players (where destiny plays ) 7 ( swara s past )


Hlo mehra here….

In wedding hall
Karan : what viren bhai is working for care hospital….
Laksh : s what hpnd aryan…..was saying it is popular n all over its good
Karan : u call aryan n ask about which care hospital
He is talking about….I am sure there is a misunderstanding
Laksh calls an talks to aryan
Aryan : arrey u don’t know laksh…. Mr sinha KE hospital
Laksh : but that’s in London ryt
Aryan : the have here a branch in India too
Karan : aryan its me karan…can u exactly know where in India….betta u come here we will discuss from here
Aryan : okay
Karan : so guys the care u talking is in delhi….in Mumbai there is no care hospital
Aryan : oh shitt…. I hope viren bhai didn’t lose the other one….I will go n inform him

A lady of 50 is sitting in temple…she was wearing a black sari….temple bells are continuously moving because of strong wind

In this full moon nyt….again those sighs which were seen rare….again those souls are meeting…..( swara in scooty n sanskaar driving the car is shown) destiny start to play his game…..they are unaware of what’s going in their life…..jaantha nahi kiss kaam keliye woh ja rahi hain iska koi air reason hain ….. Now the world will see a new lovestory…. Thousand new relations will form just to unite these two ….as if their relation can bring a new attire .. Janam janam KE saath….saath Janm bhi alag nahi karpangi……

In wedding halls
Laksh : thanks dude if u were not there….BTW y u were tensed
Karan : actually u r my FRND so I am saying….I am a reporter n I know situation going in mumbai…recently so many fraud cases are seen n political people n big big buisneaa tycoons are involved in it…. U guys are new to it n I don’t want u guys to involve in court cases….they trap NRI Morea….so be careful
Laksh : the person who have a FRND like u to prob kya…

Girl 1 : yea he is so hot yaar ,,,,NRI hain.. I think from London
Girl 2 : yea seems like but he is not looking at us
Ragini : looking at the person but could not see as his back is facing her it is laksh n he is talking to karan ) u guys can’t change….
Suddenly light gets off
Karan : arrey not now….
Laksh : come lets go n check
Karan : wait I will come

Laksh : oh god I think I shud call electrician n where is this karan

He saw a girl is coming to him….he cannot see him as wind is moving her face is hidden by her hair….she wore a pink lehenga….she comes to him and tell him to move aside… He catches light for her from his mobile
N said hlo madam its risky electrician ko bolana padega….but she did nt reply she is busy doing something…I am saying to u…its risky n u didn’t wear chappal tooo ….. Suddenly light comes
Laksh : tum
Ragini : ( s the girl was ragini ) u oh god not again
Laksh : what r u doing here….u r not following me ryt
Ragini : that’s wat I want to ask….n me following u …. Mujhe kuthe me kaat liya gain kya that I follow u
Laksh : wat u mean to say…
Karan comes : ragini I was looking for u….n BTW y u guys are fighting did u guys know each other
Laksh : haa I know her….its a big story…. Waise u didn’t get anyone else as ur friend kitni bolthe hain bak bak jaise kisi he radio on kiya hoo
Hearing this ragini is on the verge of crying n karan is shocked took
Ragini : I will come now n leaves
Karan : u shud not have said that
Laksh : oh god I think she is hurt I shud go n check
Karan : it’s not u teased her…it’s ur worda
Laksh : MATLAB what words
Karan : actually I HV gone her to call… Her sister is afraid of dark…so inkrder to keep that situation away she learn all this…. N last word bak back n radio…it is also related to her sister her sister talks too much….innoncent n cute thi….apni hisaab se jee thi thi hn wherever she move happiness is spread over there but after that incident
Laksh : what incident …. I have seen her sister she was normal
Karan : that is the eldest one jeevika the one I talked….they both have another in middle swara…swara khnna….5 years before swra n her parents were coming after a function…jeevika n rago was not their with them…her father is an army …. Don’t know kiska nazar lag gaya….accident…not accident actually a murder…. Swara had seen her parents were brutually murdered…. They hit her n leave her in that dark place…..many cars passed no one helped her…after that incidents she changed a lot…she talk Less … She became mature …. Just say that her innosense is vanish after that accident…. Uske baath ragini journalist bann gayi wherever she see dark she will try to bring light even it causes her life…. Because she don’t want anyone to go through thaty darkness which she and her sister went
Laksh : ( tears makes his eye blur) this much had hpnd in their life n poor girl Maine phir se yaad dilaayi
Karan : yaad aanekeliye bhoolne padd that hain bit till now….
Laksh : can I go n meet her I shud say sorry to her n he moves

