players (where destiny plays ) 5


The episode stars with karan calling ragini
Karan : hlo ragini….wer r u
Ragini: coming yaar just reached
She went n sit NXT to him….its a cafe where they meet
What’s the matter taking the juice in her hand
Karan: actually I HV a good proposal for ur dee
Ragini: ( coughs ) what….
Karan : yea….actually he is my friends bhai….viren kapoor….he is doctor n
Ragini: bas u know swara dee she will not say s so easily
Karan; hey proposal is for jeevika do not swara
Ragin: yeah I know BT jeevika de will say yes…if swara dee didn’t accept
Karan: here also same…..
Ragini : u mean ur FRND
Karan : they HV one in middle lyk swara….its hard to make him understand….
Ragini: I will talk to jeevika dee

At home
Jeevika: u started agin….
Ragini: for whom u r waiting for
Jeevika: ask to swara…if she says yes in will
Ragini: u always do that….u know it’s hard to explain her n pouts
Mihika: whom u shud explain
Ragini: aur kiss ko swara dee ko….n explain her
Mihikan: done worry I will explain her
Ragini hugs mihika…..

Swara : I understand but
Mihika : but what swara ….dekho swara u share all ur prob with me n me too…ragini too share with one of us but what about her …kabhi bhi WO tumhe kuch bathathe gain kya
Swara: okay I will c him
Mihika : (happy ) I know u will….he is a forensic expert..
Swara: I hope he can be a better half for her

Ragini : karan kal yeh breaking news hoga..….I am sure with this system will break
Karan: I know but u shud be careful
Ragini : ya I will
Karan : waise ur siaters will come for wedding NA
Ragini : I fond know yaar swara dee will not come n without hr mihika dee will
Karan : then wat abt jeevika dee
Ragini : may be she will…it dpnds on emergency
Vaise did u talk abt dee to ur FRND
Karan : yaa he said…he will talk to them

Laksh : bhai….ek bhar dekhne se kya problems gain
Sanskaar : arrey wat shud I speak….tum mihje in sab we doori ho RAK
Laksh : BT bhai won’t say yes n u r not even ready to meet her
Sanskaar : (frustrated) OK I will meet happy
Laksh : done forget u r meeting her sister
Sanskaar : I know laksh abb fond iritate me….go n call aryan
Laksh : won tho aayi gayi…..n I am leaving

Aryan : sanskaar after 2 days we are having meeting with khanna….u know this our
Sanskaar : first meeting in India….the deal is imp….that’s wat u r going to say ryy….relax aryan this not our frst one we HV done many n success tooo
Aryan : I know
Sanskaar: relax…mein laksh we saat bahar ja rahi hoon will try to come back soon

Ragini : jeevika dee we’re r u its already late
Jeevika: yeah coming baba
Mihika : we’re r u going
Jeevika: market….
Mihika : OK

In market
Per 1 : won ladki yahi hain Saab..
Saab : keep an eye on her….n mauka milthe hi attack karna
Per 1 : okay
Saab : ths tym we will not leave u ( smirk )

Ragini : dee fast…ja KE kaam hain mujhe…
Jeevika : yea bass hogaya
Ragini n jeevika move ahead…
Ragini : ouch….dekne nahi chal sakthen hain kya
Laksh : ( s she collided with laksh ) tum kya andhi hon
Ragini : aarey….mujse collide kiya aur abb Ladd rahi noon
Laksh : mein Ladd rahi hoon n BTW its u who collided with me….
They start fighting jeevika n sanskaar came from both
Jeevika : rago kya hua
Sanksaar : ye San kya hain laksh
Rag n lak: its not me dee \bhai it was him/her n pointed finger with each other
Laksh : mein ….tumne shuru kiya that
Ragini : nahi tum….abb sorry bolo
Laksh : sorry meri foot
Jevika n sanskar know their siblings very well so they just try to control them
From back side some one came n try to stab knife on ragini
Sanskaar comes n toch the knife with his bare hand n pushes him away
Laksh : bhai r u alright
By the time karan come with police n arrest them ……
Karan cud nt c laksh as he is looking sanskaart
Karan : ragini I HV said u to be careful …they were political people
Jeevika : MATLAB…u again….I said u naa
Ragini : karan tum policeke saath jao n dee its nothing like that
Karan went
Jeevika : kya nothing….I HV said u a several tyme……if swara come to know u know wat will happen
Laksh: ( heard those parts ) BT he leaves it
Jeevika : dekhiya ( to laksh n sanskaar ) it will cause infection u come with me I will bandage it

At hospital
Jeevika s cabin
Jeevoka : I am sorry yeah sab ragini KE vajah se hua
Sanskaar : no….its OK
N then they heard some notice
No it’s bcoz of u … u..….I said NA u… u started first
Jeevika n sanskaar understand n sigh each other

Screen freezes

I know its quite boring….actually I want u to know about each others character n routine work….

Credit to: mehra

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