players (where destiny plays ) 30

The episode stts with five month leap…..
The mansion is shown …..a bedroom where a cute couples are sleeping peace fully in each others embrace….sunlight falls on them which makes the girls to wake up…she open her eyes slowly and saw the person next to her…a curve appear on his life…..she tiptoped and went to washroom am get fresh….she brings a cupnof coffee and went near the window to feel the nature

Her POV…
Last five months changed everything….who thought that the kiran whonsaves many life in a day will get her life too in the name of her soulmate sanskar ( yes the person is nonme other than swara…she got her memory back)… Never thought I too will have a simple life ….with cute fight and lots of live….this is the same day where I lost my romeon my dad and mom…the day I decided to become kiran
Life snatched the three precious thing from me my dad mom and dhruv but it Gave me a friend ( laksh ) a brother ( Aryan ) a loving jiju ( viren ) and my Jaan…

pov ends

This is not fair Jaan …u almost finished the coffe.. Sanskrit said while hugung swara from back

Y u always want coffee from my cup…swara said while looking st the window and feeling its essence

Its have a special taste….

The smiled smiles and smiled..

The end…..

here is the end of it….I hope u liked it…I don’t wanmt to drag it anymore…pls comment .this is the last part…simple silent readers if u like a little bit reply atkeast n this…thank u for ur support and stay blessed

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    nice…..y u finished it dr????

  3. Y u finidhed ur ff dear…??

  4. Its awsome why u finished it so soon…….

  5. Awesome dear… Y u finished it so soon?

  6. Awesome
    Y u finished sooo soon
    Atleast give an epilogue

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