cries) Mummy u spoiled my life by marry me to him.He is such a duffer.(cries loud)

sanskar hit his forehead.

sanskar(again cursed):Swara okey cool.I will buy it for u.

swara’s brightens: Really

sanskar smiles :haa really.

swara(smiles): Buy 2 for me & 1 for u 1

sanskar smiles at her chidish: okey

He get out from the car & buys 2 kulfi.
He get in car within a fraction of second swara grabbed 1 kulfi from his hand & starts eating.Sanskar smiled seeing her eating like a child.He was mesmerized to see her.

swara looked him & his kulfi.

swara(whlie eating): u r not eating

sanskar came in senses: haa eating.

Both started eating the kulfi.Sanskar is continously admiring her eating.
It started raining.Swara excited to the rain.she came out of the car immediately.

sanskar(shouts): Swara stop

swara spread her hands & feel the rain.
Sanskar also came out & mesmerized to see her.Her boby is fully drenched.Her curve of her body clearly visible.He slowly move towards her.
He placed hand on shoulder.Swara turns.suddenly thunder sound comes.
Swara hugs sanskar immediatly & closed her eyes tightly in fear.Her hand around her waist & her head on his chest.Sankar hugs her back.He slowly placed his hand to her bare waist through the cut on waist part of her dress which show her bare waist.swara drenched body touches sanskar’s one.They freezed there for long time.
Both slowly looks each other.They had intense eyelock.swara came towards his lips. They lips were a inch apart.
Swara slowly take her duppata & covered her & his head.Now both were under the swara’s duppata.Swara placed soft wet lips on his.swara’s lower lip is inside his mouth.sanskar’s upper lip is inside her mouth.Sanskar gets shock.Swara kissed him passionately & hungrily.Sanskar too start responding with equal passion & hungry.swara’s lower lip is inside his mouth.sanskar’s upper lip is inside her mouth.sanskar pulls swara more on him.

screen freezes


Hope u guys enjoyed the episode.guys pls do comments.
its my humble request.

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