players (where destiny plays ) 4 ( to India)


It is swasan n raglak….the picture is from telly updates….
Here we go….
(Actually I really dodn want to drag ceremony part so I am making it ltl fast)
A car comes….many reporters were there it was swara….she was wearing black gown….she went side….after some of the onterview she has been called to take the award….she went to stage n said

Swara: this was my papa s dream to built hospital n now its in top 1 in Mumbai….
Thanks a lot….without ur support n cooperation it is never possible

Days passed n now it’s time for kappor s to visit India
A plane landed…..
Swara: ( in call) ragini I am here at airport…. Mr sen ko bye karne keliye ayatha…I will cm back ssoon…
Sanskar came out of the airport

Swara POV
A strong wind hit my face….ajeeb we ehsaas hone laga mujhe….I feel like someone who knows me well is here….I turned around but cudnt see anything

When swara is turning around laksh cover sanskaar n swara didn’t see him so she went…
Kapoors n aryan are staying in a hotel…
Viren: till when will we stay here….n u know well I don’t like to eat hotel food
Laksh: its easy ek shaadi karloo…..simple
Viren: I want a wife not a cook
Laksh: but u want a cook ryt
Viren: remembered what he said..…i mean WO
Sanskar: (cutt off) fond worry bhai we will shift soon…. Gv me some time

In sanskaar room
He is in his a own world when aryan come n patted
Aryan: what r u thinking about
Sanskaar: bhai KE baare mein…..I think we shud get him married….use dekne ke liye kooi hu NA chahi ye na…..
Aryan: I think u r ryt…. We will talk abt it
Laksh: wow bhai KE shaadi…..I will find my bhabhi…

Laksh phone rings
Karan(this is the same karan which is ragini s Collogue) ha laksh u r in India…n didn’t say about me
Karan n laksh are friends
Laksh: everything was fast…wer can we meet…
Karan: at xyz hotel
Laksh : OK
Laksh meet karan
They chitchat for long tym
Karan: haai frget to it’s my bhai s wedding NXT week come n attend
Laksh: ur bhai….. He is smaller than viren bhai ryt…..he is getting married
Karan: the is India bro….yaha sab possible gain
Laksh: karan…. I really need ur favour yaar…I want to find a good bhabhi for my bhai
Karan: bhabhi
Laksh : haan bhabhi… I mean bhabhi for me n wife for him
Karan: tu bi NA
Laksh: array…. He is a famous forensic expert..…line lag jaaye GI
Laksh got a call n he went
Karan: ( ragini calls him ) hlo
Ragini: sorry karan galthi se lag gayi
Karan : OK
(In mind) y I didn’t think this before…. I think I shud talk to them….

Khanna group of company
Mihika: swara…this our first meeting with heer group of company ( sanskaar) if we get the contract.. It can benefit us
Swara: I know it yaar…

Viren is seated with two forms
Sanskaar : what is the problem bhai
Viren: I have two good hospital in Mumbai…both are good n I can’t chose
Sanskar: which are they
Viren : lifeline (swara) n care
Aryan: off coarse u shud take care Hospital
Viren: y so
Aryan: Bcoz it is popular.….n said that they have modern machine
N ol is gd
Viren: then I think I shud go with care
Screen freeze

I know many of them want ragsan n swalak….actually they will HV a good bond with each other….even though pair r swasan n raglak u can see ragsan n swalak scene too…

Credit to: mehra

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  1. not at all swalak n ragsan I just hate these couple…swasan raglak best n genuine couple

  2. Superb dear and thanks for raglak

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