players (where destiny plays ) 3

Hlo….mehra here…I don’t know y I get less commands… If u don’t like it u can say it clearly…so that I can stop it

Here we go
Viren :(shocked)sanskaar yeah San
Laksh:what hpnd n take the envelop….what….India KE ticket
Sanskaar: yup we are leaving to India after a month…..we will settle there forever
Viren: but how come u know that I want to settle in India and wat abt ur business
Aryan:( FRND of sanskart…stay with then….he is an orphan n since he
Born he is with them..his father ram deshmukh is sanskar father durga kapoor s best friend n also buisness patnera both of their parents died in an accident) sorry bhai actually I heard when u are talking that u want to move to India n serve our country…..
Viren:oh s u r the one….but sanskar ur business….
Sanskaa: done worry about that….actually me and aryan is planning for this since 6 month
Aryan: n soon our company is going to shift to India,,,,
Laksh: (he was starring at each faces when they are talkijn) then what about me….u guys r in ur own world…
Sanskaar: arreyy we thought about u too…u remember a said abt duppatta…ma be ur true love will be there…light fuses in head n said OK vigorously….
They teases laksh for some time n HV a good moment

Back in Mumbai
In ragini room
She was wearing black jeans white shirt n pink scarf which tied as a tie…
Swara: ragini I have something for u n handed over a gift box
Ragini: wow di but what is the occation….
Swra : just aisahi….that day u were angry NA when I gift a watch to jeevika di n bracelate to mihika… I bought it for u
Ragini : open the gift n saw a beautiful penedant
Wow do its awesome
Swara : wait.…u can open that penedant
Ragini:opened it and found a flash….
Swara: how is it
Ragini: wow dee its awesome… I will always wear it…
Swara : chaloo go to office…it’s already late…
Ragini: OK dee she kissed her cheek n run from there
Ragini s phone rings
Phone flashes karan
Karan: ragini kaha ho tum…
Ragini: I will directly come to hotel
Karan: be fast they will be hear at any time
Ragini: yea coming…..n end the call

Jeevika : swara ….I HV a emergency will be late…
Swara : OK dee

Mihika : swara chalo…..
Swara : coming
In car
Mihika driving n swara is checking a file
Swara:mihika..Europe clients KE meeting Kaiser this…
Mihika :everything went good …waise tune hi tho presentation banaya tha….
Swarra: so deal is in our goal…
Mihika: haan ya I forget to say….london se her group of company yaha pe shift oo rahi gain….keh rah thi London mein we top 10 business man mein se ek gain
Swara: still looking at the file….achha ….bahuth lose hua yoga
Mihika: yea that’s for sure…..
They reached the company
Swara: u go to hall…. I will be there in my cabin
Mihika: okay…haan waise dond forget today u HV a awards ceremony
Swra: how can I….papa ki dream this won…
Ragini: karan kaha ho tum
Karan: peeche dekho Buddy
Karan wave n ragini move to him
Ragini: San teek gain NA
Karan: yea everything is as unplaned…jaldi jaake yeh pehnoo
Ragini: ha yea…. She weared it (it is a waitress dress)
Karan: handed over a tray….u shud keep like n be careful
Ragini: OK
She entered the room
There were many business tycoons n politician…she serves them juice n move from there

Karan : waiting outside…..kya hua
Ragini : smile n show thumbs up
In a hall which is beautiful ly decorated
Jeevikai: mihika wer is swara…..its a special day for her…n we’re she is
Mihika: she said she will be here soon
Ragini: she did nt come yet…..
Mihika: relax she will be here soon

Credit to: mehra


  1. No don’t stop
    Nice update
    Can u tell us the pair I’m confused because on the picture is raglak and ragsan? it’s about them or?

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