Playful love story (episode 1)

Hi guys! I am new here. This my first ff. Please forgive if I am done any mistake.

At pune,

A little girl was crying who was about 12years old. She was wearing a bride dress. Suddenly a lady come to her

Lady: beta get ready groom house came

Little girl(crying): no mom I don’t want this marriage. I don’t like that SAN-S-KAR.

Lady laughed and the little girl ‘s face turned into pout.

Lady : ( smiles and kisses her pout) SWARA don’t worry beta this marriage is friendly agreement between me and ur future sasu maa. U know Na swara me and Annapurna are beauties.

Swara(angry): SUMI ……For your friendship you marry ur friend. Y r u making me marry that idiot sanskar.

SUMI(smiles): swara ki Bacchi u r calling ur
mom by name.

Meanwhile a man came

Man: SUMI come fast with swara

Sumi: shekar don’t worry we will come.

Near the pandap ,

A lady is looking at her who was sitting in the pandap.
Suddenly,sumi comes and hugs her

Sumi: Annapurna…?

Ap broke the hug and hold her hand and said

Annapurna( tears r flowing on her cheeks): I am really sorry sumi. Please forgive me.

Sumi : y r u crying Annapurna.

Annapurna:I am spoiling ur daughter’s life for my son’s life.

Sumi: it’s OK ap and moreover I am happy for swara. She is lucky to have a cute and beautiful mother in law.

ap smiles and recall something


Priest: Annapurna ji your son’s sundali says that he is in danger and even more passiblity to death in the age of 12.

Ap shocked! and she aked the priest if there is any solution.

priest: YES ap ji

ap: what?

priest:he has marry a girl

ap shocked. AT that time sumi and shekar came to mumbai to meet ap

sumi: hey my sweety how r u?

ap(sad):come i am fine but my sanskar

sumi: what happened to him

ap(crying): yesterday he meet with accident and with lucky he escaped. I got fear so called the priest and he says
Tells her everything

sumi shocked and asked to try ap to be clam.

sumi: don’t worry ap i have idea i have a daughter na we can marry swara to sanskar

ap(smiles) thank u thanku sumi

sumi: in friendship there is no sorry

ap: no thank u

Screen freezes…

Please comment me. I will continue or end writing.

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