He saw she is sitting in a bench…there were dark n silence around….moon light is only source he go n sit with her
Ragini : I know karan said u everything n u feels bad…don’t worry I am ok
Laksh : y r u sitting at dark…
Ragini : this is not frst tym I am sitting here… U can go…
Laksh : do u think I will leave u like this….vaise tum itna buri nahi ho
Ragini : tum bhi
Laksh : who said i am good… I am really bad ..n i can prove it…wat if I say swara about that goon
Ragini : what…. U r not going to do that …n y will she believe u …. She don’t know u then how will she..
Laksh : ur eldest dee seems innocent…I am sure if I said to ask her she can’t lie
Ragini : y r u doing this…..kya milega time
Laksh: then u HV to do me a favour
Ragini : r u black mailing me
Laksh : I said I need a favour….but now I need something else
Ragini : what u need
Lakah : (in mind ) think laksh think….then something strikes his mind….Jo ladki apne dupaata ki value Kate she is a true girl….hmm I want ur duppatta
Ragini : what duppatta y u need this….n what help u will get from it
Laksh : that’s none of ur business ,,,,, u r giving or not…..
Ragini : hmm woh noo…..u know what a duppata means to a girl
Lalsh : what
Ragini : it’s a protection….if she gives her duppata means she is surrendering herself to that person n I can’t do that
Laksh : wow bhai ….. I got my true girl
She is looking down n suddenly he huged her….she closed her eyes n try to resist but somewhere her touch make her protective…..
She comes to her sense n try to jerks him…before that he leaves her…
Lakah : u know what …. I am looking for the answaer now I got it thank u thank u so much
Ragini : so u did that to find the answer ….n u got it too..
Laksh : yea I got it….n o will be the happiest person of ur dee bcome my bhabho
Ragini : bhabhi …. U mean u r viren kapoor s brother
Lakah : s laksh….laksh koopoor…
Ragini : k now I got…..

In cafe
Swara is waiting for sanskaar
Swara : yea turn left …. Ha ok I can see u…. So u r mr sanskaar
Sanskaar ;(turns n find swara ) shocked
Swara : HAI… I am swara jeevika ki behn
Sanskaar : sanskaar kuch bol….ha yea I am sanskaar pls have ur seat
They seated…
Swara got msg from ragini DEE I SEARCHED …… HE IS A NYC GUY
n sanskaar got call from laksh
San : haan lucky
Laksh : bhai… Achi rishtja hain haath se jaane math dene
San : kabhi nahi ( looking at swara ) lucky I will call u later bhai
Swata : how is Mumbai….
Sanskaar : its good…. Actually I have seen ur dee n ragini… I like it… If it is ok with u ….. Can we proceed
Swara : accha its nice… Since we r here u can ask anybody about us…. I am sure positive result…. N my sis ragini likes hi!…so 75% I am happy with it as aisa hi woh haa nahi bolegi…. Excuse me are u hearing me…..
Sanskaaf : kya KAR rahi noon sanskaar… Apni setting baath mein KAR Lena abb bhai KE baare mein soch…..yea….I am listening… So we are new here….what is the next plan……I mean the people who want to stay together don’t know anything about this….
Swara : its quiet simple u come to our house with bhai….there they can meet….. I will snd u the address… Ok bye
Sanskaar: ok……
In mind ; kya yaar use tho kuch feel hi nahi hua….. Sanskaar its not necessary what u feel she too feel for u….. But y I feel like she is hiding…. Her eyes are saying something else ….. I think I shud find out…..bas I know her name is swara….her name is unique so it will quiet easy….n tomorrow I will get her address too……

Swara gets a call
Per : I hope u r not getting distracted
Swara : nothing like that AB
Per : I trust u…. I think u remember ur promise
Swran: I know AB …..

Screen freeze
Who is this AB and what connection swara have with AB???did swara has any feeling for sanskaar….. For this stay tuned….

Sorry guys…..I know swasan scenes are less because I already completed….n I try to make it in ENG maximum….from here on it will be seen swasan more… Other all character intro is done…n now jeevika n viren is left which is small…..thanks for commenting n about spelling mistake its from mob …. My laptop is not working…. If u have any dought or feel like boring…u can say that I will take it positivly n try to correct my mistakes…..

Credit to: mehra

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