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Hlo guys…I am busy nowadays…my room is shifting and ad I said I am going to India so net won’t be there…I will try to update …I am planning to write maximum within two weeks…

The episode starts with everyone going back to respective rooms….It was a shocking day for they want some time to gasp the environment n others give them time too…

Sanskar went to his room and saw swara sleeping like a child hugging pillow…a smile appear on his lips…
She is here sleeping peacefully by taking others sleep sanskar murdered to himself…he goes near her and sit on his knees and looks at her cute shining face …..
Apni zindigi mein vapas aaoo swara opps kiran there are many things awaiting you…he kissed her for head and went to have dinner…

How is swara viren asked while having its dinner…

She is sleeping sanskar said

They had their dinner and talk about their next mission..this time they didn’t wait raglak to sleep bcoz now they two are players .. They gathered and talk about the various stuffs andpoor raglak just look Sachs face bcoz they are new to this …by seeing this others laugh

Look the the person who can’t sit without talking aaj won log itna silent hain Aryan said and others laugh
Becoz all the time it would be them starting the talk now the are speechless or we can say they topic is high Kevel or beyond their reach they just keep quiet

Now its too late we should sleep viren said concerned…they dispersed ..dsnskar went with a plate of food for swara becoz she didn’t have anything since noon…

At swasan room

Sanskar entered and see the room is filled with candles…the smell of fresh roses make the room pleasant…he went near the bed and saw swara is missing…the bed is filled with rose petals…he keeps the plate near the table and checks the garden ( their room is attached to a small garden )

He sees her near the window…she was wearing a beautiful saree of his fav colour blue..she was looking the moon …he came near her and

Swara what are u doing here??? And y u didn’t came for dinner???

Sasnkar do u remember what I said ysatday

He recalls
Kal tumhe tumhara dulgan milenga agar kal nahi tho aisa NA ho ki mein hamesha KE lite tumse door jaoon
Yes I do…but before that come n have something .……
( in mind ) this girl ..we are worried for the mission n this girl is …
(His heart ) but she for u sanskar…
( in mind ) haan I know but one day she will gain her memory then what will happen
( in heart) she loves u n u too then memory kya cheez hain …u both r born to be together destiny had made u guys together uske wage kiski chalthi hain

U r not having swara asked while making herself comfortable to eat…
This brings sanskar to reality

No u have it…I am done

Then I too not needed

Y sanskar asked with fake anger..u have to

Sanskar swara called his NAME childish way which melts sansklar…but don’t forget he can’t take any risk when it came for award health

No u have to…OK I will feed u

Sanskar feed swara spoon by spoon looking at her…she was fully having the taste of food by closing her eyes and sanskar smiled at her cute acts..

It start to rain..swara jumbs and went to garden and dance in the rain like a small kid..her saree became wet n shows her figure correctly… Sanskar mesmerized to see swara in this attire…inknowingke he moves towards her and make her turn towards him…they have a cute eye lock water started to flow from their face… He cupp he face n looks at her lios which is shivering due to heavy rain…he looks at her for permission..she closed her eyes as an approval of I am all urs..he smiles and gently place his lips on her….
The first kiss …after one year three months n three days..they find each others presence…they wished to stop the world right here and always keep themselves close to each other…itna pass ki ek dosre ki dhadkan ke bina kudh KA dadkan ROK jaaye…itna pass ki ek dil aur ek dadkan we bane hoon….

They release themselves after a while due to lack of oxygen…swara feels shy and hugs herself in his chest…he holds her in his she is a precious thing for him…he takes her in bridal style to room ……he take her to washroom n keep her down…she was sneezing..he took a towel and rub her head lovingly with so much concern where as swara just smile….

He moves from there to room to take dress whereas swara was still lost in the kiss smiling and blushing…sanskar came after changing clothes..

Swara u r wet ..wear this ..he gave her night gown to wear…

Okay…she sneeze and sneeze and sneeze

Swara go n change this warns h will catch cold..

Par San..aaachoom aaaachoom..poor swara her nose became red due to continuous sneeze…this is too much for sanskar….he enters the washroom and

Swara may I..sanskar said with choking words..I…I..mean to say..u can’t even

Swara smiles… She nodded and achooom…

Sanskar close his eyeseyes

You don’t need to close your eyes sanskar…pls don’t keep me in gulit swara said with much difficulty

He open her eyes n slowly unpin her pallu….he rotate and slowly remove her saree…he makes her wear night gown slowly and tied it into one end…and take of the water from her face with towel….

U sit here…I will come now…with that sanskar went without giving time for swara to speak…,

After a while he came with a cofee for both… He makes her drink….

Rain is still heavy outside…thunder and lightning too exert its effect…

Swara became calm …feel relaxed..

U sleep now …sanskar said while keeping her in bed..

No..I am fine…I can’t stay in this guilt…sasnkar if u feel for me a liitel care for me love me then make me yours today… ….

Sanskar takes her to bed n kkeep her in bed…he to laid beside her n looks at her…he kissed her eyes which was close.…he kissed both earslobe and then he kissed her lips…..he slowly untie her gown….she catches the bedsheets tight…tears start to flow from her eyes…yes the consummated their marriage..the light gets off….

The morning rays falls on our beautiful couples….swara wake up and saw sanskar above her…she smiles remembering yesrtaday night… She gently keeps him on bed and looks at him lovingly…he was still holding her …somehow she release herself from his cleches…she wore his shirt and went to washroom…. Hot water touches her body…,she sees the marks everywhere and smiles….

Sanskar woke up and looks at the other side that is for swara…but for his amusement she woke up already…after the accident it was he who wake first…she came out from the washroom wearing a bathrobe which was till her tighs…

He was mesmerized to see her like that…she went near the dressing table and dry her hair,,,, he come from backside and hug her….

Good morning princess

She feels shy and looks down… This was enough for sansakr

Pls swara….don’t make this look then I don’t know what will happen next

What will happen swara asked in teasing tone

Sanskar understand this and move close to her and saysnin her ear in a husky way,.,u really don’t know
Swara nodded her head in a no,,,

He pinned her to wall….and makes her more close by pulling her towards him by her waist…

Oouch swara screamed…her hands and neck became red..

Sanskar feels bad.. Is it paining… Sanskar blow air to the parts…..this all is because of me naa…I will stay awa..before let him complete she keeps her hand on his lips…

Shhshhm kabartar mere husband ke baare meinn aise kuch kaho tho….this is his right towards me and instead of feeling sorry..I should say him thanks….she hugs her..thank u sanskar for making me completes… Today I feel I am tuely became a wife….

They hug each other with a smile…

Screen freeze


So here is the episode ….quiet big one….I want lots of commend for this..because I am bad at romance…and so pls say your views…now what you want next…
I have planned in two way either swasan romance and to put a knot to this ..or swasan romance and their mission may be one or two and then to end this….

Today my net will be disconnected…I am living in UAE …so shifting is a common thing…I will get my net within a week till then commend and tell me what should be my next step….


I have decided to write another story after the end of this…the name will be MERI DUA….
Its about swara and laksh bond their friendship…. But pair would be swasan and raglak ….but in this fiction it will say love can be any way..its not necessary that a girl and boy should end up with love…so say me your opinion …I will write and intro about it after that I will decide..but before that I want your opinion… Silent readers at least say something for this new fiction

Credit to: mehra

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